Giraffe Wearing Bow T-Shirt


Giraffe T-shirt

Show your wild side by wearing this adorable giraffe print t-shirt.

This white t-shirt has a black stylized outline drawing of a giraffe on the front. The giraffe’s long neck is stretched up as if reaching for leaves in a tree and it is covered with black giraffe spots.

There is a large bow wrapped around its neck that looks like it is made of pearl and black sequins.

This giraffe t-shirt comes in one size fits all with a bust measurement of 104 cm and is 67-73 cm long.

This comfy and soft t-shirt can be worn with shorts or pants for a casual look or with a fashionable skirt for a more chic look.

Show your love of this distinctive animal by wearing this Giraffe Wearing Bow T-Shirt.

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buy It’s A Bad Week To Be A Seal T-Shirt For Shark Week

It’s A Bad Week To Be A Seal T-Shirt For Shark Week

Shark Week is great for the TV viewers but if you are a seal then you may prefer different weeks of the year.

And this Shark Week t-shirt is all about the seals.

The t-shirt is dark blue and made from 100% cotton.

And on this t-shirt, it says “It’s a Bad week to be a seal” and then you can see a fin of a Shark and the Shark Week logo.

You can get this 100% cotton t-shirt in sizes Small – 3XL and all, of course, feel sad for the seals.

Now you can get a special Shark week t-shirt that kinda makes fun of seals.

Get your It’s A Bad Week To Be A Seal T-Shirt For Shark Week

Bathing Elephant Shower Curtain


Bathing Elephant Shower Curtain

Always wanted to know how it would feel to shower with an elephant?

OK a real elephant does not want to share his water with you but this shower curtain brings you pretty close to the real deal.

On this shower curtain you can see an elephant having a shower spraying the water all over and just having fun.

This shower curtain is 69 x 70 inch and just would make your bathroom look so much more fun just because of this happy elephant on the shower curtain.

No more plain stripes or other boring shapes just make bathing fun again with this Bathing Elephant Shower Curtain.

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Bunny Rabbit Costume

Bunny Rabbit Costume

Do you need to play the Easter bunny? Or do you just like to hop around the yard dressed up like a rabbit?

Either way this is the costume you need!

This bunny rabbit costume has everything you need to become a bunny rabbit.

The rabbit costume includes a jump suit with mitts and shoe covers and head with see-through mess eyes.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for Easter, Halloween or any other dress up party this is the rabbit costume you need and it includes everything so you can become a bunny in no time at all.

Come and order your Bunny Rabbit Costume.

Purple Giraffe T-Shirt


Purple Giraffe T-Shirt

This purple women’s t-shirt shows the neck and head of a giraffe but not like we are used to this time is just all white like a silhouette.

If you like giraffes then you may like this t-shirt as the fresh color makes makes this a fun shirt for any day and the white giraffe does not scream look at my animal t-shirt but leaves a fun vibe.

This 100% cotton giraffe t-shirt comes in sizes Small – Extra Large and is made in the USA.

So lets get dressed in this fun Purple Women’s Giraffe T-Shirt.

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The Watching Owl T-Shirt


artsy owl t-shirt

If you are looking for an amazing owl t-shirt then you may have found it.

This t-shirt shows a picture of a big owl in front of a full moon. And the owl is sitting on the smoke of the chimney of a little cabin that is below the owl.

And this whole shirt is made in in black in white giving it a really nice vibe.

And this owl t-shirt comes in men’s and women’s versions in a range of sizes.

So if you need the best owl t-shirt on the market then check out this The Watching Owl T-Shirt.

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Little Holiday Break

Stuff With Animals is going on a little holiday break.

After a year of hard work on many of our sites we are taking a little break.

Starting today there will be no post until January 2e 2013.

The site will be working normally so look in at our older posts and maybe do some shopping.


Everyone Happy Holidays and we hope to see you all back January 2e 2013.



Owl T-Shirt


Oversized owl t-shirt

Luxurious to the touch and adorable to the eye!

This oversized , one size -fits- all t-shirt is embellished with an owl character on the front in a black silhouette.

Order either dark purple with the black screen printed owl on the front, or in a neutral taupe , both colors lend well to the comfortable stretch viscose fabric.

Hand wash this owl shirt in cold and lay flat to dry for an extended long life of this beautiful t-shirt.

The length of each garment is 29 inches long and measures 20 ” around for an ample fit for most figures.

Wear this t-shirt with the friendly owl over tights for an evening casual appeal or over jeans for a daytime comfy choice, either way, the look is appealing !

Come check out this Oversized Owl T-Shirt.

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Duck T-Shirt

Such a calming scene on this t-shirt with Mallard ducks floating peacefully on a pond .

The background of this t-shirt is a shallow green water with two bright emerald colored ducks and another speckled duck floating along, the same image is printed on the back of this shirt as well as the front.

Unique in it’s dye process, this shirt will never flake, peel, or crack because of the way the color is embedded into the fibers.

Available in sizes small thru extra large, the micro fiber fabric fits snugly and if you are looking for a more relaxed fit , please order one size larger .

Try to wash this t-shirt in cold water to maintain the image of the duck and the water, and preserve the life of your soon to be favorite t-shirt.

Get your Duck T-Shirt

buy Border Collie T-Shirt

Border Collie T-Shirt

Border Collie boss t-shirt

So this is one of those ‘who owns who’ situation that has that question on this t-shirt with the border collie on the front.

Anyone who has a border collie or any pet can relate to the saying on this t-shirt, ” property of a spoiled rotten border collie”

Made of 100 % cotton and prewashed for added comfort, this shirt is made of extra heavy weight material for an extended long life.

The picture of this dog with the black ears and head and it’s lovely white face, not heat transferred but actually printed directly on to the surface to eliminating flaking of the image.

This border collie t-shirt comes in sizes small to 3 X Large.

You will no doubt have many ideas about who this t-shirt with the border collie is for, any dog lover, over worked dog walker or anyone who would not change anything for the love of their pet!

If this is your kind of shirt then come and order your Border Collie T-Shirt.