Zebra Ceiling Fan Pull

Posted on March 24, 2015 by George buy Zebra Ceiling Fan Pull

Zebra Ceiling Fan Pull

Why have a ceiling fan with a boring wire on it when you can have a cute animal as ceiling fan pull.

This ceiling fan pul is a 3D zebra made from resin. The zebra comes with a gold plated chain witch is easy to attach so that soon you ceiling fan can have a zebra hanging below it.

Just imagine this zebra in your zebra themed room it would be so much better then the default ceiling fan chain that comes with the fan.

Kids and adults both will love this zebra that is about 2 inch on their fan.

Come and check out this Zebra Ceiling Fan Pull.

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Cow Table Top Vacuum

Posted on March 24, 2015 by George buy Cow Table Top Vacuum

Cow Shaped Table Top Vacuum

We all know the hassle to clean those crumbs from the table after we finished eating.

But now there is a cow that can helps clean those annoying food particles.

This is a table top vacuum that looks like a sleeping cow.

The cow runs on two AA batteries that are included and just loves to eat your tiny leftovers.

And this cow is not a toy it’s a real tool for the home that can make it easier to catch those dust bunnies and crumbs that are hanging around.

Come take a closer look at this Cow Shaped Table Top Vacuum.

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Grey Wolf Plush Rug

Posted on March 23, 2015 by George buy Grey Wolf Plush Rug

Grey Wolf Plush Rug

Now the cabin in the woods can have a nice grey wolf rug.

But this wolf rug is more for the kids room as it is a plush rug and not a real wolf.

The super soft rug looks like a rug and has the big head on it that is almost like a pillow to kids that love to play on it or get comfortable while watching TV.

The plush wolf rug is 20 x 38 inch and is machine washable if it get dirty.

Make some kids happy with this special looking Grey Wolf Plush Rug.

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First Easter Bunny Baby Bib

Posted on March 23, 2015 by George buy First Easter Bunny Baby Bib

Personalized First Easter Bunny Baby Bib

Will this be your babies first Easter?

I think that is a good reason to take a closer look at this bib.

On this bib you can see your babies name as part of the design with below it a bunny smelling a flower and next to it the text “1st Easter”.

A personalized bib like this makes a fun Easter present to the newborn baby to and is just so cute.

Made from fleece this Easter bib is super soft and it’s purple to get some color in your babies outfit while she eats her first Easter breakfast.

Come take a closer look at this Personalized First Easter Bunny Baby Bib.

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Dolphins Pendant Necklace

Posted on March 22, 2015 by George buy Dolphins Pendant Necklace

Dolphins Pendant Necklace

Now you can have a nice necklace with two dolphins on it.

And this white gold plated necklace has a real Swarovski crystal on it to.

The pendant on the necklace shows two dolphins swimming and in between them you can see the sparkling crystal witch comes in different colors blue, clear, yellow or hot pink.

And this dolphins jewelry comes in a nice gift box to and that makes this the perfect present for a lady that like dolphins.

The necklace is 16 inch long with a 2 inch extension to make it fit your body perfectly.

Come and take a closer look at this Dolphins Pendant Necklace.

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Boxer Dog Portrait T-Shirt

Posted on March 22, 2015 by George buy Boxer Dog Portrait T-Shirt

Boxer Dog Portrait T-Shirt

Is the boxer you kind of dog?

If so then you should check out this t-shirt that is available in green and white and comes in a men and women’s fit.

On this t-shirt you can see a portrait of the dog while he is staring away and that makes you wonder if there is a treat he likes somewhere.

The dog has a nice collar with flower on it with a ID tag so that this boxer not have to get lost.

You can get this dog t-shirt in sizes Small – 6XL and all are just as amazing as the picture above.

Don’t wait come check out this Boxer Dog Portrait T-Shirt.

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Women’s Shoes With Cat And Dog Face

Posted on March 21, 2015 by George buy Women’s Shoes With Cat And Dog Face

Women's Shoes With Cat And Dog Face

Why wear shoes that look the same on both feet when you can have a cute pair of flat women’s shoes that looks better if they don’t match.

These shoes are black but the nose is different one look like a black cat with white details and to the other looks like a dog with more white in the face.

You have to be careful when you put these shoes together as they may fight like cats and dogs.

These women’s shoes come in a variety of sizes so that you can wear the dog and cat that fits you best.

Come and take a closer look at this Cat And Dog Face Women’s Shoes.

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Shark Bite Me T-Shirt

Posted on March 21, 2015 by George buy Shark Bite Me T-Shirt

Shark Bite Me T-Shirt

Don’t tempt a great white shark because then this could happen.

On this t-shirt you can see the face of a shark and air bubbles but in the mouth of the shark you can see the words “Bite Me!” so I guess that the shark took that as a challenge and now his mouth is so full that he can’t do anything else. The great white shark even looks a bit scared after biting that.

This t-shirt comes in blue or black and is available in a men or a women’s cut in sizes Small – 6XL so that many people can enjoy this shark t-shirt even if it’s not shark week.

Come have a better look at this Shark Bite Me T-Shirt.

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Assorted Party Animal Noses Cups

Posted on March 20, 2015 by Johnathan buy Assorted Party Animal Noses Cups

Assorted Party Animal Noses Cups

It is time to truely turn your party wild, literally wild with some of the fun and interesting animals of the wild kingdom.

This is a package of cups that feature 6 different animal noses printed on them sideways so just as you lift the cup to take a sip it really looks like you have the nose, beak or snout of a shark, walrus, zebra, cheetah, toucan, or lizard.

Each cup is made from very durable and sturdy paper holding 9 ounces of whatever party liquid you may want, each package contains 24 of these fun and hillarious cups.

Turn your party wild with the Assorted Party Animal Noses Cups.

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Sleeping Fox T-Shirt

Posted on March 20, 2015 by George buy Sleeping Fox T-Shirt

Sleeping Fox T-Shirt

A fox maybe look like a predator that is after you chicken and that maybe true.

But when they sleep they are just so cute that you want to hug and cuddle them.

This t-shirt shows a sleeping fox and you have to admit that this animal just looks cute when it sleeps.

You can get this fox t-shirt in many colors and in sizes Small – 6XL in a men or women’s version.

So now you can show the world a sleeping fox just from you shirt.

Don’t let the world only think of a fox as a mean predator by showing them this cute Sleeping Fox T-Shirt.

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