buy Squirrel Tissue Cover

Squirrel Tissue Cover

Tissue boxes are boring and that is why you need this squirrel tissue cover.

It looks like a piece of wood with a squirrel on top, inside the log you put your tissues and the squirrel on top will try to keep it all for itself but from there you find the right amount of tissue paper for your needs.

Besides tissue, you can even put toilet paper in it and use it next to the toilet to replace a boring toilet roll holder.

A tissue cover like this is great for a cabin in the woods or any home that just want fun things and this squirrel is fun.

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buy Ladybug USB Flash Drive

Ladybug USB Flash Drive

If you want a USB flash drive that is different and more personal to you then check out this ladybug USB flash drive.

You can get this USB flash drives in many sizes from 8 – 128 GB and you can pick for USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 and you can even pick the color of the drive.

On the metal cover, you can find a cute red ladybug with many black spots.

A drive like this is better than the once you buy in the store because now you can see what is your drive because it looks so different than all the others and it looks more fun too.

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buy Horse Stress Toy

Horse Stress Toy

If you like horses and you have stress then you need this horse stress toy.

The stress toy looks like a cute brown horse with black and white socks.

Now when you feel stressed or angry you can squeeze an animal and you will feel so much better and when you are done squeezing the horse will go back to its original foam horse shape and it will be ready for next time.

The horse figure is just cute so even if you have no stress at all you can put one on your desk just as decoration.

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buy Fish Tea Infuser

Fish Tea Infuser

If you like fishing and tea then you need this fish tea infuser.

Now you can enjoy the calm of fishing where ever there is a cup with hot water as this tea infuser looks like a big fish and connected to it you find a little fishing rod so put the tea leaves in the infuser and go fishing for tea.

The fish is made from food grade silicone and is perfect for keeping tea leaves out of your tea while still being able to brew you the perfect cup of tea whenever you like one.

So go fishing in the office or at home and the end result is a calmer you with a fresh cup of tea.

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buy Hedgehog Pencil Holder

Hedgehog Pencil Holder

If you have a lot of pencils lying around and you like hedgehogs then you just need this ceramic hedgehog pencil holder.

The pencil holder is hand made in the USA and looks like an adorable creature and when you put your pens and pencil in it then it really looks like an amazing office animal.

This pencil holder is perfect for on your desk at home or at the office as it besides of being cute it also is great at organizing your pencils.

And besides being great for yourself this also makes for a nice present.

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buy Cute Elephant Planter In Light Blue Or Pink

Cute Elephant Planter In Light Blue Or Pink

If you are looking for a cute planter for the baby room then this elephant planter is what you want.

The planter is available in pink or light blue and it made from poly-resing and is 7 inches high and has a 3-inch hole for the plant.

Now your child’s room will have an animal and a plant in one.

Cute animals need to be part of everyone’s life and that is why this elephant planter is so perfect as it will besides being cute also offer room for a fun plant.

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buy Cow Stress Toy

Cow Stress Toy

We all need a way to get rid of our stress and this cow stress toy maybe just what you need.

Anger and stress can now be taken out on animals because this cow does not feel it when you kick it, throw it, or give it a squeeze.

The foam stress toy is made to take abuse and after the abuse, it will still look like a cute black and white cow.

Beside as stress toy you can have this cow just standing on your desk just because you like milk and cows.

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buy Women’s Colourful Butterflies Leggings

Women’s Colourful Butterflies Leggings

If you wanted butterflies leggings then look no further as we found the perfect pair for you.

The leggings are black with rows of butterflies all in neat colors.

These leggings are great as yoga pants too as they are breathable and moister wicking and they have a nice stretch to them too.

You can get these butterfly leggings in women’s sizes XSmall – XL.

Sure people will notice the butterflies on your legs when you walk through town or do a yoga class and that is fine as it just makes everyone feel happy when they see the leggings.

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buy Pink Face Of A Pig Tote Bag

Pink Face Of A Pig Tote Bag

If you like cute animals then you should see this pig tote bag.

The tote bag is pink just like a pig and on it, you can see a pig face and it is just super cute and something you need to use to make people smile.

You can get this pig bag in 3 different sizes and all have a nice strong but soft 1-inch wide black strap.

No need for paper or plastic bags while shopping anymore because you can take you pig tote bag shopping.

And yes this bag works great for school, work, the gym, and anything else you use a bag for.

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buy Bald Eagle Golf Club Head Cover

Bald Eagle Golf Club Head Cover

Now there is a bald eagle golf club head cover and that makes playing golf even more amazing.

The majestic bird just fits over the head of your golf club and by doing so it will protect it from harm while making it look amazing. It also helps you quickly find the right club you want to use.

And the bald eagle club cover is made to fit golf clubs up to a 460cc driver.

A golf club head cover makes for a great present for your favorite golf player and this bald eagle one adds to the whole experience.

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