buy Chicken Stress Toy

Chicken Stress Toy

If you feel like you are all stressed out and would like to hurt an animal to feel better then you just need this chicken stress toy so that you can hurt this animal without a living creature will get hurt.

The stress toy looks like a cute white chicken with red details on the head and yellow paws and a yellow beak.

The chicken is 3.25 x 2.25 x 3.5 inches making it the perfect size for in your hand so that you can really give it a good squeeze.

A stress toy like this would be perfect for at your desk at home and in the office so that it is always ready for a squeeze.

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buy Owl Wind Chime

Owl Wind Chime

Who has seen the wind? Well, this all-seeing owl wind chime says he does! .. he chimes the presence of the wind in real time through stained glass wind tubes!

No one can directly “see” the wind with their eyes.. but now you can fully enjoy it, while watching this lovely multi-coloured prismatic and bejewelled owl chime sway in the breeze – and listen deeply as it’s chimes reveal the awesome experience of wind movement in musical revelation!

What a lovely gift for yourself or a loved one! Measuring 9.75″ (L) x 37″ (H) this beautiful hand-painted owl is a product of careful craftsmanship, and will transform any environment into a cheerful one in moments! The owl is shaped with metal and filled in with beautiful stained glass. Sure to be a hit wherever it is located!

Whether you are a bird lover, a friend of owls, a lover of stained glass, lovely chimes, or all the above, this item is for you! Get your’s shipped today complete with Logo gift tag in a sealed box with secure packaging!

Capture the sun, wind and the heavenly beauty of Nature with this fantastic and smile bringing stained glass and bejewelled bird of wisdom. A wind chime has never been so beautiful!

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buy Kids Shark Shaped Backpack

Kids Shark Shaped Backpack

If you are looking for an amazing kids shark shaped backpack then you came to the right place as this is an amazing shark backpack.

The backpack is shaped like a shark with its face on the top with big eyes and a red mouth with big white teeth. The backpack is white and gray and the the fins on the side and top are there too.

In side the backpack has lots of space and the straps are padded and adjustable so that it can be carried easily and comfortablely.

So if you want your child to have a shark backpack then this is it and if gray is boring then you can get it as a pink or yellow shark too.

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buy Narwhal Toothpick Holder

Narwhal Toothpick Holder

If you like sea creatures and toothpicks then you should get this narwhal toothpick holder as it is just perfect and looks stunning.

The toothpick holder looks like a narwhal and is made from ceramic and is white and the tusk of the narwhal is actually a toothpick.

The narwhal can hold around 20 toothpicks at one time and they come out easily from the front of the narwhal.

I am sure you didn’t see such an amazing toothpick dispenser before and that makes this one of those items you just know you need to have.

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buy Sharkopoly Board Game

Sharkopoly Board Game

If you like to play Monopoly and you like sharks then now there is this Shakopoly board game that is Monopoly about sharks.

There is this special board that says in big letters “Shakopoly” on and looks like the sea with sharks swimming around and instead of properties there are sharks and even the play pieces are sharks or are shark related.

So let’s see who can make the most money can collect all the sharks.

With a board game like this, your Shark Week party will be extra fun and a game like this should be in your home ready for that rainy day that keeps you inside ready to do something fun.

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buy Butterfly Wind Chime Art Project

Butterfly Wind Chime Art Project

Give the gift of transforming your kids’ crafty actions and imagination into a beautifully functional butterfly wind chime! This beautiful “Creativity for Kids” butterfly wind chime set will have everyone feeling transformed, with simple to follow instructions!

Great for birthdays, surprises, group activities for daycares or camp crafts! The one time it’s great to “bug” someone, in the sweetest of ways!

Ships complete with acetate wings, metal chimes, glue, card stock body, paint and the included gel cord allowing it to hang and be musically operationally immediately following assembly!

When the young ones get in touch with their inborn abilities they will metamorphosized into self-assured artists. And this wind chime will leave a lasting and beautiful token of their accomplishments. No more hungry caterpillar! Finished size is 9.5″ x 4.75″ and is great for ages 6 – 96.

Take flight like the prettiest critter ever to float on gossamer wings, and provide the lasting joy of orchestrating the creative development of a young one with a guaranteed to stun outcome! Music to your ears!

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buy Grizzly Bear T-Shirt

Grizzly Bear T-Shirt

If you like bears then you should get this grizzly bear t-shirt.

The bear t-shirt is available in navy blue and in black and it comes in men and women’s style and in sizes, Small – 6XL and all are made from 100% cotton.

On the dark t-shirt, you can find a big bear just staring at people in front of you and that would keep them at safe distance. As you can see the bear is huge and looks kinda of intimidating.

If you want an amazing shirt with a giant bear then don’t hesitate and get this grizzly bear t-shirt.

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buy Shark Lives Matter T-Shirt

Shark Lives Matter T-Shirt

Animal lives matter and if you like sharks then come get this shark lives matter t-shirt.

On the t-shirt, you can see a big blue and black shark and below the shark, in big black letters it says “Shark Lives Matter”.

And this amazing shark t-shirt is available in styles for men, women, and kids and it comes in many colors and sizes so that you can get the perfect shark t-shirt for you.

Tell the world that the lives of sharks matter by wear this amazing t-shirt around town and of course at shark week.

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buy Yellow Giraffe Bookends

Yellow Giraffe Bookends

If you like giraffes and books then you should check out these yellow giraffe bookends.

The bookends are yellow and shaped like a giraffe so you can put your books in between two cool giraffes and I am sure that you will like the look of the giraffes on the sides of your books.

The bottom of the bookends has some protectors so that it won’t damage your bookshelf.

The giraffes come in a set of two so that you can put your books in between on a nice wall shelve.

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buy Pig Egg Separator

Pig Egg Separator

We all know that it can be a hassle to separate egg yolks from the rest of the egg but not any more thanks to this pig egg separator.

This little pig looks like a pig but seems to have a big wide open front and now you just push the pig and hold it on top of the yellow egg yolk and then you stop pushing and the egg yolk is sucked up and you are done.

And besides great at separating eggs and making your cooking easy this pig is also super cute and a must have for your kitchen.

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