Baby Goat Postage Stamp

April 14, 2014 Posted by

Baby Goat Postage Stamp

This postage stamp shows a picture of a super cute Angola Nubian goat.

This little baby goat is white and is having fun with a branch. And then this photo became a postage stamp.

Yes this goat stamp is United States Postal Service approved stamp and it comes in different sizes and different rate (from $0.34 – $5.60).

So if you are crazy about goats then you should stop using boring stamps and go for something special and what better to use then a real goat postage stamp.

Just imagine the reactions of friends and family when they get mail with this cute baby goat on it.

Lets not wait any longer come and order your own Baby Goat Postage Stamps.

Cartoon Animal Wrapping Paper

April 13, 2014 Posted by

Cartoon Animal Wrapping Paper

If you have gifts to wrap then why not get some fun wrapping paper with animals.

This gift wrap has little colorful squares with an animal in each square. They are cartoon animals and that makes this wrapping paper look so much fun.

You can find a dog, chicken, crab, penguin, bee, mole, sheep, hedgehog and ladybug on this animal wrapping paper. And all these animals look super fun. The mole even brought his own shovel and the sheep has a blue coat.

This wrapping paper is great for kids and adult presents and all will smile when they see this super cute animal gift wrap.

Don’t wait just order your own Cartoon Animal Wrapping Paper.

Cow Print 19″ Backpack

April 12, 2014 Posted by

Cow Print 19" Backpack

If you need a new backpack and you like animal prints then this is the backpack to check out.

This 19″ backpack has a cow print on it so many white and black spots all over it. The backpack has 3 compartments and even has a laptop pouch and two mesh side pockets.

A backpack like this is great for school or work as there is so much space you probably can fit all your needed books in it.

The cow camouflage backpack is made by K-Cliffs.

A backpack like this of course has adjustable straps to make it comfortable to wear around.

Come take a closer look at this Cow Print Backpack.

Mad Looking Gorilla Face T-Shirt

April 11, 2014 Posted by

Mad Looking Gorilla Face T-Shirt

This t-shirt shows a big picture of the face of a gorilla and the monkey doesn’t seem to be happy.

This gorilla t-shirt come in a bunch of styles for men, women and kids and that means many sizes to. And this monkey shirt even comes in a whole bunch of different colors but my favorite is the black just like on the picture above.

I don’t know if the gorilla is mad or maybe surprised or maybe even scared. It’s up to you to decide what the monkey is thinking.

Lets give this monkey a new home so come and get your Mad Looking Gorilla Face T-Shirt.

Shoe Shaped Leopard Print Wine Bottle Holder

April 10, 2014 Posted by

Shoe Shaped Leopard Print Wine Bottle Holder

If you like animal prints, wine and high heels then you are in luck.

Now there is a wine bottle holder that is shaped like a high heel shoe and the shoe has a leopard print design.

This wine bottle holder fits any standard size bottle of wine.

Just imagine the look on peoples faces when they see a high heel shoe standing on the counter with a bottle of wine in it.
Of course they don’t know that it’s made for it and that makes it so perfect.

And then the leopard print is just one of those additions any home could use.

Come and have a closer look at this High Heel Shoe Shaped Leopard Print Wine Bottle Holder.

Turtle 2 Piece Pajama

April 9, 2014 Posted by

Turtle pajamas for kids

Do you love turtles? If so you will love these cute 2 piece turtle pajama for your child.

Your little one will look like your special little turtle while wearing the 2 piece turtle pajama.

These cute looking long sleeve Pajamas features a sweet little turtle right in the middle of the white and green top. The pants are green covered it the turtle shell design.

They are made from 100% soft cotton that will feel so comfy on your little one. Also these turtle pajamas are tagless so it won’t irritate your child’s  delicate skin and come in a wide variety of sizes from 6 months to 5T.

Snuggle up with your cute little turtle when they are wearing these Turtle Pajamas.

Beagle T-Shirt

April 8, 2014 Posted by

Beagle women's t-shirt

Beagles are gentle, excitable, intelligent and determined type of dog.

If you love beagles then this special beagle t-shirt is perfect for you.

This multi colored snuggle time beagle t-shirt features a cute brown and white beagle laying down on a pillow looking up with his sweet face and floppy ears.

It a tagless t-shirt that is made with a eco water based dye process witch makes the photo become a permanent part of the shirt and come to life.

Give this beagle t-shirt to someone you know who love beagles. They come is a wide variety of women’s sizes from X-Small to 4XL.

Have some snuggle time with your beagle while wearing this special Beagle T-Shirt.

Black Bear Cookie Jar

April 7, 2014 Posted by

Ceramic Bear shaped cookie jar

Does your cookies need protection from all the cookie monsters in your house?

Well this black bear cookie jars is up for the job to store and protect your cookies and keep them safe.

This cute ceramic bear cookie jar is in the shape of a big black bear sitting up holding onto a cookie.

It measures 10.5 inches in size so it won’t take up to much space on your kitchen counter.

The black bear will definitely add some style to your kitchen or wherever you decide to display your cookie jar.

Your cookies will be easy to find when they are inside this cute Black Bear Cookie Jar.

Grow a Hedgehog Creativity Kit

April 6, 2014 Posted by

Hedhog Chia pet like planter

Does your kids drive you crazy on a rainy or snowy day and there stuck inside the house not able to go outside?

Well, the grow a hedgehog kit would be a perfect activity kit to keep them busy and will be so much fun to do.

This grow a hedgehog activity kit includes a plastic planter in the shape of a cute little hedgehog and comes with paint, a cute red bow, its eyes so you can decorate it yourself.  It also has a plant mister and wheat grass seeds that you can watch grow in 3 to 5 days. And the wealth grass become the spines of the hedgehog.

The hedgehog creativity kit is non breakable and measures 5 1/2 inches L x 4 1/4 W.

Have a fun day of activity’s with your kids and start with this cute Grow a Hedgehog Creativity Kit.

Bunny T-Shirt

April 5, 2014 Posted by

Rabbit easter island t-shirt

Bunny’s are the cutest little furry animals that hop around everywhere.

Are you ready for Easter egg hunt with the kiddies? If so you can pretend to be the Easter bunny while wearing this cool Bunny t-shirt.

This unique looking multi colored tag less rabbit t-shirt features a white furry bunny sitting by one of the Easter island statues on a grassy field with more stone figures  in the background and the design can be found on the front and back of this women’s t-shirt.

The photo on the bunny t-shirt is in a eco water based inked makes the photo become a permanent part of the t-shirt and available in various sizes from x-small to 4 XL.

Get ready to have a fun day being the Easter bunny with your very own Bunny On Easter Island T-Shirt.