Grow a Hedgehog Creativity Kit

April 6, 2014 Posted by

Hedhog Chia pet like planter

Does your kids drive you crazy on a rainy or snowy day and there stuck inside the house not able to go outside?

Well, the grow a hedgehog kit would be a perfect activity kit to keep them busy and will be so much fun to do.

This grow a hedgehog activity kit includes a plastic planter in the shape of a cute little hedgehog and comes with paint, a cute red bow, its eyes so you can decorate it yourself.  It also has a plant mister and wheat grass seeds that you can watch grow in 3 to 5 days. And the wealth grass become the spines of the hedgehog.

The hedgehog creativity kit is non breakable and measures 5 1/2 inches L x 4 1/4 W.

Have a fun day of activity’s with your kids and start with this cute Grow a Hedgehog Creativity Kit.

Bunny T-Shirt

April 5, 2014 Posted by

Rabbit easter island t-shirt

Bunny’s are the cutest little furry animals that hop around everywhere.

Are you ready for Easter egg hunt with the kiddies? If so you can pretend to be the Easter bunny while wearing this cool Bunny t-shirt.

This unique looking multi colored tag less rabbit t-shirt features a white furry bunny sitting by one of the Easter island statues on a grassy field with more stone figures  in the background and the design can be found on the front and back of this women’s t-shirt.

The photo on the bunny t-shirt is in a eco water based inked makes the photo become a permanent part of the t-shirt and available in various sizes from x-small to 4 XL.

Get ready to have a fun day being the Easter bunny with your very own Bunny On Easter Island T-Shirt.

Black Kitten Shoes

April 4, 2014 Posted by

Black Kitten Shoes

Are you a cat lady looking for the perfect pair of flat shoes?

Theses black flats made by Shiekh could be the pair you where waiting for.

The shoes are flat and all made from man made materials and they are vegan friendly.

The black shoes are flat and have a suede kind of feel and on the nose you can see that it has a cats face embroidered on it and it even has little ears.

Yes they are the perfect cat ladies shoes and they come in sizes 5 – 10 and will be a feast to wear to work, school and just casual at home or around town.

If kitten shoes is what you want then you have to come see these Black Cat Women’s Flat Shoes.

Welsh Corgi Magnet

April 3, 2014 Posted by

Dog Fridge Magnet of a Corgi

Do you always write up note and lose them all the time?

If so this cute Welsh corgi magnet will be perfect to help you hold up your notes on the fridge to keep them safe from you losing them.

This brown and white beautiful hand painted welsh corgi magnet is in the shape of the Pembroke welsh corgis head with it cute pointed ears, and has a big smile with is tongue hanging out.

The welsh corgi magnet won’t take up much space measuring 2 x 2 inches in size.

You will feel like royalty with one of these special Welsh Corgi Magnet.


April 2, 2014 Posted by

Toddler Alligator t-shirt

Is your little one learning the alphabet? Well, with this cute alligator t-shirt can help them remember the first letter of the alphabet.

This adorable navy blue alligator t-shirt features a cute baby alligator with the capitol letter A on the right and the quote ” is for alligator” written under it.

The alligator t-shirt is available in sizes 2T, 3 T and 4T. Perfect for your little one to wear when learning their ABC’s.

When they wear this cute alligator t-shit they will be singing and dancing to the phrase A is for alligator.

Help your child learn there alphabet today with this cute Kids Alligator T-Shirt.

Giraffe With Headphones Luggage Tag

April 1, 2014 Posted by

Giraffe With Headphones Luggage Tag

If you like giraffes and music then this is the luggage tag for you.

On this luggage tag you can see a picture of a giraffe that is wearing some headphones and he is sticking his tongue out at you.
So yes this giraffe really likes his music and you can enjoy having a fun tag like this on your suitcase or just as bag tag.

On the back you can write anything you want and it will be printed on it so that it really is your luggage tag with all the information you care about.

This giraffe would love to be living with you luggage so come and order your Giraffe With Headphones Luggage Tag.

Skunk Dirty / Clean Dishwasher Magnet

March 31, 2014 Posted by

Skunk Dirty / Clean Dishwasher Magnet

Skunks can smell up the place but when they are washed they smell clean.
Your dishes are the same when dirty the dishwasher can smell but when clean it smell great.

Are you one of those people that never remember if the dishwasher is clean or dirty?

If so then you need a dishwasher magnet and this skunk one is great.

The magnet has two parts one hals shows a dirty skunk and the other side a clean skunk. Just place the right side up and you know if the dishes are clean or skunk dirty.

Make your life easy by getting your own Skunk Dirty / Clean Dishwasher Magnet.

Owl Address Labels

March 30, 2014 Posted by

cute address labels with an owl on it

Address labels are super handy, you can use them on mail and to mark you belongings.
But most address labels are plain and boring.

But now you can have fun address labels like this one with an owl on it. The address label is green and has a picture of an owl in one corner and a tree branch below the address.

The address labels have room for 3 lines of information (and that does not have to be your address) and they come in sheets of 18 stickers.

Now your mail can have a cool label and you can mark your belongings. Never borrow stuff to friends without you label on it.

Come have a closer look at these Owl Address Labels.

Dachshund Plush Dog

March 29, 2014 Posted by

Cute Dachshund plush

A Dachshund dog is unique looking with there short legs and a long body. They are very playful, devoted and courageous type of animal.

The dachshund dog is a popular dog that stars in the television show “Curious George” has a doorman’s dog named Hundley.  Also the dachshund dog is in a well know  children’s story book written in 1944  as a dog named Pretzel.

If you or your kids have a love for dachshund dogs you will really like to get this one of these special dachshund plush dog.

This Dachshund plush as a lots of special features with his friendly face, big smile, a cute little nose , playful eyes and embroidered eyebrows with a big yellow bow ties around his neck. It is bendable and is 14 inches in size.

Your kid will love to have there own special Dachshund Plush Dog Toy.

Snake Toilet Topper

March 28, 2014 Posted by

Snake fun toilet prank

Most people either love snakes or hate them and are frightened by snakes.

Well your friends and family will get a big fright or laugh when they use your washroom and sees this snake toilet topper.

This snake toilet topper features two big long scary snakes slithering its way up out of the toilet. Just peel and place right on top of the toilet cover.

If your a prankster this snake toilet topper would be a perfect choice to scare the pee out of your friends.

Get ready for some fun with screams or laughs when people use your washroom and sees this creepy Snake Toilet Cover.