buy Dressed Up Giraffe Summer Dress

Dressed Up Giraffe Summer Dress

Now there is this nice Dressed Up Giraffe Summer Dress.

If you like a short dress for summer the looks fun and classy then this dress is what you need.

On the white fabric, you can see a black and white drawing of a giraffe’s long neck and head and it is wearing red glasses and a red bow tie and you will find the same giraffe on both the front and the back.

You can get this fun dress in women’s sizes Small – 2XL and I am sure that when you get this dress you will just be enjoying it every warm day this year.

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buy Camelbak Shark Water Bottle

Camelbak Shark Water Bottle

If your child loves sharks then check out this Camelbak Shark Water Bottle.

This water bottle is made by Camelbak who is famous for hydration systems and this time they made a 12oz bottle that has a foldable bite valve with straw and has a loop too so that you can hang it on a backpack or maybe a stroller.

The shark bottle is see through and is covered in sharks and some other fish and even some air bubbles.

A fun bottle like this is great for school, trips, and many other adventures and it is great to know that your child has water whenever it is thirsty.

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buy Parrot In A Banana T-Shirt

Parrot In A Banana T-Shirt

If you want a funny bird t-shirt then check out this Parrot In A Banana T-Shirt.

This t-shirt is available in many colors and in styles for men, women, and kids and it comes in a lot of sizes too.

On the shirt, you can see a banana that is peeled open and instead of the yummy food, there is actually a yellow parrot inside.

This is a really fun t-shirt to wear not just because of the bird but just because it is something you won’t expect.

So if you want a strange but fun shirt to wear then this parrot t-shirt is what you should check out.

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buy Hedgehog Sticker

Hedgehog Sticker

If you like prickly animals and want a fun sticker then you should check out this Hedgehog Sticker.

The sticker is cut in the shape of the animal complete with its spiky hair and it does not look really happy but in a cool way.

The sticker is vinyl and as it is cut in shape there is a bit more sticker besides the animal and you can choose between see-through or white but either way it is the animal that is all about.

You can get this fun vinyl sticker in many sizes so that you get the hedgehog you like best and as it is a vinyl sticker you can place it on many surfaces from your computer to a notebook or maybe the front door and it does remove without leaving a residue.

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buy Hummingbird Figurine

Hummingbird Figurine

Now there is this great looking Hummingbird Figurine.

This crystal figurine stands 6 inches tall and is 4 inches wide.

The bird looks like it hovering to get the nectar from a flower and the whole crystal figurine has amazing colors and details and the base is a mirror to give it some special reflections.

And this hummingbird is the 1st one in a series so that if you like this one you could choose to get them all.

Hummingbirds are amazing birds as it looks like the are just hanging in the sky and this figurine will really give you that feeling.

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buy Box Of Cats Birthday Card

Box Of Cats Birthday Card

Now there is this fun Box Of Cats Birthday Card that you can send to all your friends that like cats.

On the card you can see sparkles on the top and then there is a box with two cats inside it and they are wearing birthday hats. Besides the box, it says “Happy Birthday! Just another year closer to being that crazy cat lady.”.

It is is just a fun card that you can send to anyone that wants more and more cats and has their birthday coming.

You can get this birthday card in different sizes and they come with an envelope and there is a greeting card version too all with the same cat design.

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buy 2020 Just Cats Wall Calendar

2020 Just Cats Wall Calendar

If you like a cat on your wall then you should check out this 2020 Just Cats Wall Calendar.

The 2020 calendar still covers the 4 last months of 2019 and each month in 2020 has a fun new image of a cat so that there is always something new to look at.

Besides the cats, there is a nice big calendar too with lots of room to write down important things for you like birthdays and you don’t even have to fill out the major holidays as the kittens in the calendar already took care of that.

So surprise yourself with this calendar or give it to another person that loves cats as it is a nice looking calendar.

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buy Flexible Elephant Shower Head

Flexible Elephant Shower Head

Now there is this super fun Flexible Elephant Shower Head that is great to help your child shower.

Shower heads are often really high and above the head of an adult but that does it make a bit more difficult for the kids to shower and that is why you want to check out this elephant.

Waterpik makes this shower head that looks like an elephant and like a true elephant this one has a trunk to and it is flexible and even to position in different positions so that even small kids can have a powerful shower.

Not only is the elephant shower head really useful for young and old it is also really cute to have in your shower.

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buy I Was Normal Three Dogs Ago T-Shirt

I Was Normal Three Dogs Ago T-Shirt

Now there is this fun I Was Normal Three Dogs Ago T-Shirt that a true dog lover needs especially if you have 3 or more dogs.

On this shirt you can see a line drawing of a dog that is just lying down and then below the animal it says “I Was Normal Three Dogs Ago”.

And this fun dog t-shirt is available in styles in many colors and sizes for both men and women.

So if you are a crazy dog lover then this is the perfect shirt for you and it does make for a great present too for true dog lovers.

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buy Bunny Ears Earrings

Bunny Ears Earrings

Now there are these amazing Bunny Ears Earrings that are just amazing looking and are great for Easter.

These earrings are made from freshwater pearls and from the back you can see some bunny ears show up and they are made from sterling silver.

You have to admit that these earrings look really cute and that is what you want from your everyday jewelry. And as they are rabbit ears on the earrings they are also perfect for Easter.

Like any good jewelry, these fun pearl earrings come in a nice gift box so that they are also a great present.

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