buy Blue Necktie With Galloping Horses

Blue Necktie With Galloping Horses

If you like horses more then dressing up then maybe dressing up will be more fun if you get this horse necktie.

The necktie is dark blue and is covered in galloping horses that are silver in color.

So now you can wear a suit and still have horses near witch of course is better for you and maybe even get people talking about horses with you when they see the amazing necktie on you.

The horse necktie is 55 inch long and at it’s widest point it is 4 inch wide making it the perfect size to wear with a suit or just a dress shirt.

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buy Silly Rat Fridge Magnet

Silly Rat Fridge Magnet

If you like cute animals then you have to see this fridge magnet that has a cute rat on it and the animal seems to be sticking out his tongue at you.

You can get this fun rat magnet is different sizes in round or square sizes and I am sure that your fridge can have a rat magnet on it just to make it look a bit cuter.

Sure this magnet can go on almost any metal surface from your locker at work and school to the mailbox outside the options are almost limitless.

Of course not everyone likes rats but that is their loss as this magnet is just to much fun not to have.

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buy Artsy Shark Tank Top

Artsy Shark Tank Top

This shark tank top is designed by Dean Russo and you can see his typical style back in this women’s shirt.

On the white tank top you can see an artsy shark witch make me wonder if he may have eaten Dean while he was painting as the shark has a painted design all over is and around it to.

This fun tank top is great for Shark week but can of course be worn any day of the year.

You can get this women’s tank top in sizes Small, Medium and Large and it is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

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buy Kangaroo Baby Bodysuit

Kangaroo Baby Bodysuit

Now you can get a fun baby bodysuit with kangaroos on it and hat of course will look super cute witch makes it perfect for your baby or as a baby present.

This baby bodysuit is available in many colors including light blue and pink and is available in sizes from 0 – 24 months.

On the kangaroo bodysuit you can see a happy mother kangaroo with her happy baby.

It’s just one of those things that you need for a baby so why not get a super cute bodysuit to make the parents and the newborn happy.

This kangaroo baby suit is made from 100% cotton to be ultra comfortable for the baby.

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buy Poodle Mom T-Shirt

Poodle Mom T-Shirt

Calling all poodle moms! Calling all friends of poodle moms! Your ideal t-shirt has arrived.

How cute is that? We’ve had soccer moms, and hockey moms, and guess what, we can now herald the age of the poodle mom! Featuring the chic silhouette of the most fashionable dog, this t-shirt comes in a wide assortment of colours to fit any ladies wardrobe.

The word poodle is written in bright pink block letters, with the word mom scripted in dark cursive writing beneath. Does it mean that you are somewhat of a princess? Does it mean you might be somewhat high maintenance? Only poodle mom’s know, and this playful t-shirt will be a great addition to your spring and summer tops, for casual times when you want to be relaxed and enjoy life.

Available in sizes Small – 2 XL in a wide array of colours this shirt is waiting for a good owner!

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buy Horse and Barn Spiral Notebook

Horse and Barn Spiral Notebook

Horse people rejoice! This “Horse and Barn” scribbler is perfect for you and is both elegant and functional.It provides you with a joyful picture on the front of this spiral notebook of your number one past time and hobby – a beautiful mare standing strong and humble in front of a classic country barn.

The artist who designed and painted this imagery captured the spirit and gentle intelligent nature of this equine perfectly and in a very realistic fashion, while bringing a sense of wonder into the work – a distinguished look to have as a print on the front of your stationary.

Don’t delay ordering this stylized item for your note taking needs. You may choose between an assortment of ruled or graphed paper inside. The back cover includes a document pocket, making this item even more convenient and handy. 120 pages inside.

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buy Frenchie-Opoly


The perfect gift for lovers of the French Bulldog! So cute, a Monopoly style game, except everything is French Bulldog themed!

See the sweet care which the game developers have taken in the development of this fully playable *satire* of the popular Parker Brother’s Game, Monopoly! With wooden tokens representing various doggie items such as bones and dog bowls, you make your way around the board to become leader of the pack!

Instead of “jail” you have “kennel” of course. Instead of “community chest” or “chance” you have “good dog” and “bad dog” spots on the board! And of course, instead of “luxury tax” you have “doggy spa!” It is all great fun and will keep everyone at the table in stitches while providing a similar yet unique gaming experience where the French bulldog is the top of it’s class.

Don’t miss your opportunity to pick up this wonderful gift for yourself or your fellow doggy-philes!

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buy Rhinoceros Backpack

Rhinoceros Backpack

Well, this is a bit different. Have your entire backpack looking like the brute mug of a rhino head! You’re going to love your very own rhino bag!

There is something to be said for individuality. And sometimes we have to stand for what we believe in, when everyone else thinks we’re crazy. Noah might have forgot the unicorns on his big boat, but he worked hard to get the rhino in it. Why? Because they are awesome, and he wouldn’t settle! Moral of the story, if you believe you are inspired, listen to the inspiration! Get yourself a rhino backpack!

Perfect for all sorts of things, from school to casual usage, shuttling your personal effects around, you know, knapsack stuff in general, it will be so very handy and fun.

Get your big bad Rhino pack. 42x29x18 cm in dimension. Durable poly constructed.

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buy Women’s Leopard Print Combat Boots

Women’s Leopard Print Combat Boots

If you like animal prints and would like some fun looking combat style boots then you are in luck.

These women’s shoes have a leopard print and are cute combat style boots with a sweater top for an extra fun detail and even a hidden pocket for some cash or a credit card.

And if you don’t like the leopard print then you are in luck as these women’s boots also come in zebra print and many other colors including pink.

You can get these cute boots in sizes 5 – 13 and many half sizes are available to.

Even the bottom looks like a combat boot as the sole has lots of traction witch is great when you need it.

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buy Red Butterfly Wrapping Paper

Red Butterfly Wrapping Paper

If you are looking for some fun wrapping paper to wrap that special present in then this red wrapping paper with butterflies on it is just what you need.

The wrapping paper is just red all over but on top of the red you can find white butterflies in many sizes witch makes this gift wrap really come to life and that makes it really special.

Each roll of butterfly wrapping paper is 30 inch wide and available in many lengths so that you only get what you really need.

And besides wrapping presents you can of course use this butterfly paper to decorate other things like books or maybe even line a drawer.

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