buy Sloth Suitcase Cover

Sloth Suitcase Cover

Now you can travel in style all thanks to this Sloth Suitcase Cover.

It can be hard to find your suitcase at the airport sometimes as all suitcases look the same but we can solve that issue for you all thanks to this cute suitcase cover that fits on most suitcases as it is really flexible and it comes in 3 different sizes.

On the suitcase cover you can find a sloth taking a nap while he is surrounded by flowers and branches but also the text “Follow Your Dreams”. I guess sloths are great at dreaming but they are probably to lazy to do something about it but you can follow your dreams and if traveling is one of those dreams then you can while using this suitcase cover.

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buy St Patrick’s Day Dog T-Shirt

St Patrick’s Day Dog T-Shirt

Now you can be ready for St Patrick’s Day in style all thank to this St Patrick’s Day Dog T-Shirt.

This women’s t-shirt is available in sizes XS – XL and is made from 100% cotton and even comes in different styles.

On the St Patrick’s Day t-shirt you can see the head of a hairy dog and its tongue is hanging out a clear sight it likes to party and to be ready for St Patrick’s Day the dog decided to wear green glasses with striped lenses and some shamrocks sticking out of the top.

So if you like dogs and want to show that St Patrick’s Day is on your mind then this is the t-shirt to wear on March 17th.

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buy St Patrick’s Day Panda T-Shirt

St Patrick’s Day Panda T-Shirt

Get ready to party in style thanks to this St Patrick’s Day Panda T-Shirt that is ready for a fun St Patrick’s Day.

This green t-shirt is unisex so it will look great on both men and women and it comes in sizes Small – 3XL and if you don’t want green then you can get the same shirt design in many different colors.

On the shirt you can find a panda bear and it is ready for St Patrick’s Day as it is wearing a green leprechaun hat and is holding a big green shamrock.

A fun t-shirt like this is great for St Patrick’s Day or any other day you can use some luck.

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buy Black Cat Passport Cover

Black Cat Passport Cover

Now there is this Black Cat Passport Cover that is just perfect for protecting your passport while looking fun.

This passport cover is all black with on the front an image of a cat with a sunset in the background and below that image it says “Cat Lady”.

So now you passport shows that you like cats a lot 🙂

Having your passport inside the cover is great as it will protect your important travel document from harm while also telling people who see you passport that you like cats. It also makes it easy to spot your passport in the stack of passports of your family.

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buy Teddy Bear Bike Helmet

Teddy Bear Bike Helmet

Now there is this adorable Teddy Bear Bike Helmet that is great for infants that want to learn to ride a bike.

This bicycle helmet is for infants and can easily be adjusted in size to fit your child perfectly.

If your child likes bears and needs a helmet for riding a bike or other toys that warrant wearing a helmet then this is just perfect.

As you can see the top of the helmet looks like a teddy bear complete with it’s cute face and even the bears ears.

Now your child can go play outside without you having to worry about hurting their head.

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buy Crazy Cats Beach Towel

Crazy Cats Beach Towel

Get ready for the beach because now there is this Crazy Cats Beach Towel.

This beach towel is just really fun as it shows a fun background with flowers, blue sky with some fluffy clouds and even a butterfly but what this towel is all about is cats and there are like 6 cats on this towel and they are looking at you all with funny expressions on there faces.

A cute towel like this is what everyone wants because every time you look at it you will smile as the cats are just so cute.

The cat towel is 30 x 60 inches making it the perfect size for the beach but also great for showers and a bath.

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buy Flamingo Bottle Holder

Flamingo Bottle Holder

Now you can get this amazing looking Flamingo Bottle Holder.

The wine bottle holder looks like a true flamingo and it is made from metal with a pink finish and when you put a bottle in it it really looks like the pink bird is holding the bottle tightly with its wings.

A bird like this will look great in your kitchen or even the wet bar.

Besides the bird you just need a nice bottle of wine for the flamingo to hold and yes be careful as this pink bird may have a drinking problem.

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buy Puppy Faces Women’s Swimsuit

Puppy Faces Women’s Swimsuit

If you like swimming and dogs then come see this cute Puppy Faces Women’s Swimsuit.

This women’s one piece swimsuit is available in women’s sizes Small – XL.

On the bathing suit you can see the heads of many breads of dogs all against a light blue background and there are some paw prints and even some hearts too.

It is a cute swimsuit that will look great on you at the pool or beach and everyone will know how much you like dogs.

A swimsuit as cute as this also makes for a fun present you can give to the friends that loves dogs of all kind.

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buy Cat Present Women’s Christmas Sweater

Cat Present Women’s Christmas Sweater

Now there is this Cat Present Women’s Christmas Sweater that is just perfect if you like cats.

This green holiday sweater is all about a cat and the holiday. On the sweater you can find a big present that has a red ribbon on it and it looks like a cat is trying to get out of it and this cat is wearing the hat of Santa Claus and there is gold star too and then there is Christmas lights all over it.

You can get this crazy cat lady holiday sweater in women’s plus sizes 1x – 5x and they are made from 60% polyester and 40% cotton.

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buy Piggy Fridge Alarm

Piggy Fridge Alarm

Now there is this cute looking Piggy Fridge Alarm.

Just put the pig in the fridge and the light sensor will make you know it is there every time you open the fridge. The cute pig will make pigs sounds when it detects light and that way you will know you left the fridge open.

The pig is wearing a shirt that says “Diet Piggy” on and that also means that you can use him to help your diet because every time you get in the fridge he will remind you not to eat that snack you want.

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