buy Trophy Tiger Key Holder

Trophy Tiger Key Holder

Trophy Tiger Key Holder

It really bites when you can’t find your keys! Well, turn that around! A tiger’s head biting your key ring and holding it on your behalf will prevent you from ever losing them again!

This imaginative and regal looking key holder features the (metal) head of an tiger, mounted on a scaled down beechwood plaque. This jungle cat’s impressive teeth (the feline’s canines) will be guarding your key chain until you need your keys! It has a magnet to secure it in place, and comes complete with a key-ring. The pantheric key holder is “out of the box” ready.

Never be frustrated searching for your %&!!@! keys again!

No Tony the tigers were hurt in the making of this practical and great looking home accessory, so even our wild cats think it’s great! (They have tiny man-head key holders in their dens, so it all balances..)

The key thing to keep in mind about this great gift, is that it serves to keep your keys, so you have peace of mind! Affordably priced, even a couple of these would be a great idea for you (or a gift for a family member or friend) one for the bedroom, one for the kitchen for example.

Do yourself a huge favor. Pounce on this great deal!

Get yourself a Tiger Head Key Holder.

buy Corgi Cluster T-Shirt

Corgi Cluster T-Shirt

Cartoon Corgi Dogs t-shirt

Sometimes clusters are bad, really bad! Sometimes they are the best! Well this t-shirt has a cluster of the most ideal sort! A cluster of corgis. It looks like a blast of wild madness, of the happy kind! Charlie Brown once said “Happiness is a warm puppy!” Well, this shirt turns that dial up to 11 (well at least 8, let’s not get carried away, a cluster of happiness)!

Corgi lovers, dog lovers, happiness lovers, lovers of wild fun, all of these people would be very happy with this smile inducing shirt! If life is a game of truth or dare, we dare any one not to smile when they see the adorable graphic on this t-shirt. Share the joy that only a corgi can create!

There’s something royal about these dogs, despite the chaos! There’s something jazzy smooth that brings to mind the melodious fun of modern Bebop! There’s something that only a picture can say, and this one does with cutting edge “print direct to garment” technology, creating a crisp original; eye popping clean lines on sweatshop free, 100% ethically sourced cotton!

Please note, the cut of this t-shirt is styled to be slim fitting, so if you want a bit more room, order a size larger. Get yours to fit you perfectly, from Small to 3XL! Corgi lovers all!

A cluster of greatness – yours for the taking!

Get your Corgi Cluster T-Shirt.

buy Grumpy Cat Black Slim Leggings

Grumpy Cat Black Slim Leggings

Grumpy Cat Black Slim Leggings

Having a bad day? Well as wierd as this sounds just get Grumpy Cat to cheer you up, just seeing this face will make you smile I’m sure.

Featured on these all black leggings is the famous cat we all call Grumpy Cat, find multiple head images of the fun, cute and grumpy looking cat that cover the entire front and back of the tights.

The grumpy cat leggings are available in Medium and large, they are made from a great blend of materials 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex so they will stretch and fit a wide variety of sizes.

Cheer up with the Grumpy Cat Black Slim Fitting Leggings.

buy Preppy Cat Kid’s T-Shirt

Preppy Cat Kid’s T-Shirt

Cat With Glasses Kid's T-Shirt

Your child will look great in this humorous t-shirt featuring “Fritz the Preppy cat”! Fritz the cat of course is all prepped out, wearing his golf shirt, bow-tie and his fashion eyewear! The cartoon caricature kitty is placed in the middle of this lovely t-shirt for young ones, gazing intelligently as cats do, tail curled in front of him. He can’t talk of course, but if he could, he’d say “yeah, I know I’m a well dressed cat, anything else?” Your loved ones will adore the simple yet stylish nature of this well sketched sharply clothed feline.

What makes this t-shirt even better is that it is made from 100% ethically sourced cotton, and that it is non-sweatshop produced. Note, there is a lap shoulder on the one piece and baby tee options. You may decide to have the image on either the front or the back of this shirt, please designate which you prefer!

Kids sizes available range from 2 Year (62cm chest and 41cm length) through to 12 Year (86cm chest and 68.5cm length).

Your child will love wearing this well designed shirt. Come get your Fritz the Preppy Cat T-Shirt.

buy Cougar Face Gold Ring

Cougar Face Gold Ring

Cougar Face Gold Ring

The cougar is a powerfull predator that can run fast, leap high and muscle it’s way with anything, with so many great qualities it is hard not to respect and love this giant cat.

The cougar face is completely made out of rhinestone diamonds with pieces of black stone to create the features of the cougar face, with gold color filling in the rest this is one fine handcrafted ring that looks stunning.

Finished in plated gold on very durable metal the cougar ring features a one size fits most stretchy link finger hole that will keep it secure and tight while at the same time very comfortable.

Show off your Cougar Face Gold Ring.

buy Rocking Plush Giraffe

Rocking Plush Giraffe

Rocking Plush Giraffe

While everyone else is watching their little ones play on the rocking horse why not change it up in a fun and different way, start watching your little one on the rocking giraffe.

This is a rocking giraffe that features the beautiful designed pattern of a giraffe, with it’s long neck and a very friendly face and a head that has the giraffe’s small ears and short hairy horns on top.

Made from durable sturdy wood rockers and a very soft plush material the seat height is 19 inches and it can hold up to 80 pounds.

Saddle up on the Rocking Plush Giraffe.

buy Stained Glass Peacock Square Plate

Stained Glass Peacock Square Plate

Stained Glass Peacock Square Plate

The beautiful array of colors found on the plumage of a peacock is simply amazing to see, lets capture that on an everyday piece that you can look at.

This is a square plate that features a peacock, find the etched out peacock with the plumage covering the entire plate using vibrant colors giving this plate a realistic look.

Made from a fused glass method and carefully hand painted the peacock square plate measures 12.25 inches x 12.25 inches x 1.00 inch and would be a great gift and a center show piece for any room.

Collect and show the Stained Fused Glass Peacock Square Plate.

buy Hippo Cookie Cutter

Hippo Cookie Cutter

Hippopotamus Cookie Cutter

You don’t have to be a big game hunter to enjoy delicious hippo cookies! No animals are harmed in the making of this cutter, or the endless cookies that will follow!

Sure, you knew that the elephant was in the fridge, when you saw his footprints in the Jello. And, while you might not be able to get the genie back into the jar, you can make a batch of ‘Potamus cookies, and keep them in a cookie jar on the top shelf, until it is time to eat them with a tall glass of cold milk! Snack time before nap time! That would be one of my 3 wishes anyway!

Made with tin-plated steel, it is easy to clean up, with a bit of soapy water. Fun for Moms, Dads and little ones!

What makes cookie time even more awesome?? (hint, think Hippo..)

Get your hands on your very own Hippopotamus Cookie Cutter.

buy Elephant Head Night Light

Elephant Head Night Light

Elephant Head Night Light

This little elephant night light is just what your baby room needs for the final touch. Soft and cute looking, it is the sweet head of a young elephant, in cool blue colors, perfect for your wee one to acquaint himself with this loyal zoo friend!

Comes complete with on/off switch, just below the curved trunk. Although it looks like it has an elephants mind all to it’s own, the lamp can’t turn itself on or off without you!

Lighten up your life , and see your infant laughing at the funny elephant! Get your bundle of joy a Friendly Elephant Head Night Light.

buy I Let The Dogs Out T-Shirt

I Let The Dogs Out T-Shirt

I Let The Dogs Out T-Shirt

Who Let The Dogs Out!?

The age old question when the dogs go storming out the front door, the catchy song, the annoying song stuck in your head. What ever that phrase means to you let’s stop the wonder and answer this question now.

On the front of this t-shirt in simple white block lettering is the phrase text “It Was Me. I Let The Dogs Out.” a very true statement that you can wear for many different reasons.

Made from 100% cotton this t-shirt is available in a wide selection of sizes that range from Small to 4XL, this shirt will fit many different sizes each will be soft and comfortable while also very strong and durable to last a long time.

Confess with the It Was Me I Let The Dogs Out T-Shirt.