Bald Eagle Mask

Posted on October 17, 2014 by George buy Bald Eagle Mask

Bald Eagle Mask

Do you want your face to look like a bald eagle?

If so the you have to take a look at this amazing bald eagle mask.

This leather mask is made to fit kids or adults perfectly and is painted with quality paint so that you will look like an amazing bird when you wear this mask.

The mask has black wings and a white head with of course a yellow beck and eye details that make it just look stunning.

Masquerade party, Halloween or just to put on the wall this face mask will transform you in an amazing looking bald eagle and that is why you want.

Do not wait any longer and come order your Bald Eagle Face Mask.

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Moorry Christmas Cow Greeting Card

Posted on October 17, 2014 by George buy Moorry Christmas Cow Greeting Card

Moo-rry Christmas card

Christmas is the time of year that we send each other cards and if you like cows then this can be your Christmas card this year.

This postcard style card shows a cow on the front with a Santa hat on and some green around her neck this cow is just ready for Christmas. And then the cow says “Moo-rry Christmas”.

just imagine sending out a fun greeting card like this with Christmas.

People that like cows are gone love it and others are still liking it as it is just so cute.

You can never start to wary with writing this Christmas cards so don’t wait come get your Moorry Christmas Cow Greeting Card.

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Zebra Mask

Posted on October 16, 2014 by George buy Zebra Mask

Zebra Mask

Looking for a different look?

With this latex mask you can look like a zebra in not time at all.

Just slip on this mask and you are set.

Of course this mask would be perfect as part of Halloween costume.

Men and women can now be part of the animal kingdom and look like a stunning zebra.

Just imagine peoples faces when they see you wearing this mask.

You could wear some fun costume with it to make you look like a real strange combination of a human and an animal.

Option to many option you will have when you get this fun Latex Zebra Mask.

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Penguins Hate Stuff 2015 Wall Calendar

Posted on October 16, 2014 by George buy Penguins Hate Stuff 2015 Wall Calendar

Penguins Hate Stuff 2015 Wall Calendar

If you are looking for a funny calendar for 2015 then this could be it. But on that not I am not sure penguins agree.

This 2015 wall calendar is all about things penguins hate and that is why it is called “Penguins Hate Stuff 2015 Wall Calendar”.

Each month you will get an amazing piece of art by Greg Stones that involves penguins and something they hate. For instance if you look closely you can see why penguins hate dogs.

This calendar is just great fun to look at the whole year long and you will learn things about penguins you never knew before and mainly things they don’t like.

Come and get ready for a laugh with this Penguins Hate Stuff Wall Calendar.

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Lion Costume For Dogs

Posted on October 15, 2014 by George buy Lion Costume For Dogs

Dog costume that makes then look like a Lion

This Halloween costume can turn your dog in to the king of the jungle.

Of course you have to ask your dog first if it wants to dress up for Halloween but if it does then this lions costume would be perfect.

Of course this costume works best if your dog has the color of a lion and besides that not much matters as this Halloween costume for dogs comes in a wide range of sizes so that it fits almost any dog.

Now your dog can transition from king of the couch to king of the jungle just by dressing up.

Get ready to surprise your pet with this Lion Halloween Costume For Dogs.

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Horse Personalized iPhone 6 Case

Posted on October 15, 2014 by Johnathan buy Horse Personalized iPhone 6 Case

Horse Personalized iPhone 6 Case

The horse is an amazing creature that is very majestic while extermely strong and durable, that sounds like the perfect case to protect your precious iPhone 6.

On the back of this iPhone 6 case you will see a realistic image of the front of a horse with a very nice long mane and ears straight up, this also features a personalized saying at the bottom perfect for your name or surprise a friend with their name on this case.

This case is made to perfectly fit the iPhone 6 and it’s awesome 4.7 inch screen, it is impact resistant with a very durable shock absorbing liner. Also features a built in screen protector and protective coverings for all of the buttons and ports.

Get a closer look at this beautiful Horse Personalized iPhone 6 Case.

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Kigurumi Giraffe Costume Pajama

Posted on October 14, 2014 by George buy Kigurumi Giraffe Costume Pajama

Kigurumi Giraffe Costume Pajama

Lounging, sleeping and partying are just 3 things you can do while wearing this giraffe costume pajama.

This Kigurumi style pajama is one size fits most adults and it suppose to be loose fitting. And it is big giraffe bodysuit with hood and everything.

Just step into the pajama costume and you are the giraffe that this Halloween party needs and after that just lounge around in front of the TV while  watching a documentary about giraffes and then use it as real sleepwear while dreaming of you long neck stretching for some leaves of a tree.

It’s simple if you like giraffes then why don’t you have this pajama? It’s everything you need to become your favorite animal.

Lets get ready to become a giraffe by simply wearing this Kigurumi Giraffe Costume Pajama.

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Flamingo Print Toilet Paper

Posted on October 14, 2014 by Margaret buy Flamingo Print Toilet Paper

Flamingo Print Toilet Paper

Are you planning a special party with a tropical theme? Perhaps you are having a luau.

Make sure you dress up your bathroom with the same party décor by using this distinctive flamingo pattern toilet paper.

This white bathroom tissue is covered with bright red/pink flowers and flamingoes, with their long skinny legs and long, graceful curving necks.

This two ply toilet paper has 200 sheets per roll and is new, in a factory sealed wrapper, so it can be left in the wrapper to display it.

This flamingo print toilet paper would make a funny and very different gift for the flamingo collector.

Keep your bathroom looking sweet with this Flamingo Print Toilet Paper.

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Cat Mascot Costume

Posted on October 13, 2014 by George buy Cat Mascot Costume

Cute adult cat costume

It does not matter if you need to be a cat mascot or are looking for the perfect cat Halloween costume because this can be both and more.

This costume makes you look like a black cat with white chest and paws. The costume has a jumpsuit with tail and comes with shoe covers and mitts. And then there is the cute cat face that covers your head but has mesh in front of they eyes so that you can keep looking around you.

Why go like a boring animal when you can look like a big adult sizes kitty cat?

Before you start purring please check out this Cat Mascot Costume.

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Skunk Figurine Pen Holder

Posted on October 13, 2014 by Margaret buy Skunk Figurine Pen Holder

Skunk Figurine Pen Holder

Add some elegance to your desk or work station and show your love of one of nature’s misunderstood animals, the skunk.

This 6” x 5” wooden base is perfect for displaying the bushy, black and white resin skunk figurine and don’t worry that its tail is raised, this skunk does not have an unpleasant oder.

A gold tone pen holder and pen is attached to the wood plaque beside the intricately designed skunk.

This skunk pen holder would look spectacular in your home or at the office and would be a welcomed gift for a skunk lover.

Bring the outdoors inside with this Skunk Figurine Pen Holder.

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