Love Bunny Necklace

Mark Poulin Love Bunny charm necklace

How about a bunny necklace?

This makes a perfect gift to a loved one or for yourself.

A love bunny necklace with a rabbit charm made out of sterling silver. This beautifull pendant is made by Mark Poulin and comes with a nylon steel coverd cord with sterling silver clasp.

This rabbit will make people smile and isn’t it great to bring some smiles to this world.

Come have a closer look at this Love Bunny Necklace.

Giraffe Knee High Socks

Socks with Giraffe on them and they are knee high socks

When the days are cold you want to keep your feet and legs warm. To keep them warm some good socks will help.

And now you don’t have to get boring socks any more.

These knee high socks have a giraffe on them and this giraffe with it’s long long neck is trying to eat some of the leaves that are printed on the top of the socks.

If you like animals and specially a giraffe then you should order a pair of Giraffe Knee High Sock.

Parrot T-Shirt

colorfull parrot t-shirt

A nice black t-shirt is the perfect spot to put a colourful bird on. And even if you don’t like the black don’t worry you can get it in different colors to.

And as you can see they did on this t-shirt.
This t-shirt shows a colourful parot sitting on a branch with some leaves.

Of course a bird person will definitly enjoy a t-shirt with a nice bird like this Parrot on it.

If you like parrots you should come check out this Parrot T-Shirt. 

Animal Planet Coloring Books With Crayons

Animal Planet Coloring/Activity Books With Crayons.

Why just limit yourself to one type of animal when you can get these awsome Animal Planet coloring and activity books.

These great insightful books feature many pages of different types of animals found here on planet earth, along with fun and educational activities. Also you get 8 books in a package and as a cool bonus it comes with crayons.

This is an officially licensed Animal Planet product, a name we can trust to bring us fun and learning all together.

Find your Animal Planet Coloring/Activity Books With Crayons.

I Love Dobermans Hoodie

I Love Dobermans Hoodie

Is you favorite dog a Doberman?

If so then why are you not wearing this hoodie?

This hoodie witch comes in different colors and styles says “I Love Dobermans” but in stead of love it shows a red heart with a picture of a Doberman on it.

By wearing this hoodie you show the world what your dog looks like.

Show the world you love by getting this I Love Dobermans Hoodie.

Piggie Cupcake Plate

Piggie cupcake plate

You can always use some new and fun dishware and this time we show you a nice plate with a pig making cupcakes.

This plate is 10″ in diameter and drop and break resistant.

And of course it looks super cute. The pig is wearing a chefs hat and holding his two cupcakes as they are the best cupcakes you ever seen.

The plate is made of melamine and is non toxic and dishwasher safe. BUT you can not put it in the microwave.

A plate like this is ideal for kids and of course adults to.

Come have a closer look at this Piggie Cupcake Plate.

Piutre Persian Stuffed Plush Cat

Persian Stuffed Plush Cat

The docile, loving Persian is a longhaired cat that is one of the most popular cat breeds with it’s adorable face and passionate nature it makes a  great indoor cat.

This is a perfect tribute to your Persian, a stuffed plush that measures 20 inches long. What makes this Persian very special is it is completley sewn, shaped and finished by hand and is made with the finest of quality from Italy.

This is a great collectors item from the Piutrè Animal Collection, the finest collection of realistic stuffed animals.

This is definetely one that just Purrrs for attention.

Get your Piutre Persian Stuffed Plush Cat.

Mini Pig Piggy LED Flashlight

Mini Pig Piggy LED Flashlight

Need a very portable handy LED flashlight?

Check out this great little flashlight, with two LED bulbs it is very high quality with the light being very visable from long range. You will also find it very convenient with a key chain attached so it can be fastened to almost anything.

Shaped like a pig, or beacause it is so tiny and cute lets call it shaped like a piggy.

Get your Mini Pig Piggy LED Flashlight Key Chain.

Cow Cookie Jar

Cow cookie jar

An important part of our everyday diet consist of milk and cookies and that is why we want a nice cookie jar.

This Cow shaped cookie jar wants to help you reach you diet goals.

Of course this is a ceramic cow s no real milk there but he is holding up some cookies and there is lots of space on the inside to store you yummy cookies.

This is a hand painted cookie jar and so your cow cookie jar can look a little bit different. And of course a good ceramic cookie jar will keep you cookies fresh, the lid of this jar will make sure of that.

Milk and Cookies time so rush and order your Cow Cookie Jar.

Pawprint Customisable iPhone 4 Case

Pawprint Customisable iPhone 4 Case

So you love your precious iPhone 4, and you love your precious dog.

Lets put these two together and you end up with this awsome iPhone 4 case. This case features a large pawprint on it with two areas in which you can add your own text, this customisable feature is great.

Made from a super thin see through polycarbonate back and a durable molded siding of silicone you will be able to protect your iPhone from sctratches and dent while keeping all access to ports and buttons.

Have a closer look at your Pawprint Customisable iPhone 4 Case.