Howling Wolf Bronze Figurine

Bronge howling wolf figurine

This is a figurine of a howling wolf.

And it is 7.5 x 10.5 inch bronze and bronze plated.

A wolf like this should get a great place in your home. Or maybe as item on your desk.

The howling wolf has a lot of detail and all the features you expect from an animal like this.

If you like this figurine then you should see it up close, so come and see the Howling Wolf Bronze Figurine


Nesting Wood Duck Lamp

Nesting wood duck lamp

This is an amazing looking lamp with tons of details and it is hand painted.

This lightstand is a nesting wood duck. You see one duck inside a nesting spot and one sitting on top. The details are amazing and this lamp will look amazing in your home.

It includes a nice lamp shade so that you are ready to go.

You just have see a closer look at this Nesting Wood Duck Lamp.

Elephant Mighty Wallet

Elephant wanting to be a cowboy wallet

This little elephant wants to become a cowboy and that is why this wallet is called “Be wary of Elephants that try to be Cowboys”.

Ingrid Mourreau designed this the graphics for this elephant wallet.

And this is not just a pretty wallet with and elephant no this is a Mighty Wallet.

This wallet is extremly strong, light, waterproof and has amazing room to store your belongings.

There are two compartments for bills and two for cards (witch can hold multiple cards) and a big tube like compartment going over the whole lenghth of the wallet and that can hold old kind of things maybe business cards or a drawing.

Mighty Wallets are made out of 25% recycled material and the wallet can be recycled 100% so this wallet is even good for the environment.

If you want an elephant wallet that is amazing and looks super then come see the Elephant Mighty Wallet.

Fishing Cat Clock

Cat fishing on this clock

How about a new fun wall clock?

This clock looks more like a fish bowl with a flat top.

And to make it even better they put a little fish in it and on top you find a black cat trying to catch the fish.

Of course this is the perfect gift for a cat lover that need to read time.

If you like cats and need a new clock then why not get one with a fishing cat on it?

Come check out this Fishing Cat Clock.

Poodles Salt & Pepper Shaker

poodles salt & Pepper shaker set

Do you like dogs and salt and pepper?

If you do then you are in luck with this salt & pepper shaker set in the shape of poodles.

It looks like these two poodles are kissing and maybe they are but the thing that keeps them together is a little magnet. You can easily take any of the two poodles and use there salt or pepper and place it back and they will be looking like this again.

These two dogs are just meant to kiss and supply you with salt and pepper.

You just have to come and check out this Poodles Salt & Pepper Shaker Set.

Sea Otter Plush

Aurora cali otter flopsi plush otter

How cute is this?

Yes I know it is really cute.

This is a 12″ plush sea otter made by Aurora Plush. And Aurora means quality.

Like most Auroa Plush toys the eyes and nose are embroiderd so that you as parent don’t have to worry about eyes being swallowed by your kids.

And this sea is so soft that you and you kids will have to fight over who can cuddle with it next. This otter is holding a sea star that he found on it’s quest down the ocean.

Have a closer look and see what others think of this Sea Otter Plush Toy.

Horses Drinking Bottle

Horse water bottle for kids

Do you kids need a bottle to take to school with there lunch box?

This Crocodile Creek’s bottle could be perfect and this bottle has horses printed all over it.
And these horses seem to be having fun as they are all running and jumping as if they are on a play date.

This bottle is made out of stainless steal and is lead safe and BPA free. And the horses bottle will hold approximatly 13 ounces of liquid.

If you kid is all in to horses then you just need to have a peek at this bottle.

Ready for school with this Horses Water Bottle.

Polar Bear T-Shirt

Polar Bear t-shirt in the northern sky

What do polar bears do for fun you wonder?

They can enjoy the norhtern lights all the time. Not like us humans who need TV these bears just enjoy the nights sky.
As you can see on this t-shirt this polar bear is seeing another bear in the lights.

This t-shirt just looks amazing. I shows a polar bear floating around on a piece of ice with with big ice pieces floating behind him.

And with a t-shirt as amazing as this one you don’t really need any other good looking clothes because everybody will admire this polar bear t-shirt.

And of course this shirt comes in all the adult sizes and comes preshrunk.

Now is the time to add some polar bear to your waredrobe so go see this Polar Bear T-Shirt.