buy Sloth Live Slow Pillow

Sloth Live Slow Pillow

Sloth Live Slow Throw Pillow

We all know that a sloth likes to take things a little bit slow and if you like the way that animal thinks then maybe this pillow would be perfect for you.

This sloth thrown pillow is square and comes in 3 sizes 16, 18 or 20 inch and it is available with or without insert.

And as you can see on the picture above on this pillow you can see the words “Live Slow” and on those 3D shaped words there is a sloth hanging and looking at you.

This pillow does not just offer one sloth to look at, both sides of the pillow have the same image so that you can have a 2 slow sloths to hang around with you.

Dress up you home with thisĀ Sloth Live Slow Throw Pillow.

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