buy Dolphin Backpack

Dolphin Backpack

dolphin backpack

Is you kid going to his first school or maybe on an stay with grandma and grandpa?

Then a new backpack could be a fun way to see them off.

And this dolphin backpack could be the perfect backpack.

The backpack is 9 inch and may not be the biggest but is the right size for the little once.

Not only does the backpack look like a dolphin it is also soft and cuddly so that it becomes almost like a toy.

Come and check out this Dolphin Backpack.

buy Kitten Stapler

Kitten Stapler

Cute Cat stapler

A kitty stapler may help with the finishing or at least the anticipation of finishing the school projects or those projects at home.

Orange kitty tabby cat is perched on the top of a small 5″ x 3.75 ” stapler, cute face looking at the person who is ready to staple away!

Easy to handle in , this desk size stapler takes regular sized staples and comes complete with enough for the first few times of use.

This cat stapler is made of plastic and light enough to toss in a backpack for those ‘on the go’ times at school where everybody will be looking to ‘borrow’ your stapler.

Get this fun Tabby Cat Stapler.

buy Gorilla Eraser

Gorilla Eraser

Gorilla eraser for back to school

Get this big guy on your side to help with mistakes.

A jumbo eraser in the shape of a gorilla will not get lost in the bottom of your backpack or in the small parts of the drawer.

This bad boy is 1.97″ H x 3″ W x 3.94″ thick and is PVC free.

The eraser comes packaged in a clear acrylic box and this particular monkey is forest green in color and is walking about on all fours, perhaps looking for someone to help.

Part of the cost of this eraser goes towards the protection of endangered species , so you can be helping a real live gorilla too, just as your eraser gorilla helps you.

Enjoy your mistakes with this Gorilla Eraser.

buy Polar Bear Eraser

Polar Bear Eraser

polar bear eraser

Help save an endangered species, more specifically the polar bear.

Part of the funds from each purchase of this handy polar bear eraser contributes to the continuation of polar bears.

This giant eraser measures 1.97″ H x 3″ W x 4.9″ deep and comes in a clear acrylic box .

PVC free , this eraser is blue in color and will remind you of the ice blue water that polar bears live in.

No longer will making a mistake and rubbing it out be a chore when you have this jumbo polar bear eraser and you are helping the environment.

Start drawing and enjoy your new Polar Bear Eraser.

buy Rhino Eraser

Rhino Eraser

Rhino eraser great for school

Well, now it will not be a big thing to make mistakes, not when you have a rhino eraser to help out.

This big guy is 2.76″ H x 1.97″ W x 4.9″ thick and is large enough to make mistakes vanish with a simple rub of your eraser and because this eraser is big, it will not get lost in the bottom of a backpack .

No longer feel self conscious when correcting a mistake, this rhino eraser is an example of one of many endangered species and part of the money from the sales go towards that cause.

The cute red rhino eraser is packaged in a clear box and would actually make a fun gift or helper for you friends as they use it on homework too!

Come help the enviroment by buying this Rhinoceros Eraser.


buy Zebra Stripe Backpack

Zebra Stripe Backpack

Zebra Stirpe Backpack

Need a flashy, stylish and usefull backpack?

Don’t look any further, this is a cool backpack that features a zebra print all over it with hot pink accents making it look awsome.

Find a large interior compartment perfect for books or gear and a useful zippered front pocket aswell as a side mesh pocket, the back is padded for maximum comfort and the straps are adjustable and also padded to create the perfect backpack.

Measures 16 inches high x 12 inches wide x 4 inches deep.

Take a load off with the Zebra Stripe Backpack With Hot Pink Trim.

buy Butterfly Backpack

Butterfly Backpack

Butterfly Backpack

Your little one will be thrilled to tote this darling butterfly backpack !

The size is 14″ H x 11.5″ W x 4″ deep and is most appropriate for a smaller sized young lady.

The bright pink and purple outer shell is accentuated with the glowing green butterfly on the front pocket.

Like any good backpack, there is a handy water bottle holder on the outside and adjustable carrying straps and handy two way zippers.

Be sure to have an extra butterfly backpack for the swim gear, the camping out and of course the one for school gear, who could forget school?

Get your kid the backpack it deserves give it this fun Butterfly Backpack.

Bee Backpack

Bee Back Pack

Are you always on the….Busy as a Bee?

Then you will need something to carry your belongings in, like this cool backpack that features the great yellow and black colors of a bee and with some nice detail and added parts like little wings on the side and antenna on the top.

A very durable and easy to clean backpack that has a roomy main compartment and a small adjustable mesh pocket, the straps are easy to adjust to get the perfect size you need. You can also find an awsome smaller front pouch that is insulated, great for your lunch, snacks and drinks.

Pick up  your Bee Back Pack.

buy Duck LED Ballpoint Pen

Duck LED Ballpoint Pen

Ducky Ballpoint pen with sound and build in light

Yes a cute yellow duck is part of this ballpoint pen.

And this pen is not just a regular pen no it is much more. First off the pen has a ducks head on top witch can quake like a real duck and it has a LED light build in to it’s beak.

Of course you can write with it to and the retractable  pen will write in black.

If you want a special pen that people will smile at then you have to get this Duck LED Ballpoint Pen.