buy Bald Eagle Thermos Bottle

Bald Eagle Thermos Bottle

A Thermos bottle is great for when you go somewhere and still want to be able to drink a warm drink.

And this Thermos has a bald eagle on it and that makes this bottle even better then normal.

The bottle has a chrome finish and shows a flying bald eagle on it.

The bald eagle thermos is 24oz and made from 18.8 stainless steel (inside and outside. The bottle can keep drinks hot and cold for up to 24 hours and you can even use the little top as a cup so that you don’t really have to take anything else for you drinking needs.

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buy Eagle Statues And Art Lamp

Eagle Statues And Art Lamp

The majestic bald eagle is an amazing bird of prey that has a large wing span, beautiful colored feathers all make this eagle one to look at all the time.

To start with this lamp the lamp shade features an absolutley amazing art image that has a bald eagle soaring high with it’s wings in full span and a background of canyon ledges and nest a print that is titled “Canyon Protectors” by wildlife artist Ted Blaylock.

The lamp base looks like a trunk of a tree with two eagles and their nest complete with bald eagle babies, the entire base is hand sculpted and hand painted with immense attention to detail giving this a very amazing look.

With a mahogany finished base and golden pull chain the lamp measures a 39.4 inches tall when complete with the shade on.

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buy Balg Eagle Portrait T-Shirt

Balg Eagle Portrait T-Shirt

Balg Eagle Portrait T-Shirt

The front of this t-shirt features a very detailed and realistic portrait image of a beautiful bald eagle, this giant predator bird has a dark brown feathered body with a white head and large yellow beak that is almost hooked looking very majestic and stands out of the t-shirt.

This amazing bald eagle t-shirt is available in a huge selection of men’s sizes that will range from Small to 3XL and you get to choose from a large array of colors a total of 9 fun and vibrant colors.

This t-shirt here is a men’s style and sizes but check out the women’s style and sizes too.

Have a look at the Realistic Balg Eagle Portrait T-Shirt.

buy Bald Eagle, Scorpion And Beaver LEGO Set

Bald Eagle, Scorpion And Beaver LEGO Set

Bald Eagle LEGO Set

Choose your animal, follow the instructios and in no time you will have a great LEGO version that also articulates.

The LEGO creator set includes three awesome animals that you can make, the scorpion with a large pointy articulating tail, a beaver also with moving tail and teeth and a firece flying bald eagle with both wings that flap and large claw talons and beak.

This LEGO creator set 31004 has 166 pieces and when you put together your animals the wings or tail actually move using the articulating LEGO pieces, such an awesome gift idea for the LEGO fan or for yourself.

Build and collect this Bald Eagle, Scorpion And Beaver LEGO Set

buy Bald Eagle Wall Clock

Bald Eagle Wall Clock

Wooden clock with a image of a bald eagleStrength and majestic stature are displayed in this bold wooden quartz movement bald eagle wall clock.

Measuring 11 1/2” x 14 3/4” this timepiece reminds those viewing “It is the exuberance of a sunrise, and the calmness of a sunset, that can keep your heart in tune with the world around you.”
The beautiful graphic of the bald eagle is printed directly onto real wood.

The clock is powered by a single AA battery.

This American Expedition wall clock will be welcome on any proud American’s wall. We move within the same confines of the time each man gets in a day, and we are free.

Order your bold Bald Eagle Wall Clock.

buy Bald Eagle Stars And Stripes Flag Men’s Wallet

Bald Eagle Stars And Stripes Flag Men’s Wallet

Bald eagle USA flag wallet

This 100%  leather men’s wallet is great to show your patriotism.

The black bifold wallet shows a picture of the American Stars And Stripes flag with in front of that a picture of a bald eagle.

Inside the wallet has plenty of space and it can hold up to 6 card and one card slot has a clear window for you ID.

Now you money can be secure in a nice leather wallet with your favorite flag and an amazing bird on it.

Let a bald eagle watch over your wallet with this Bald Eagle Stars And Stripes Flag Men’s Wallet.

buy Bald Eagle And The American Flag Shower Curtain

Bald Eagle And The American Flag Shower Curtain

Bald Eagle And The American Flag Shower Curtain

This Shower curtain will keep the floor nice and dry as well as display a patriotic American spirit.

The shower curtain size is quite ample at 69″ X 70″ and has reinforced eyelets stitched into softly polyester.

Printed on the surface of the curtain is a bright and colorful American flag as the backdrop and a bald eagle displayed proudly in front.

A shower curtain with a bald Eagle and American flag will look good in any bathroom too, colorful is best and this one is certainly colorful.

So if you like the stars and stripes and eagles then you should not wait any longer and order this Bald Eagle And The American Flag Shower Curtain.

buy Bald Eagle Wine Bottle Holder

Bald Eagle Wine Bottle Holder

Bald Eagle Wine Bottle Holder

Did you know that bald eagles like a drink to?

I didn’t but this wine bottle holder tells a different story.

The bottle holder is a bald eagle lying on it’s back and when you place a bottle of wine on it the top of the bottle will be in the birds beak like it’s drinking the wine.

The bald eagle has amazing details and if the scene wasn’t that strange you may have believed it was real.

And the bald eagle bottle holder comes in a nice box so that it can become a fun present.

Come take a closer look at this Bald Eagle Wine Bottle Holder.

buy Bald Eagle Head Sweater

Bald Eagle Head Sweater

Bald Eagle Head Sweater

The bald eagle is simply majestic, it is one of the most fascinating birds with a large wing span and beautiful colors.

Featured on the front of this all black sweater is a large image of a bald eagles head from the side view a large white head with yellow hooked beak, the print is done faded on purpose to give it a softer more retro look.

Another great design by Alex Stevens this bald eagle sweater is made from 100% cotton which will give you a super durable sweater while also staying very soft, snuggly and warm. It is available in a range of sizes from Small to 2XL.

Get a closer look at the Bald Eagle Head Faded Print Sweater.

buy Bald Eagle Mask

Bald Eagle Mask

Do you want your face to look like a bald eagle?

If so the you have to take a look at this amazing bald eagle mask.

This leather mask is made to fit kids or adults perfectly and is painted with quality paint so that you will look like an amazing bird when you wear this mask.

The mask has black wings and a white head with of course a yellow beck and eye details that make it just look stunning.

Masquerade party, Halloween or just to put on the wall this face mask will transform you in an amazing looking bald eagle and that is why you want.

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