buy Fading Rabbit Pillow

Fading Rabbit Pillow

This fading rabbit pillow is just a nice decorative pillow for in your home or garden.

You can get this bunny pillow in many different sizes and for indoor or outdoor use and you can choose to get it as a pillow or just a pillow case.

On the pillow, you can see a rabbit against a light yellow background and the rabbit is cleaning its fur. The rabbit also seems to fade as the edge on one side already seems to have disappeared. The whole design of this rabbit pillow is just neat and that makes adding this pillow to a chair, couch, or the bed a good idea.

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buy Many Rabbit Mug

Many Rabbit Mug

If you like every rabbit then this is the mug for your morning coffee.

This white ceramic mug is covered in two rows of rabbits and they are all different breeds and they have the name of the breed below the image.

So now you can learn the differents between many rabbits.

A mug like this is just great fun any day of the year and especially on the special day that the Easter bunny stops by.

The rabbit mug is microwave safe so that you can reheat that cold tea.

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buy Bunny Feisty Pets Plush

Bunny Feisty Pets Plush

If you would like a fun plush rabbit to cuddle with then this plush bunny could work but be careful as it does have an attitude.

The adorable 8.5 inches tall plush rabbit is cute and great for cuddling and playing with BUT don’t squeeze it behind the ears because it does not like that and then it will show it’s crazy eyes and its teeth.

Yes, this plush bunny is a toy for kids but only for kids that can tame this crazy bunny rabbit and love it even with the attitude the animal has.

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buy Bunny Baby Bottle Warmer / Holder

Bunny Baby Bottle Warmer / Holder

Baby bottles are kinda boring and get cold quickly but this bottle holder change that as it will keep the milk warm longer and it looks like an adorable bunny.

Now your baby has something fun to look at while feeding as this bottle holder shows the rabbit with its cute face and bunny ears.

The rabbit bottle holder can hold a standard 500ml baby bottle and I am sure you little one can appreciate the fun bunny that is soft and great at insulating the bottle.

No more plain boring bottles for your child thanks to the rabbit that loves to keep your bottle dressed up.

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buy Wooden Rabbit Smartphone Stand

Wooden Rabbit Smartphone Stand

Nothing is more annoying than having to hold your phone while watching a youtube video with friends and for those occasions, they made this rabbit smartphone stand.

The rabbit phone stand is made from wood and is easy to slide together and is available in many fun colors.

If you have your phone on the rabbit stand then the bunny will still allow you to charge your phone as there is plenty of space when used in portrait or landscape mode.

Having this bunny phone stand on your desk makes it also perfect for video chatting or seeing you notifications more easily as you phone is standing up instead of lying down somewhere.

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buy 4 bunnies Christmas Sweater

4 bunnies Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters come in all shapes and sizes but did you ever seen one with rabbits on them?

This Christmas sweater is one with 4 rabbits on it and these bunnies are all ready for the Christmas party because they are wearing a Santa hat.

The bunnies on the sweater are all different and you only see their cute faces with their long and short ears.

And this bunny Christmas sweater is available in men’s sizes Small – 3XL and I am sure it would look great on women that like rabbits too.

So go all out this year by wearing a cute bunny Christmas sweater.

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buy Bunny Rabbit Tape Dispenser

Bunny Rabbit Tape Dispenser

Now there is this bunny tape dispenser that not only looks like a rabbit but is also great at dispensing tape.

You can get this tape dispenser in white or black and both look like a rabbit sitting up with its ears just straight up to and in between its front paws you will find the tape which comes from within its body.

The bunny is about 7 inches tall and would look great on your desk at home and at the office.

No more boring tape dispensers and loose lying tape thanks to this rabbit tape dispenser.

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buy Bunny Face Women’s Tights

Bunny Face Women’s Tights

Wearing some nice tights under a skirt, dress or shorts is a great way to show of you legs and if you like bunnies then these tights is what you need.

These women’s tights are black till just above the knee and there you find a rabbit’s face on the front and his cotton tail on the back and from there up these tights are just sheer to show your true skin color.

Made from a super stretchy nylon these women’s tights come in one size and fits up to a size 16.

Now you can have cute bunny legs all year round or just for Easter if you want.

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buy Bunny And Bear Egg Mold’s

Bunny And Bear Egg Mold’s

Do you want you eggs to look amazing for Easter or just for lunch?

How about making your eggs looking like bunnies and bears?

This set of two egg mold’s will transform a freshly boiled hardboiled egg into a rabbit or a bear face.

Just put a warm egg in the mold and cool it down in the fridge or maybe some ice water and soon your egg will come out like a cute animal face.

If you have a hard time getting your child to eat an egg then maybe it helps if you transform the boring oval into a cute animal shape.

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buy Sleeping Easter Bunny T-Shirt

Sleeping Easter Bunny T-Shirt

What better then getting in the Easter spirit then wearing a super fun Easter t-shirt like this one?

On this t-shirt you can see a big Easter egg lying in the grass and of course the egg is all decorated in fun colors and a great pattern. And do you notice something on top of the egg? Yes it’s the Easter Bunny having a nap because hiding all those eggs is hard work and after a while it would be time for a quick nap.

The t-shirt is just super cute and it comes in men and women’s styles in all kind of colors and in many sizes so that you have a big opportunity to be the best dressed this Easter.

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