buy Rottweiler Socks

Rottweiler Socks

Now your can show your love for dogs by wearing these Rottweiler Socks.

The dog socks come in a set of two pairs and each pair has a different color. On the socks you can find two images of a Rottweiler one sitting and one just the head and in between you can see the text “Rottweiler” and some bones and paw prints.

These Rottweiler socks are unisex and will look great on both men and women and will fit shoe size 4 – 10 and are made from 78% polyester, 20% nylon, and 2% spandex.

Now you don’t have to have cold feet anymore and I am sure the dogs will like it when you wear some clean socks.

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buy Brown dog Kids Chair

Brown dog Kids Chair

Now there is a fun Brown dog Kids Chair.

The little once deserve something to sit on too and this kids chair is just adorable as it look like a brown dog and it will be like the child is sitting on the lap of the dog.

Toddlers will love their plush dog to sit on and play with as it is almost like a plush animal shaped like a chair.

And we know that little accidents will happen and that is no problem as the dog can be removed from the chair and the whole plush cover can be machine washed.

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buy Pug Tree Christmas Sweater

Pug Tree Christmas Sweater

When Christmas and dogs get together then you will get this Pug Tree Christmas Sweater and you can wear one this holiday season.

The Christmas sweater is unisex making it perfect for both men and women and it comes in sizes Small – 2XL and it is available as a t-shirt too.

On the pug Christmas sweater you can see a Christmas tree but something went wrong as inside the tree you find a pug with its paws sticking out and it head all the way on top just before the star that is on top and yes the whole holiday decor is on the sweater.

Dress up in style this holiday and this sweater can be part of it.

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buy Yorkie Christmas Ornament

Yorkie Christmas Ornament

Want a dog in the Christmas tree then you should check out this Yorkie Christmas Ornament.

The ornament shows a Yorkshire terrier all bundled up with a big Santa hat and a nice warm scarf and this dog is also surrounded by snowflakes.

A fun ornament will look great in your tree and besides in round it is available in many other shapes like a star or heart.

A cute yorkie will look extra fun in your holiday tree and will make those green branches look way more festive then being empty.

Come get your Christmas yorkie as every home deserves on.

Get your Yorkie Christmas Ornament

buy Reindeer Christmas Sweater For Your Dog

Reindeer Christmas Sweater For Your Dog

If you want your dog to look festive then come check out this Reindeer Christmas Sweater For Your Dog.

The Christmas sweater is available in many sizes so that almost any size dog can enjoy a nice warm festive holiday sweater.

The Christmas sweater is black and has some green and red banners and on the back you find a big head of Rudolph the reindeer with a red nose and this red nose is sticking right up making it even a bit 3D.

So if you want your dog to be warm with Christmas then think about getting a fun Christmas sweater for on your pet.

Get your Reindeer Christmas Sweater For Your Dog

buy Dachshund Christmas Chocolates

Dachshund Christmas Chocolates

Now there is a box of Dachshund Christmas Chocolates that make for fun presents.

The box of candy has a top that is green with on it a picture of a dachshund that is wearing a red Santa hat.

Inside the box you will find Belgium chocolate and you can pick one big slap or 45 different chocolates in both milk and dark chocolate.

If you like to surprise people with a special box of chocolate then this box is perfect for people that like dogs and as it is made from Belgium chocolate you know it will taste amazing.

Get your Dachshund Christmas Chocolates

buy Pug Onesie Hooded Pajama

Pug Onesie Hooded Pajama

Become the super cute dog of a pug with a cozy warm onesie pajamas.

This onesie features the light brown color of a pug all over with a hood that is the pugs head and face, with black ears eyes and nose just zip it up and you become a pug. It also features a 3D curly pug tail on the back completing the pajamas to become your favorite dog.

Available in a wide selection of adult onesie sizes that will range from Small to XL and is made to be comfortable when you wear it while also durable to last a long time. It would be great for any occasion and even as a costume for Halloween or dress up parties.

Get your Pug Onesie Hooded Pajama

buy Maltese Mousepad

Maltese Mousepad

If you like cute a dog on your mousepad then you have to check out his cute Maltese Mousepad.

The mousepad has a white background and on top of that you can see a Maltese and this little doggy looks happy to be at your desk with you on your desk as a mousepad.

The dog mousepad is 9.25 x 7.75 inches and has a rubber back so that it stays in place while you are using it. And this mousepad is white with a white dog on it so it could get dirty and that is why it is so handy that you can machine wash this mousepad when needed.

Get your Maltese Mousepad

buy Black Lab And Tennisballs Lunch Box

Black Lab And Tennisballs Lunch Box

If you like a dogs and need something to carry your lunch then you should check out this black lab and tennisballs lunch box.

The Labrador lunch bags made from black neoprene with a black nylon carry handle on top and then on the front you can find a fun images of a black lab with 3 tennis balls in his mouth and behind the dog it is all blue.

A insulated lunch box is what you want for school or work and this dog lunch box offers that so that your food stays safe for longer.

Get your Black Lab And Tennisballs Lunch Box

buy Rottweiler Wall Clock

Rottweiler Wall Clock

Now there is a dog to tell time all thanks to this Rottweiler Wall Clock.

The round clock has a nice watch face that is all taken by a big picture of a Rottweiler that is just waiting to see when it gets a treat.

The dog wall clock is 9.5 inches in diameter with a black border and a clear lens.

Now you just need the perfect spot in your home and the office where this Rottweiler clock can go so that you always know that it is time to walk the dog .

Get your Rottweiler Wall Clock