Plush Chihuahua with Pet Carrier

Plush Chihuahua with Pet Carrier

If you always wanted to take your Chihuahua everywhere, but without the actual hassle of a real dog then check this out.

This is an 8 inch plush Chihuahua that is super adorable and soft that comes with a stylish pet carrier, with a nice fur design and very realistic features like breathing mesh on the side.

This is the perfect plush toy to go everywhere and do everything with you, You will also find a cool mesh pocket in the back which is perfect for your cell phone.

Get your Plush Chihuahua with Pet Carrier.

Small Dog Original Juicy Hoodie

Small Dog Juicy Hoodie

Your dog needs to be in style with the latest fashion of clothing and brand names.

This is a hoodie for your small dog, featuring the cool original Juicy brand, awsome design and graphics all on a pink hoodie that is not just stylish but it is warm.

Small dog examples for this Juicy hoodie: schnauzer ,American Cocker Spaniel. Sizes of this hoodie is Neck 30-34CM, Chest 46-53CM, Back length 35CM.

Get your  Small Dog Original Juicy Brand Hoodie.

Pug Pendant Necklace

Cute pug necklace

If you like anything pug then you are gone love this pug pendant necklace.

This dog is having a stare at everything you see as it is hanging around you neck.

With a diameter of 1.44 inch this pendant is the perfect size to make this pug come out nicely.

The necklace and pendant are sterling silver plated and UV resistant and waterproof. This of course means that you never have to take this necklace off.

If you like pugs then you have to come have a closer look at this Pug Pendant Necklace.

Pug Pup Plush

Aurora babies plush pug dog

Always wanted a puppy that doesn’t get bigger?

You are in luck this pug pup is a plush dog made by Aurora.

This pug looks so real you want to feed it and cuddle with it all day long.

At 12″ this pug is a great size plush and it even has it’s own Aurora Babies name tag.

If you like pugs and puppy dogs then you have to see this 12″ Plush Pug Puppy.

Yoga Dogs Handbag

Yoga Dogs Handbag

If you think that dogs a just cute in general then you will love these yoga dogs on this handbag.

This is a handbag that features many different types of dogs doing assorted yoga moves with the text in the middle of them that says “Get in touch with your inner dogi”, take a close look this is about as cute as dogs get.

Made from a sturdy material with two handles and a large zipper opening this yoga dogs handbag also comes with a very cute dog paw charm attached to one of the straps.

Get your Yoga Dogs Handbag.

buy Dogs License Plate Frame

Dogs License Plate Frame

Are you a dog lover, well there is an easy and cool way to show it.

Check out this license plate frame that has white silouhettes of dogs in various actions across the bottom and at the top the cute little paw prints.

Made from chromed steel and measures 12 inches x 16 inches this license plate frames dogs and paw print graphics are permanent adhesive vinyl decals that are UV and water-resistant.

Get your Dogs License Plate Frame

buy Yorkie Earrings With Swarovski Crystals

Yorkie Earrings With Swarovski Crystals

For the Yorkie lover who needs accessories to show off their love for their dog.

These are a magnificent pair of earrings that sparkle and shine like no other, drawing attention immediately to them. Made of solid sterling silver that is gold plated with 24K gold and many Swarovski crystals in a mix of white, cocoa and golden blonde to capture the distinctive coat colors of Yorkshire Terriers.  Titled “Best in show”, the Yorkshire terriers are wearing red bows and I’m sure will capture the hearts of many.

Get your Yorkie Earrings With Swarovski Crystals

I Love Dobermans Hoodie

I Love Dobermans Hoodie

Is you favorite dog a Doberman?

If so then why are you not wearing this hoodie?

This hoodie witch comes in different colors and styles says “I Love Dobermans” but in stead of love it shows a red heart with a picture of a Doberman on it.

By wearing this hoodie you show the world what your dog looks like.

Show the world you love by getting this I Love Dobermans Hoodie.

Pawprint Customisable iPhone 4 Case

Pawprint Customisable iPhone 4 Case

So you love your precious iPhone 4, and you love your precious dog.

Lets put these two together and you end up with this awsome iPhone 4 case. This case features a large pawprint on it with two areas in which you can add your own text, this customisable feature is great.

Made from a super thin see through polycarbonate back and a durable molded siding of silicone you will be able to protect your iPhone from sctratches and dent while keeping all access to ports and buttons.

Have a closer look at your Pawprint Customisable iPhone 4 Case.

Cute Dog ID Tag

Cute dog id tag

Dogs like to run and play and sometimes that means that they get lost.

But now how do you get your favorite pet back?

Yes you can go put posters everywhere and leave messages on Twitter and call all the animal shelters.
But why go through all that work if there is a much easier solution.

An ID Tag will do the trick. Just have a cute ID Tag haning on your dog’s colar and people who find him can contact you.

This ID Tag shows a cute picture of two furry dogs and below that it says the name of the dog and the address.

Of course your dog does not have to be named Murray, you can change that to what ever you want.

And this ID Tag waterproof and UV resistant so that it stays in perfect condition for a long long time.

This could be a good time to order you own Cute Dog ID Tag.