Pawprint Customisable iPhone 4 Case

Pawprint Customisable iPhone 4 Case

So you love your precious iPhone 4, and you love your precious dog.

Lets put these two together and you end up with this awsome iPhone 4 case. This case features a large pawprint on it with two areas in which you can add your own text, this customisable feature is great.

Made from a super thin see through polycarbonate back and a durable molded siding of silicone you will be able to protect your iPhone from sctratches and dent while keeping all access to ports and buttons.

Have a closer look at your Pawprint Customisable iPhone 4 Case.

Cute Dog ID Tag

Cute dog id tag

Dogs like to run and play and sometimes that means that they get lost.

But now how do you get your favorite pet back?

Yes you can go put posters everywhere and leave messages on Twitter and call all the animal shelters.
But why go through all that work if there is a much easier solution.

An ID Tag will do the trick. Just have a cute ID Tag haning on your dog’s colar and people who find him can contact you.

This ID Tag shows a cute picture of two furry dogs and below that it says the name of the dog and the address.

Of course your dog does not have to be named Murray, you can change that to what ever you want.

And this ID Tag waterproof and UV resistant so that it stays in perfect condition for a long long time.

This could be a good time to order you own Cute Dog ID Tag. 

Doghouse With Eyes ID Tag

doghouse with dog eyes id tag key chain

You don’t want to loose your dog but does your dog have an ID  Tag?

If not then maybe you should look in to one.

How about one like this a nice metal tag with a colorfull picture of a doghouse and some dog eyes staring at you and then a BIG bone with on that the dog’s name and phone number.

Of course this ID tag will survive water and UV light so it will stay like new for years to come.

Don’t let your dog get lost give it this Doghouse With Dog Eyes ID Tag.

Plush Dog Draw String Bag

Plush Dog Draw String Bag

Two things we love, Our dog and our cell Phone!

This is the perfect cell phone, card and change holder for the dog lover, this is a plush bag that features a cute purple dog that has floppy ears , feet and face that stick out. Also you will find convinient and easy to use draw strings to close this bag.

Definetly one cute puppy, and with it’s super soft feel you know your precious phone will be safe.

Get your Plush Dog Draw String Bag.

Friendly Pug iPhone 4S / 4 Case

Your iPhone need protection and now you can get double protection.

This friendly pug will be protection one as you know that those Pug’s really can protect stuff. And secondly there is of course the case made by Speck.

You iPhone 4 and 4S will be protected from harm and will stay looking nice.

It of course is a big plus to see a cute dog on the case. The pug really stands out agains the white background.

You have to see this Friendly Pug iPhone 4S And 4 Case.

Yorkie Mom Sigg Water Bottle

Yorkie Mom Sigg Water Bottle

Yorkshire Terrier a small toy sized dog, so many owners just love to bring them everywhere.

Now if you can’t bring your cute little Yorkie with you at least you can bring this cool Sigg water bottle and let everyone know that you are a Yorkie Mom. This water bottle features the saying “Yorkie Mom” with the “o” in mom as a paw print…Awww so cute.

Made from the very popular company Sigg you know this water bottle is quality and durable with it’s ultra-lightweight aluminum construction it is crack resistant and of course super cute.

Get your Yorkie Mom Sigg Water Bottle.

Boxer In The Sunset Poster

Boxer in the sunset art poster of a dog

Dog lovers are gone love this poster.

This art print shows a boxer in the sunset at the sea. You can’t make out the details of the dog but that also means that people can see there own boxer in it.

This beautifull 8.5 x 11 inch print will look amazing in a nice frame in your home.

If you like dogs and specially boxers then this is the poster you want to own.

You have to come see it up close, come see the Boxer In The Sunset Art Print.

Poodles Salt & Pepper Shaker

poodles salt & Pepper shaker set

Do you like dogs and salt and pepper?

If you do then you are in luck with this salt & pepper shaker set in the shape of poodles.

It looks like these two poodles are kissing and maybe they are but the thing that keeps them together is a little magnet. You can easily take any of the two poodles and use there salt or pepper and place it back and they will be looking like this again.

These two dogs are just meant to kiss and supply you with salt and pepper.

You just have to come and check out this Poodles Salt & Pepper Shaker Set.

German Shepherd Security Zip Hoodie

German Shepherd Security Zip Hoodie

The German Shepard, a great dog for security!

This is a fun hoodie that has a logo on the front that says “German Shepard Security Services, We Don’t Call 911” with a set of German Shepard eyes staring out.

Made from a 10oz fleece blend (90% cotton/10% polyester), this hoodie is super soft and really warm. With a full zipper and draw strings the German Shepard hoodie is exactly what you need to keep you snug and warm.

Get your German Shepherd Security Hoodie.