buy Sleeping Easter Bunny T-Shirt

Sleeping Easter Bunny T-Shirt

What better then getting in the Easter spirit then wearing a super fun Easter t-shirt like this one?

On this t-shirt you can see a big Easter egg lying in the grass and of course the egg is all decorated in fun colors and a great pattern. And do you notice something on top of the egg? Yes it’s the Easter Bunny having a nap because hiding all those eggs is hard work and after a while it would be time for a quick nap.

The t-shirt is just super cute and it comes in men and women’s styles in all kind of colors and in many sizes so that you have a big opportunity to be the best dressed this Easter.

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buy Chicken Shaped Egg Basket

Chicken Shaped Egg Basket

If you have chicken that lay eggs or just chocolate eggs for Easter you need the perfect basket to collect them in and display them in and this chicken basket maybe just what you need.

This is a wire basket shaped like a chicken and you can see the eggs inside. And the egg basket has a foldable handle so that it’s perfect for collecting eggs and great with the handles down for having eggs out on the table or kitchen counter.

A wire basket like this is just great fun for Easter or if you have your own chicken for everyday use because you know that fresh eggs from the hen do not need to go in the fridge.

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buy Giant Easter Bunny Plush

Giant Easter Bunny Plush

If you would like to see the Easter Bunny every day of the year then this is the plush to get yourself.

This giant bunny is white with a pink nose and has a purple ribbon around it’s neck.

As you can see on the photo this plush rabbit is huge, it’s almost 5 feet wide and that makes it a great Easter decoration piece to for at home or for maybe even a window display for a store.

If you are into plush animals and Easter then this bunny is something you can’t live without.

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buy Plush Burrow Bunny

Plush Burrow Bunny

Is this a plush version of the Easter bunny and if so did it bring candy?

I don’t know the answer to that question but what I do know is that this is a plush fluffy rabbit that loves to cuddle.

This 14″ plush is made by Melissa & Doug and looks adorable, if you would see one in real life you just want to cuddle it and it does not matter if you are a kid or adult it just wants to cuddle.

This super soft plush bunny is a great animal to have as it just like to hang out with you all day long even when you are a sleep.

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buy Purple Bunny Wrapping Paper

Purple Bunny Wrapping Paper

Purple Bunny Rabbit Wrapping Paper

When presents need to be wrapped you want the perfect wrapping paper.

And now there is this purple gift wrap that looks like it’s glittery and has pictures of black rabbits on it.

You can use this wrapping paper for any present but it does make the perfect wrap for Easter gifts as well as it does have bunnies on it.

You can get this bunny wrapping paper in all kind of lengths but all are 30 inch wide. So just select how much you need and that is what you will get, no big rolls that you never use.

Come take a closer look at this Purple Bunny Wrapping Paper.

buy First Easter Bunny Baby Bib

First Easter Bunny Baby Bib

Personalized First Easter Bunny Baby Bib

Will this be your babies first Easter?

I think that is a good reason to take a closer look at this bib.

On this bib you can see your babies name as part of the design with below it a bunny smelling a flower and next to it the text “1st Easter”.

A personalized bib like this makes a fun Easter present to the newborn baby to and is just so cute.

Made from fleece this Easter bib is super soft and it’s purple to get some color in your babies outfit while she eats her first Easter breakfast.

Come take a closer look at this Personalized First Easter Bunny Baby Bib.

buy Easter Bunny Necktie

Easter Bunny Necktie

Ping Easter bunny necktie

Looking for the perfect necktie for Easter?

This pink necktie can be the one you have been looking for.

Besides being pink the tie has fun stripes and colorful dots and on the end there you find the Easter bunny ready to help you find those hidden eggs.

This Easter necktie is 55″ long and at it’s widest point the tie is 4 inch making it the perfect size for your Easter outfit.

With Easter being so colorful with those painted eggs you better wear a tie like this that brings some fun color to your outfit.

Come and have a closer and better look at this Pink Easter Bunny Necktie.

buy Easter Bunny Shower Curtain

Easter Bunny Shower Curtain

Easter Bunny Rabbit Shower Curtain

Do you like to decorate you home for Easter?

If so did you ever though of a special shower curtain for Easter to make the bathroom ready for Easter to?

There is this fun looking shower curtain that shows a photo of a bunny rabbit and next to it some nicely colored Easter Eggs. And the edges of the shower curtain even have a fun colored border to make it even more Easter like.

This Easter shower curtain is 69 x 70 inch and would be there prefect shower curtain for your bathroom. And after Easter just store it for next year so that you are always prepared to decorate that shower.

Don’t wait just come get your Easter Bunny Shower Curtain.

buy Easter Bunny And Carrot Salt And Pepper Shaker

Easter Bunny And Carrot Salt And Pepper Shaker

Easter Bunny And Carrot Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

What do rabbit like? Carrots of course and now you can have this cute salt and pepper shaker set on your Easter breakfast table.

The set includes a cute bunny that wears a green bow tie and and the top of a carrot and together they are a salt and pepper shaker set.

And yes of course you can use this salt and pepper shaker after Easter. Everyday you use salt and pepper you can get it from the rabbit and the carrot that are happy to supply you with all the spices you need.

The Easter bunny salt and pepper shaker set is made from hand painted ceramic that can be part of you family for many generations to come.

Get ready to spice up the food with this Bunny And Carrot Salt And Pepper Shaker.

buy LEGO Easter Bunny

LEGO Easter Bunny

Lego 40086 Easter Bunny

With Easter the Easter bunny brings a lot of chocolate but if you don’t like you kids to have so much candy then maybe you can ask the bunny to bring this LEGO set instead.

This LEGO set is a bunny with it’s carrot and that is perfect for Easter or any other time of the year.

Now there is a rabbit that you have to build yourself and that is a great way to build and explore and the rabbit has a carrot so maybe it even teaches us about eating healthy to.

Kids and adults love LEGO so why not get this them LEGO Rabbit Set.