3 Cats Rhinestone Key Chain

3 cats keychain with rhinestone details

A lot of people that like cats like to have things with cats on them.

That is why this 3 cat key chain is so cute.

The key chain has 3 different colored cats on it and all of them have some rhinestone details.

Not only is this the perfect key chain for your keys but you can also use this cat key chain to accent things like a bag or jacket.

Come check out this 3 Cat Key Chain.

Cow Key Chain With Light

Cow Key Chain with light

This key chain is shaped like a cute cow.

And this cow is made from silicone and can be squeezed and will normally get back it’s original shape.
This cow has also LED lights build in so when you touch the bottom the cow will light up in a fresh color.

And the cow is a key chain that would love to live with you keys or hang on your backpack.

If you like cows then you should check out this Cow Key Chain. 

Turtle Key Chain

Turtle chrome key chain

Look at this little animal.

It is a turtle that is also a key chain.

The turtle looks a bit stunned at what he sees but he like to explore the world as your key chain.

Besides using it to hang with your keys you could also use it as a zipper pull or to decorate things like a backpack.

If you like or know someone who like turtles then come and check out this Turtle Key Chain.

Mini Pig Piggy LED Flashlight

Mini Pig Piggy LED Flashlight

Need a very portable handy LED flashlight?

Check out this great little flashlight, with two LED bulbs it is very high quality with the light being very visable from long range. You will also find it very convenient with a key chain attached so it can be fastened to almost anything.

Shaped like a pig, or beacause it is so tiny and cute lets call it shaped like a piggy.

Get your Mini Pig Piggy LED Flashlight Key Chain.

Doghouse With Eyes ID Tag

doghouse with dog eyes id tag key chain

You don’t want to loose your dog but does your dog have an ID ¬†Tag?

If not then maybe you should look in to one.

How about one like this a nice metal tag with a colorfull picture of a doghouse and some dog eyes staring at you and then a BIG bone with on that the dog’s name and phone number.

Of course this ID tag will survive water and UV light so it will stay like new for years to come.

Don’t let your dog get lost give it this Doghouse With Dog Eyes ID Tag.

Baby Bunny Keychain

baby rabbit keychain

This super cute bunny baby want to live with you.

And it is a keychain so if you like a baby rabbit to be part of your life then use it to hang you keys on or maybe just to decorate a bag or to use as a zipper pull.

This is a rubber keychain so it will keep nice for a long while wihout having to worry about getting the paint of.

You just have to see the cute Baby Rabbit Keychain.

Hippopotamus Key Chain

Hippopotamus Key Chain

A hippopotamus key chain that is much more fun then a boring key chain.

And this key chain of course has your favorite animal the hippo.

This hippopotamus is made of stone resin and hand finished and that of course stands for a special product that not everyone owns.

Stop using boring key chains start with a new one like this Hippopotamus Key Chain.