buy Mr. Koala Throw Pillow

Mr. Koala Throw Pillow

Mr. Koala Throw Pillow

Koala’s may not be bears but they are still really cute and look really cuddly just like bears.

And now there is this throw pillow that has a picture of a koala on it and he is wearing some glasses making it look even smarter then it already is.

This pillow comes in 3 different sizes so that you can get the pillow you want.

And if you just want a pillow case then you are in luck to because you can get this koala also as pillow case.

By getting this pillow you don’t just get one koala you will get two as the image can be found on both sides of the pillow.

Come and add a koala to your collection with this Mr. Koala Throw Pillow.

buy Koala Throw Pillow

Koala Throw Pillow

Koala Bear Throw Pillow

Looking for a fun reminder of Australia that can make your home look more fun?

How about this Pillow that shows a nice picture of a koala sitting on some leaves holding a red mug that says “I Love Australia” on it.

This koala throw pillow is available in 3 sizes and comes as just the pillow case or as a complete pillow.

Having a koala bear in your home will make everything look better so why not get yourself a pillow for you couch, chair or maybe the bed that has this cute animal picture on it.

So if you want a new pillow then come see this Koala Bear Throw Pillow.

buy Koala Bear And Baby Shower Curtain

Koala Bear And Baby Shower Curtain

Koala Mom And Baby Shower Curtain

A koala bear may not be a bear but still they look so cute that you want to cuddle with them just like your teddy bear.

This time we can transform you bathroom by adding some koala touch. A shower curtain with koala’s on it is a great way to make you bathroom feel warm and cosy.

This shower curtain shows lots of leaves and in the middle a big picture of mother koala and her kid. It’s just to see the animals just hanging there while you take a shower.

And the koala shower curtain is 69 x 70 inch and is just perfect to make your bathroom look fun again.

So don’t wait any longer, just get your own Koala Mom And Baby Shower Curtain.

buy Koala Bear T-Shirt

Koala Bear T-Shirt

Koala bear t-shirt

Did you know that a koala bear is actually not a bear they are known as a marsupial or a pouched mammal.

The koala bear is called a bear because they look like a cute and cuddle teddy bear and are known to live in eastern Australia.

This cute koala t-shirt features the cutest picture of a koala with its hands up in the air and the quote ” OVER KOALA- FIED ” written below him.

You can get this koala t-shirt is available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles .

If you love the Koala bear you will need to get this cute Over Koala-Fied T-Shirt.

buy Sleeping Koala Bear Canvas Print

Sleeping Koala Bear Canvas Print

Sleeping Koala Bear Canvas Print

The lazy, sleepy days of a koala bear, looking so comfy, so snuggly and of course really cute.

This is a very cool picture printed on a canvas of a koala bear who is high up on a tree branch with arms and legs wrapped around the tree branch, and yes the koala is fast asleep.

Each print uses high quality inks and sturdy frames giving your canvas artwork a long lasting life span, also the stretched canvas is finished with a clear lacquer that is UV resistant.

The sleeping koala print can also be found in different sizes of canvas and check out the other types like matted finish, posters and framed all in a variety of sizes to choose from.

Add some cute art to any room with the Sleeping Koala Bear Canvas Print.

buy Koala Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Koala Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Koala bear mother and baby salt and pepper shaker set

You do not have to be from ‘down under’ to think this koala salt and pepper shaker set is adorable.

Made of quality ceramic material this high gloss grey salt and pepper set is held together and taken apart for use by a magnet.

The Koala salt and pepper shaker set is 6.2 x 3.5 x 5 inches tall.

Koala salt and pepper holders with their cute expression will keep you reaching for this delightful pair many times thru the day, don’t forget those folks on your gift list!

Spice up your life with this Koala Bear Salt And Pepper Shaker.

buy Koala Golf Club Head Cover

Koala Golf Club Head Cover

Koala Gold club head cover

The sun, the rain, the beatings can all be problematic for golf club heads.

This cute koala golf club head cover is able to protect your clubs, help identify them and add a bit of fun to the game.

The size of the cover is 12″ x 6″ x 6 inches and fits most drivers being used on golf courses.

So if you like koala bears, be the first of your friends to get this  koala golf club head covers for your clubs and for some smiles.

Come have a closer look at this Koala Golf Club Head Cover.

Koala Bear And Baby Journal

Koala journal with mother and child koala on the front

We try to get paperless but there is not way we would let a nice journal like this koala one slip.

This Wire-O bound journal shows on the front cover a mother koala with their baby koala on her back.

On the inside of this journal you find 160 pages of lined paper that give your plenty of room to write your stories, addresses, secrets, homework and more. The koals journal is 5″ x 8 ” making it the perfect travel companion.

If writing is your thing then come see this Koala Mother And Child Journal.

Koala Magnet

Koala photo magnet

Magnets are fun because they can be used on so many places and they make it feel so much fun.

This magnet has a picture of a Koala in a tree on it.
The Koala seems to be completly focues on you.

And this photo magnet comes in different styles. You can get in square just like on the picture or in a round version with the same koala on it.

Bring you fridge to life with this Koala Photo Magnet.

buy Ty Classic Outback Koala Plush

Ty Classic Outback Koala Plush

Ty Classic 12" Outback Koala Plush

The cute and cuddly Koala will be an instant friend, as soon as you see and touch this Koala’s fuzzy ears and fur you will have a new best friend.

This Koala is made by Ty, a brand name and trusted name aswell. This is not your every day Ty plush this is a Ty classic, a 12 inch plush with a special title “Outback Koala”.

It is hard not to look a this super cute Koala and not fall in love, give it as much hugs and snuggles as you can beacause this Outback Koala is very durable.

Find your Ty Classic 12″ Outback Koala Plush.