buy Giraffe Lunch Box

Giraffe Lunch Box

Giraffe Lunch Box

If you are looking for a great fun looking lunch box that is also easy on the parents then check out this giraffe lunch box.

The lunch box is not just any plain old lunch box. The giraffe lunch box comes completely apart and is dishwasher safe (not the giraffe picture).

And this lunch box comes with an ice pack, sandwich container and two smaller containers that all fit neatly in the lunch box. And there are extra’s available to. You can for instance get a bottle holder that fit snug on the outside of this lunch box.

And don’t like the blue of this giraffe lunch box? No worries it comes in pink, grey, purple, green and orange to.

Bringing lunch to school or work became fun again with this specialĀ Giraffe Lunch Box.

buy Trendy Kitten Lunch Box

Trendy Kitten Lunch Box

Trendy Kitten Lunch Box

Bringing lunch to school or work is not much fun and most times it’s because of the brown paper bag or the ugly or hard to use lunch box.

Just forget about those problems because this trendy kitten lunch box is gone change that experience.

This lunch box is made from BPA plastic that is dishwasher safe (excluding the faceplates) and comes with an icepack, sandwich box and two small containers that all neatly fit in this cute kitten lunch box.

And if blue is not your color then no worries either as the box comes in many cool colors and there are even accessories if you want like extra boxes or an drink holder that connects to the outside.

Kittens are cute and this lunch box will make school and work lunch fun again and maybe it’s just because of thisĀ Trendy Kitten Lunch Box.