buy 21 Inch Tall Boston Terrier Plush Animal

21 Inch Tall Boston Terrier Plush Animal

If you would like a giant plush dog then you need to check out this Boston Terrier plush.

The plush animal is made by Melissa & Dog and looks just like a normal Boston Terrier only maybe bigger.

If you want to cuddle a plush dog then this 21 inches tall Boston Terrier is ready for you and sure he maybe a little bit big but he looks so cute that you would almost trade in your real dog for something so amazing as this plush animal.

The plush dog is rated ages 36 months and up so kids that want a dog or adults that want a cute plush are all in luck.

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buy Plush Burrow Bunny

Plush Burrow Bunny

Is this a plush version of the Easter bunny and if so did it bring candy?

I don’t know the answer to that question but what I do know is that this is a plush fluffy rabbit that loves to cuddle.

This 14″ plush is made by Melissa & Doug and looks adorable, if you would see one in real life you just want to cuddle it and it does not matter if you are a kid or adult it just wants to cuddle.

This super soft plush bunny is a great animal to have as it just like to hang out with you all day long even when you are a sleep.

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buy Show Horses And Stable Play Set

Show Horses And Stable Play Set

Show Horses And Stable Play Set

If you love horses and want a great play set that features a stable this is the perfect toy for you.

Find a wooden stable painted with red stripes on white with eight seperate stalls and eight horses from white, grey and brown colors all detailed and looking ready for show.

The Melissa and Doug Show-Horse Stable is a trusted name giving you a high quality product, included in this play set is 8 different horses with a carry take along stable that all the horses fit in. Also the stable doors swing open and latch closed with other fun accessories like make your own name tags and facts about horse breeds.

Get the Melissa And Doug Show Horses And Stable Play Set.

buy Melissa And Doug White Tiger Plush

Melissa And Doug White Tiger Plush

Melissa & Doug White Tiger Plush

If you are going to get a stuffed animal, and if it happens to be a white tiger then you have found it right here.

This is a giant white tiger plush made by the awesome, trusted and always great quality company Melissa and Doug.

With fine details like the unique black stripes and a face with so much attention to detail giving this white tiger a life like look.

Measures 20 inches tall and approximately 22 inches long, weighing in at 8.8 pounds this is one white tiger that will be able to snuggle and protect you all night long.

Have a closer look at this Melissa & Doug White Tiger Plush.

buy Skimmer Dolphin Plush

Skimmer Dolphin Plush

Melissa and Doug dolphin plush


This plush is soft and cuddly and looks just like a real dolphin.

Of course Skimmer is not a real dolphin but he is a super soft and super cute plush made by the caring company Melissa and Doug.

This dolphin plush is 9″ tall and made from a suede like fabric that is soft and looks great.

Kids will love this plush so come and check out this Plush Dolphin.

buy Melissa and Doug Zebra Plush

Melissa and Doug Zebra Plush

Melissa & Doug Zebra Plush

The zebra has a magestic look like no other animal, almost like they have been hand painted, and maybe we can’t all take a zebra home why not take a giant plush zebra home.

This plush zebra has features that include brilliant stripe markings of a zebra, a very cute and friendly facial expression, a fuzzy mane and black hooves.

With excellent quality construction and attention to detail which is exactly what we have come to expect from a Melissa and Doug product, the Dimensions are: 36.5 inches high x 28.7 inches wide x 10.5 inches deep

Go and see more about this Melissa & Doug Zebra Plush.

buy Melissa And Doug Pug Plush

Melissa And Doug Pug Plush

Melissa And Doug Pug Plush

If you love your pug, or pugs in general check out this.

This is a giant plush pug that is made by Melissa and Doug, that means it is a name we all have come to trust and the attention to detail is magnifacent.

From the adorable scrunched face to detailed ears and paws this pugs  approximate dimensions are (W x H x D): 18 x 12 x 9.5 inches, super soft and cuddly perfect to become your best companion.

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Penguin Plush

Melissa & Doug Penguin - Plush.

The cute and friendly penguin, such a loveable bird.

This is a plush penguin that is super soft and cuddly, made by Melissa & Doug a very popular brand and very durable with lots of high quality details.

Measuring 17 inches tall with the trademark white and black colors and little yellow/golden markings, get a few of them and start your penguin huddle.

Get your Melissa & Doug Penguin – Plush.

Siberian Tiger Jumbo Plush

Tiger Jumbo Plush

Do you need a stuffy that will stand out?

This is a jumbo plush stuffed animal of a Siberian tiger, very cool. It measures 31.8 x 19 x 10.5 inches and is full of endless detail….and endless hugable love. Made by the trustworthy name Melissa and Doug so you can expect the attention to detail and a very great quality product.

This Melissa and Doug Siberian Tiger has also been made to look realistic with it’s black stripes, facial features and lifelike looking pads on the bottom of it’s paws.

Find your Siberian Tiger Jumbo Plush.

buy Melissa & Doug Plush Elephant

Melissa & Doug Plush Elephant

Melissa & Doug Plush Elephant

Everybody loves Elephants, how could you not with big floppy ears, friendly faces and an extra arm…called a trunk.

This is another great product from the amazing company Melissa and Doug, a plush Elephant that measures 28.5″L x 20″W x 11.5″H. Made with the finest of details like the tusks, wrinkles and toenails, this plush Elephant is very durable and extremely huggable. Make this Elephant your new bedtime friend or traveling buddy, .

Find your Melissa & Doug Plush Elephant.