buy Hedgehog Pencil Holder

Hedgehog Pencil Holder

If you have a lot of pencils lying around and you like hedgehogs then you just need this ceramic hedgehog pencil holder.

The pencil holder is hand made in the USA and looks like an adorable creature and when you put your pens and pencil in it then it really looks like an amazing office animal.

This pencil holder is perfect for on your desk at home or at the office as it besides of being cute it also is great at organizing your pencils.

And besides being great for yourself this also makes for a nice present.

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buy Pencil Case With Horses

Pencil Case With Horses

Now there is a pencil case for people that like horses.

Young or old will love having this nice looking pencil case that has a light background with on it all kind of horses that are just playing around.

A pencil case like this is perfect for school, work, and for at home. Just store you pens, pencils, erasers and more inside the fun pencil case so that you never have to search for them again.

Surprise you child or a friend with this pencil case as it would be a great gift for anyone that likes horses or just animals.

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buy Frog Pencil Case

Frog Pencil Case

Frog Pencil Case

Sure pens and pencils can spread out all over the place but it’s easier to find them if they live in one place.

And now all these pens and pencils can live in this front pencil case that is just super cute and soft and has plenty of room for all those small things you need at school, work or at home.

This furry frog friend can be with you where ever you go, just put your pens and stuff in it and then put it into you favorite backpack so that it’s always there when writing has to be done.

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