Penguin Address Labels

Penguin Address labels

If you are looking for some new address labels then maybe these once would be perfect for you.

These labels have some penguins on the left side and room for you address info on the right.

Now you can send out mail or mark you books or other belonings with penguin labels.

So if you want some come check out these Penguin Address Labels.

Penguin Plush

Melissa & Doug Penguin - Plush.

The cute and friendly penguin, such a loveable bird.

This is a plush penguin that is super soft and cuddly, made by Melissa & Doug a very popular brand and very durable with lots of high quality details.

Measuring 17 inches tall with the trademark white and black colors and little yellow/golden markings, get a few of them and start your penguin huddle.

Get your Melissa & Doug Penguin – Plush.

Penguin iPhone 4/4S Case

Penguin iPhone 4/4S Case

Protect your precious iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with a cute penguin face.

This iPhone 4/4S case features a cute little penguin face on the back with a silver background, the background is also available in white and pink.

The penguin slider case is not just good looking it is also very practical, it will prevent from scratches and leaves controls open for access. The bottom has a nice¬†soft grip so you doesn’t slip out of your hands and to make it easily slide off for docking, the inside is lined with felt to protect your iPhone with a nice soft and smooth surface.

Find your Penguin iPhone 4/4S Case.

Penguin Tote Bag

Penguin Tote Bag

Spend some more quality time with a penguin.

This is a great penguin tote bag that is not just cute, it will also help save the planet. A reusable tote bag you can use for almost anything, and definetly for your groceries.

The penguin tote bag features the cute face of a penguin and is made from 10 oz heavyweight natural canvas fabric with reinforced steel fabric handles. It measures 15″ x 18″ x 6″ and is machine washable.

Get your Penguin Tote Bag.

Penguin Footed Pajamas

Penguin Footed Pajamas

Penguins have never been so soft, cuddly, and warm. This is some cool looking penguin pajamas featuring a whole bunch of fun penguins and snowflakes printed all over them. The greatest feaure is the feet, you will definetly stay snug and warm with these penguin footed pajamas. Also a front hand pouch and a full zipper makes the penguin pajamas a favorite in your closet, fits men and women.

Get into your Penguin Footed Pajamas.