buy Cartoon Style Giraffe Pillow

Cartoon Style Giraffe Pillow

Are you looking for the perfect pillow for a kids room?

How about a pillow with a giraffe on it. Of course we could have shown you one with a photo of a giraffe on it but we thought a cartoon style giraffe would be more fun for a kids room.

This pillow is available as a complete pillow or just as a pillow case and it comes in many sizes so that you can get the size that fits the best with your needs.

On this white pillow you can see the long neck of the giraffe and his head and ears all in fun colors and there is not just one giraffe. There is two because both sides of the pillow have the same image.

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buy Shark Throw Pillow

Shark Throw Pillow

Sharks are fierce competitive creatures that  scare so many of us but are so cool and interesting at the same time.

This is a throw pillow for the shark lover, the throw pillow features a great white shark pointing straight at you ready to attack and the rest of the pillow is a beautiful ocean blue.

Looking realistic with a high quality print this shark throw pillow is available in 3 different sizes: small 16″ x 16″, medium 18″ x 18″, large 20″ x 20″. It can be purchased as just the pillow case or pillow case with insert.

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buy Hedgehog Throw Pillow

Hedgehog Throw Pillow

If you are looking for a fun pillow with a hedgehog on it that is not prickly like this cute animal then you are in luck.

This throw pillow shows a super cute picture of a hedgehog and not on one but on both sides.

Now you can enjoy this cute animal on your couch, bed or a chair.

And this pillow is available in two sizes 16 x 16 or 18 x 18 inch. And if you are not looking for a pillow but just want a pillow case then that is no problem to as this hedgehog is also available as pillow case.

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