buy Fading Rabbit Pillow

Fading Rabbit Pillow

This fading rabbit pillow is just a nice decorative pillow for in your home or garden.

You can get this bunny pillow in many different sizes and for indoor or outdoor use and you can choose to get it as a pillow or just a pillow case.

On the pillow, you can see a rabbit against a light yellow background and the rabbit is cleaning its fur. The rabbit also seems to fade as the edge on one side already seems to have disappeared. The whole design of this rabbit pillow is just neat and that makes adding this pillow to a chair, couch, or the bed a good idea.

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buy Toy Monkey Pillow

Toy Monkey Pillow

If you like monkeys and need a pillow then you should check out this fun toy monkey throw pillow.

The pillow is mustard like yellow with on it ad brown toy monkey that to me feel like it is made from wood.

The monkey pillow is available in different sizes and even just as a pillow case and that make it perfect for you to get the perfect pillow in size and feel.

An adorable monkey like this fits on a couch, chair, and even the bed.

A monkey pillow like this will never get old as it is just too perfect for that.

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buy Bear Full Body Pillow

Bear Full Body Pillow

It is time to get a really cool sleeping companion, well do not just get a boring plain pillow when this is an option.

This full body pillow features the cute design of a baby bear cub, black soft fur with all the details of a bear from a large head, paws, and belly. It is a giant pillow by using the soft plush head or paws this bear cub is great for anyone.

All four of the paws and belly are filled with bean sacks to give the paws and stomach weight and character. It measures 48 inches long and loves to cuddle.

You simply cuddle up to the bear and become one and then it is hibernation time.

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buy Red Panda Throw Pillow

Red Panda Throw Pillow

Now there is a red panda pillow that would be perfect for in your home.

This throw pillow shows a cute happy panda on the front and back and this red panda is looking straight at you while walking around in a field.

You can get this red panda pillow in sizes 16 x 16 or 20 x 20 inch and even a lumbar pillow is available.

Just imagine having this cute animal on your couch, bed, chair or maybe even on the backseat of you car.

Why have a boring pillow when you can have one that has a super adorable panda on it?

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buy Raspberry Eating Rat Pillow

Raspberry Eating Rat Pillow

What do you get someone who has everything?

Wait a moment.. they don’t have a throw pillow that has an adorable bright picture of a rat eating raspberries out of a transparent container do they!?

I knew it! Get them (or yourself for that matter) one of those! You know you can’t live without one! How many times have you felt the joy of “smelling the roses” or sneaking the berries, like this mischievous critter is demonstrating so beautifully?

The hilarious graphic is printed on both sides of the cover, and the zipper is hidden, unseeable unless you go searching for it. This item is made from 100% spun polyester poplin fabric and will look fresh and stylish on your chairs or sofa for many years!

You would never have guessed how much you “need” such an item, but it just goes to show.. you never can tell what the day will bring!

Pick up a couple and accessorize your home with some whimsical fuzzy mammal humour! Great for animal lovers of all kinds!

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buy Yellow Elephant Throw Pillow

Yellow Elephant Throw Pillow

If you are looking for a super cute pillow with an elephant on it then you can stop looking as this is just what you need.

This throw pillow is yellow with white polka dots and on that yellow fabric you can see the head of a young elephant and this cute elephant is even having a flower on it’s head to be extra cute.

This elephant pillow comes in many sizes and that is perfect for you so that you can get the pillow you want.

A cute pillow like this is great for a child’s room or just for decorating the living room.

And of course the elephant can be found on both sides of this amazing looking pillow.

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buy Two Ladybugs On A Pillow

Two Ladybugs On A Pillow

Now you can have a throw pillow with your favorite insects on them. This lady bug pillow shows two great looking ladybugs and they are not copies of each other as one seems to be opening it’s wings and the spot count is definitely different.

You can get this ladybug pillow in different sizes so that it fits your needs and if you don’t want a whole pillow then you have the option to just get a pillow case with the same design.

Just imagine having these cute ladybugs on a pillow that lives on your couch or bed it will just bring a bit of color to a plain design.

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buy Grumpy Owl Throw Pillow

Grumpy Owl Throw Pillow

We all heard of Grumpy Cat but did you know about his friend Grumpy Owl?

Of course you didn’t but don’t worry this pillow will let this cute grumpy looking animal in your life.

This throw pillow shows a white owl with huge eyes and the bird really looks grumpy or just plain mad.

You can get this owl pillow in many sizes and if you don’t want a pillow then no worries as you can also just buy the pillow case to fit on your own pillow.

The pillow has a concealed zipper so that it ‘s easy to change if needed.

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buy Mummy Cat Halloween Throw Pillow

Mummy Cat Halloween Throw Pillow

Mummy Cat Halloween Reversible Throw Pillow

If you like to decorate your home for Halloween then maybe some fun throw pillow would be nice.

And we found you this fun pillow that is orange on the front and green on the back and both sides show a picture of a black cat with white paws dressed up as a mummy.

A pillow like this can be part of you yearly Halloween decorations as it just is fun and themed perfectly for the scariest day of the year.

The pillow is 16 x 16 inch and the removable covers is machine washable witch is great if someone would spill something at your Halloween party.

Come have a closer look at this fun Mummy Cat Halloween Throw Pillow.

buy Rhino Van Pillow

Rhino Van Pillow

Rhino’s make the ultimate Vans! And Rhino-Vans make excellent throw pillows! Because – awesome!

What do you get when a Rhinoceros mates with an airstream trailer? Well, hybrid vigor meets utility with the very rare Rhino-Van, depicted here on both sides of these lovely throw pillows. Detailed and surreal.

Keep your creative channels open with these wild throw pillows providing inspiration. When people drive around in Rhinos, you know anything is possible. It makes Totoro’s Catbus pale in comparison – shiza, it’s an extant odd toed, fully customized ungulate for Cripes sakes!

Cover made with soft yet sturdy 100% polyester poplin fabric. Concealed zipper maintains the seamless appearance. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

In the words of the immortal Pete Townsend, “I don’t want to cause no fuss, but can I buy your Magic Bus?”

You want it?

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