buy Red Eyed Rabbit Skateboard

Red Eyed Rabbit Skateboard

If you want a unique skateboard then you have to look at this red-eyed rabbit skateboard as it just is something you won’t see often.

The skateboard deck is available in many styles so that you can choose the board you like and it is available just as a skate deck or with wheels and Trucks.

The skateboard design is white and shows the face of a rabbit complete with one ear and two red eyes which makes it a bit freaky in a cool way. I guess it is an albino rabbit on the board and that makes it extra cool when you take your new board to the skatepark.

Get your Red Eyed Rabbit Skateboard

Zebra Print Skateboard

Skateboard with Zebra print

Admit it you always want a special skateboard that is made for you.

This board comes in all kind of different decks sizes and shapes and if needed it comes with all the wheels and hardware.

But more importantly this skateboard looks amazing.

The skate deck has the print of a Zebra with big parts of white and black stripes.

Nobody will have an amzing skateboard like this.

Don’t hesitate just order you Zebra Skateboard.

Frog Hop Hop Skateboard

Frog skateboards with tons of green hop hop frogs

A skateboard with frogs that is fun to own.

As you can see on the picture there are 4 frogs and 3 times the word hop and yes those frogs hop a lot if you let them.

If you don’t like this style of board then don’t worry there are a bunch of boards to choose from and you can even decide if you want wheels or not.

If you like frogs then stop quaking and go order you new Frog Skateboard.