buy Turtles Rock Ornament

Turtles Rock Ornament

Turtles Rock Ornament

Reptiles can be the cutest things out there and this ornament will prove that to you immediately. It is a little turtle that is full of smiles and will make you smile right along with him.

This is a circular ornament has a background of grey with a bunch of white hearts all over the place in different sizes. At the top of the ornament there is green writing saying “Turtles Rock!” in an arc pattern. There is then a cute little turtle who is rocking on his back. His shell is light green with brown spots. His legs, tail, neck and head is a bit darker green and his mouth is a light green like his shell. Aww, so cute.

The size of the ornament is approximately 2.9 inches and is made of white ceramic. It includes a gold ribbon to put through the hole to hang up on your tree or anywhere else you would like to. You decide.

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