Bumblebee Cookie Jar

Bumble Bee Cookie Jar

A Bumblebee has never been so cute, this Bumblebee is not going to make you honey but it will hold your favorite cookies.

With awsome attention to detail there is balck wire wings and antenna also it is hand painted with care and detail, black and yellow colors of a Bumblebee stripe this cookie jar.

Made from ceramic this is a durable high quality cookie jar and measures 9″W X 7 1/2″H with a 4″ opening.

Get your Bumblebee Cookie Jar.

Bee Mousepad

honey bee mousepad

A bee on top of the honeycomb depositing his honey and getting ready to get some more.

This mouspad shows the bee witch seems much bigger then in real life on top of a honey combe.

And because this mousepad is something you want to enjoy for a long long time they made this a quality products with a non slip back so that it stays in place nicely even if the bee would fly away.

Check out this Bee Mousepad.