Gorilla Portrait T-Shirt

Gorilla silverback t-shirt

Do your friends think that you are monkey?

If so show them what kind of monkey by wearing this t-shirt with a portrait of a silverback gorilla.

This t-shirt shows a beautiful full size gorilla’s face on a dark background.

And this t-shirt comes in kids and adult sizes and is tagless, preshrunk and 100% cotton.

Get your monkey ready by wearing this Gorilla Silverback Portrait T-Shirt.

Monkey Keycaps

Monkey keycaps

Do you like me have problems finding the right door key?

All these keys look the same and that makes it difficult to find the right one.

But with these monkey keycaps that will be a thing of the past.

Just slide a keycap over one of your keys and now you know the purple monkey is my front door and the pink monkey the back door.
All the problems are solved with the help of a couple of cute monkey faces.

These keycaps come in a set of 6 different once and of course they are all monkeys.

Make you life a lot easier with these Monkey Keycaps.

Monkey 16GB Flash Drive

monkey 16gb flash drive

There is our little monkey friend all looking nice with his green sweater.

But this is not just a fun looking monkey no this is a USB storage device.

This flash drive in the shape of a monkey can store up to 16Gb of data.

So where is the USB connector you wonder. Simple just pull the head of the monkey and there is the USB connector.

Go get ride of your boring flash drive and replace it with a Monkey Flash Drive.

buy Cheeky Monkey Bodysuit

Cheeky Monkey Bodysuit

Baby Bodysuit with a cute monkey printed on it

This bodysuit for babies is fun and made out of 100% organic cotton.

And it as a cute monkey playing with banana’s on it. And below the picture it says Cheeky Monkey.

If you little one needs some fun new clothes then you should give this bodysuit a go. It’s sized from 6 to 24 months so plenty of time to get your baby it’s first clothes with a cute monkey on it.

So wait no longer and go get your Baby Cheeky Monkey Bodysuit.