buy Polar Bear I Don’t Do Mornings Mug

Polar Bear I Don’t Do Mornings Mug

Take a real good look at this Polar bear, does it remind you of somebody?

For me, it reminds me of how I am in the morning.

This is a great mug for the not so morning person to put their favorite hot pick me up beverage in, features a cute Polar bear with his bum up in the air and head on the ground with the saying “I Don’t Do Mornings!” on the lower part of the mug.

Made from ceramic and holds a huge 15 oz, this durable mug is dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Get your Polar Bear I Don’t Do Mornings Mug

Polar Bear On Ice iPhone 4 / 4S Case

baby polar bear on ice iPhone 4S case

If you have an iPhone 4S or the original iPhone 4 then you want a nice case on it to protect this wonderfull phone.

And if you like polar bears then this case could be for you.

This iPhone case shows a little polar bear floating on a piece of ice in the water. It is so cute to see the little bear on the ice.

Speck makes this case and that means a quality product that will keep your iPhone 4S safe from harm.

You just have to have a closer look at this Polar Bear On Ice iPhone Case.

Polar Bear T-Shirt

Polar Bear t-shirt in the northern sky

What do polar bears do for fun you wonder?

They can enjoy the norhtern lights all the time. Not like us humans who need TV these bears just enjoy the nights sky.
As you can see on this t-shirt this polar bear is seeing another bear in the lights.

This t-shirt just looks amazing. I shows a polar bear floating around on a piece of ice with with big ice pieces floating behind him.

And with a t-shirt as amazing as this one you don’t really need any other good looking clothes because everybody will admire this polar bear t-shirt.

And of course this shirt comes in all the adult sizes and comes preshrunk.

Now is the time to add some polar bear to your waredrobe so go see this Polar Bear T-Shirt.