Howling Wolf Bronze Figurine

Bronge howling wolf figurine

This is a figurine of a howling wolf.

And it is 7.5 x 10.5 inch bronze and bronze plated.

A wolf like this should get a great place in your home. Or maybe as item on your desk.

The howling wolf has a lot of detail and all the features you expect from an animal like this.

If you like this figurine then you should see it up close, so come and see the Howling Wolf Bronze Figurine


Wolf Face T-Shirt

Wolf Face

This t-shirt features a large image of a wolf face on the front, it is so realistic you may be scared at first sight.

Go ahead and stare this is a unique type of t-shirt with 3D art depicting a wolf, a perfect shirt for any occasion. Made out of 100% heavyweight preshrunk cotton you can find your wolf face t-shirt in many different sizes.

Get your Wolf Face T-Shirt.

Breakthrough Wolf T-Shirt

Wof breaking out of this t-shirt

This is just the most amazing wolf t-shirt i have ever seen.

It looks like the wolf is breaking out of you body while you wear this t-shirt.

And you can get this t-shirt in kids and adult sizes so you can make some people really happy when you give it as a gift.

This 100% cotton t-shirt will make all those other wolf t-shirts look like boring.

Go have a better look at this Breakthrough Wolf T-Shirt.

Winter Wolf iPad Case

Wolf ipad case made by speck

Look at this wolf, isn’t it a awesome looking animal?

This wolf is printed on an iPad case and this case can protect your first generation iPad from harm.

Speck makes a quality case on witch this wolf will stand out.

And if you like you could even personalize this case. On the picture below the wolf you see the message we put to show you how it would look. But you don’t have to get a message but is a free option.

Get this wolf through the winter by getting him and this iPad case a warm home by ordering this Winter Wolf iPad Case.