Bald Eagle Wrist Watch

Seiko bald eagle watch

The head of a Bald Eagle is the first thing you notice on this striking American Expedtion Sportman’s watch.

The face of this watch has the date display window and clear, easy to read numbers. The rim of the Bal Eagle watch is titanium colored and nicely compliments the authentic black leather watch strap.

This time piece is genuine Seiko technology and is waterproof to 30 meters.

This American Expedion Watch has inspirational quote engraved on the back of the watch and comes complete with a distinguished presentation gift box.

If nice watches and Bald Eagles are your thing then check out this Bald Eagle Watch.

buy Bald Eagle T-Shirt

Bald Eagle T-Shirt

The mountain Bald Eagle t-shirt

This is one amazing bird, the Bald Eagle.

And now you can choose to have an Bald Eagle on a t-shirt that you can wear everyday.

This t-shirt offers amazing details and a great surrounding.

You can get this Bald Eagle t-shirt in kids and adult sizes to fit your need.

Now is the time to check out this amazing bird t-shirt. Come see this Bald Eagle T-Shirt.

Eagle Talon Black Onyx Pendant Necklace

Majestic Power Genuine Tiger's Eye And Black Onyx Eagle Talon Pendant Necklace

The American Bald Eagle is an inspiring work of art for many, such a magical looking bird.

This is a 20″ sterling silver-plated chain that features a pendant of an eagles talon. Made from a single piece of genuine tiger’s eye stone sculpted to form this amazing replica of an eagle┬átalon, the talon is also crowned by a black onyx stone which has a frame that is plated with 24K-gold. An eagle is set on both with awsome detail of the huge wing span and talons fiercely┬ásticking out.

A perfect way to show off your love for the majestic bald eagle.

Get your Bald Eagle Talon Black Onyx Pendant Necklace.