Hedgehogs 2015 Wall Calendar

Posted on October 23, 2014 by George buy Hedgehogs 2015 Wall Calendar

Hedgehogs 2015 Wall Calendar

This wall calendar for 2015 is just to cute to wait for. So buy yours today and start using it right now.

Why cute you wonder? Simple this is the 2015 hedgehogs wall calendar that brings you a new hedgehog every month of the year in all kind of fun situations. You may find a picture of a hedgehog in a cup or one with a bunch of leaves surrounding a hedgehog but one thing is sure each month will at least have one hedgehog in them.

This spunky animal may not be the perfect pet for most of us so a calendar makes us able to enjoy them without taking care of them.

Come check out this super cute Hedgehogs 2015 Wall Calendar.

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Border Collie Christmas Ornament

Posted on October 23, 2014 by George buy Border Collie Christmas Ornament

Border Collie Christmas Tree Ornament

This tree ornament looks just like a border collie and this dog loves presents to as it is holding a Christmas stocking in his mouth.

A tree ornament like this is just specially and nice specially if you love your border collies.

This handcrafted resin dog ornament comes in a special gift box to make it the perfect Christmas present and for easy storage after the holidays.

And this boxer collie is 1.5 x 3 x 3.25 inch in dimensions making it the perfect size for your Christmas tree.

Ornaments are special and if your tree holds memories that are dear to you then you Christmas will be even better.

Come take a closer look at this Border Collie Christmas Ornament.

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Cat Naps Wall Calendar 2015

Posted on October 22, 2014 by George buy Cat Naps Wall Calendar 2015

Cute Cat Naps calendar

If you have cats then you know that they love to sleep. Many cats can easily sleep 16 hours a day and that is why this wall calendar is showing how most cats spend their free time.

This is the 2015 Cat Naps calendar.

Each month you will find a new photo of kittens sleeping and below that an nice calendar grid that holds all the important holidays and has plenty of room for you to write those important dates on.

Now you wall can show cats all year longs and that will give 2015 the perfect start.

And besides having this calendar for yourself it also makes the perfect present for your crazy cat friend.

Come take a look at what to expect from this Cat Naps Wall Calendar 2015.

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Beagle Wool Christmas Ornament

Posted on October 22, 2014 by George buy Beagle Wool Christmas Ornament

Beagle Wool Christmas Ornament

This Christmas ornament is specially made for people that like dogs and maybe specially those who like beagles as this ornament looks like a beagle.

This tree ornament is made from recycled wool and is handmade and that all did not make it more expensive then a plastic ornament.

As you can see above the dog looks like a beagle with the right colors and the floppy ears.

If you have an ornament for your kids in the tree then why not one for the dog as he is part of the family to.

Get ready to decorate the tree and find a special spot for this Beagle Christmas Ornament.

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Children’s Grey Wolf Costume

Posted on October 21, 2014 by Margaret buy Children’s Grey Wolf Costume

Children’s Grey Wolf Costume

Are you still looking for the right Halloween costume for your little one?

This darling wolf costume will be sure to please you and your child.

This grey faux fur jumpsuit has a white belly and zipper up the front to make getting dressed easy. The wrists and ankles have elastic them keep them in place and the hood has a soft sculpted face and ears of a young wolf.

This cute wolf costume comes in infant sizes 6/12 and 18 months, toddler 2T, and child XS (4), S (5-6) and M (7-8).

When your little one goes out on Halloween to stalk for candy, why don’t you dress up as Little Red Riding Hood to complete the look?

You will howl with delight when you see this Children’s Grey Wolf Costume.

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Pug Cookie Jar

Posted on October 21, 2014 by George buy Pug Cookie Jar

Pug Cookie Jar

If pugs are the dog of choice then this jar is the way to go.

This amazing looking cookie jar shows the art work by Linda Picken that shows two pugs in a field but that is not the only pug you find on this cookie jar.

On the lid you find two sculptured dogs of witch one seem to have found the cookies.

This cookie jar is made from ceramic and will store all you cookies and keeping them fresh. The lid has a rubber seal to keep those cookies fresh as long as it takes and if you are baking then I guess that won’t be long before those cookies are gone.

Dog lovers come take a closer look at this Pug Cookie Jar.

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Outdoor Inflatable Spider

Posted on October 20, 2014 by George buy Outdoor Inflatable Spider

Outdoor Inflatable Spider

Spiders are not really that bad unless they become giants like this outdoor inflatable that is 4 feet wide.

This giant spider is a great piece for in the garden to scare away the poor kids that try to ring your doorbell for Halloween trick or treating.

This inflatable spider has a included pump and will blow itself put to the right size and at night this spider will glow to as lights are build into this giant Halloween monster.

Having this spider guard your home will help you save on candy and of course it just looks stunning in between the other Halloween decorations you put up.

Get ready for Halloween with this Outdoor Inflatable Spider.

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Frog Character Backpack

Posted on October 20, 2014 by George buy Frog Character Backpack

Frog Character Backpack

Frogs are cute but maybe many people don’t seem them that way.

And if you like frogs then why not get your own backpack pall that looks like a frog.

Kids will love this character backpack that looks like a big plush frog with room inside for the important stuff.

This 16 inch frog backpack is great for school, travel and play and it looks so cute with those big frog eyes staring at you (or the person behind you).

After seeing this backpack everyone will love frogs are they are cute and not scary at all.

Lets get ready for the next trip with this Frog Character Backpack.

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Black Cat Outdoor Inflatable

Posted on October 19, 2014 by George buy Black Cat Outdoor Inflatable

Black Cat Outdoor Inflatable

Black cats are all part of Halloween and now you can have your own giant cat that can sit in your front yard smiling at people with this big white teeth and beg green eyes.

This outdoor inflatable is 4 feet tall and comes with a air pump to get it all ready to scare and had LED lights build in so that even at night this black cat can show it’s tricks.

Halloween decorations start with the outside and this big black cat will be a great item to welcome your guests and it doesn’t matter if they come for a party of trick or treat this Halloween cat will be a success.

Get ready to make you yard look Halloween worthy with this Black Cat Outdoor Inflatable.

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Alligator Golf Club Head Cover

Posted on October 19, 2014 by George buy Alligator Golf Club Head Cover

Alligator Golf Club Head Cover

Your golf clubs are important and that is why they can use some protection.

And now you can protect your favorite club with this alligator golf club head cover.

This head cover is lined with synthetic sheep skin to keep that club in tip top shape. And this alligator golf club cover will fit up to a 4600cc driver.

And because protection is one this you of course want your golf club to look fun and besides that with the alligator protection on it you will be able to pick you favorite club so much quicker.

Get ready for a round all the way to hole 19 by using this Alligator Shaped Golf Club Head Cover.

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