buy Bee Golf Club Head Cover

Bee Golf Club Head Cover

Bee Golf Club Head Cover

If you are looking to knock some strokes off of your golf game it all starts with protecting your golfing tools, here is a great solution that is fun and productive.

This golf club head cover features a very cute looking bee that is yellow with black stripes, wings and a fun looking face with big blue eyes aswell as two antennas sticking up.

This bee golf club head cover fits fairway woods, irons, hybrids and putters, it is very useful in helping protect your clubs from hitting each other and damaging them and adds some fun to your bag.

Get this Cute Bee Golf Club Head Cover.

buy Seahorse Rhinestone Charm Necklace

Seahorse Rhinestone Charm Necklace

Seahorse Rhinestone Charm Necklace

There are pretty and elegant things both above and below the sea. One of which is this delicate rhinestone seahorse charm necklace. While there are no “precious gems or stones” on this beautiful piece, this silver tone jewelry is embellished with pink hued cubic zirconia rhinestones, and has dazzling brilliance.

Sparkle in the day or night when you put on this charming necklace. A thoughtful and fashionable gift to a loved one, or a wonderful present for yourself!

Comes with a delicate Brazilian silver snake chain, 1/32 inch in diameter with lobster clasp facilitates easily donning and taking off end of day.

It’s waiting for you! Come get your lovely Rhinestone Seahorse Charm Necklace.

buy Hedgehog Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Hedgehog Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Hedgehog Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

What could be cuter than a hedgehog? Why a pair of hedgehogs of course! This adorable salt and pepper set brings the magic and warmth of these cute (prickly – not cuddly) woodland creatures to your table. Mamma and Poppa hedgehog will serve lovingly as your trusted shakers.. which one is which you ask? Why the pepper shaker is the one with the fewer holes!

A beautiful couple of ceramic seasoning dispensers to add whimsy and charm to your dinner setting, and they make great conversation pieces! They have friendly faces with round black shiny eyes and noses, and chubby cheeks. Lovely textured detailing of their light brown back adds depth and character.

Each shaker is approximately 3″x1.75″x1.5″.

How can you possibly pass them (up)? Hand yourself the Hedgehog Salt and Pepper Shaker Set.

buy Moose Golf Club Head Cover

Moose Golf Club Head Cover

Moose Golf Club Head Cover

How do you protect your golf clubs from damage?

A head cover would be a perfect way to make sure you favorite club does not get dinged and damaged. And golf club head covers come in all kind of shapes and sizes and this one looks like a moose.

If the moose is one of your favorite animals then why not put one on your favorite golf club?

The moose golf club head cover will fit clubs up to a 460cc driver.

And besides protecting your clubs it also makes it easier to find the right one.

Get ready for tee time with this Moose Golf Club Head Cover.

buy Baby Jungle Animals Round Wall Clock

Baby Jungle Animals Round Wall Clock

Baby Jungle Animals Round Wall Clock

Are you looking for the finishing touches in your jungle themed room, well here are a bunch of baby animals that can help complete any room.

On this round wall clock you will find 5 cute baby jungle animals, a giraffe, elephant, lion, tiger and zebra each with vibrant colors and all hanging out on a patch of dirt with blades of grass surrounding them and large black numbers for the time.

This wall clock is available in 2 different round sizes and check out the square shaped one aswell, it is also customizable with photos, artwork and text.

Have a closer look at the Baby Jungle Animals Round Wall Clock.

buy Pug Life Hoodie

Pug Life Hoodie

Pug Life Hoodie

On the front of this hoodie you will find the head shot image of a cute but serious looking pug in black and grey shades along with the saying “Pug Life” written in fancy lettering.

You can get this pug life hoodie in a huge selection of sizes that range from Small to 3XL and choose from 3 different colors Sports Grey, White and Charcoal Grey.

Made to be durable and warm starting with a double lined hood and drawstring, large front pouch pocket and the cuff and waist trims are a 1 inch stretchy spandex to secure the warmth in.

Get a better look at the Pug Life Hoodie.

buy Cat On A Panda T-Shirt

Cat On A Panda T-Shirt

Cat On A Panda Bear T-Shirt

If panda’s and cats are your thing then why not wear a t-shirt that has both on it.

The t-shirt witch comes in a men and women’s cut is available in many colors and all show a picture of the head of a panda bear with cuddling on it a kitten.

It’s a strange pair but it makes for a cute t-shirt that would be perfect in your clothes collection.

And you can get this t-shirt in sizes Small – 6XL so that many of us can enjoy one.

Come take a closer look at this strangely funny Cat On A Panda Bear T-Shirt.

buy Shark Tank Top

Shark Tank Top

Women's shark tank top

Jaw dropping cool. Monster fun to wear! This photorealistic print of the great white shark demands attention on this comfy summer women’s shirt. Just when you thought it was safe to go to your bff’s backyard!

Bring the fun! Biteable, excitable, cue the sound of Jaws!

Those razor teeth! That deadly grin! Playfully set on a nautically blue and white striped tank top.

Made of a cotton, polyester blend, the fabric will provide stretch. And it’s  Machine washable. You can get this classic piece is in woman’s sizes Small – XL.

Jump in splash! Make waves and grab your killer Shark Tank Top.

buy Bee Pencil Skirt

Bee Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirt with bee design

“Be my honey bee?” What a gorgeous skirt with high definition bee graphics printed upon it, front to back. Great for spring and summer days and nights! Beautiful art work captivates the imagination and looks stunning!

Black, white and yellow colors of the bees matches easily with your existing wardrobe. It is made of 82% polyester and 18% elastane, and has a stretch waistband. Please cool wash only.

Be the queen of your world. This playful piece is available in woman’s sizes XXSMall – XXL.

This beautiful item is hard to say no to! Evocative of flowers, nectar, and sweet honey.

Take flight, get your killer Bee Skirt.

buy Avid Reader Cat Sweater

Avid Reader Cat Sweater

Women's Reading Cat Sweater

The heart wants what the heart wants – cats, books and simple, style and comfort! Curl up with your favourites in this “oh so soft”! heather grey sweatshirt.

Add a dash of personality to your wardrobe with this sharp looking, easy to care for, machine wash, friendly feline long sleeved top. Comfort added with loose fit through out bust and waist. And  the fabric provides stretch.

Available in ladies sizes XSmall – 2XL. And it is made from a Poly/cotton/rayon blend.

There’s love at first sight. With or without glasses this cat has class, and so will you when you slip into this fun design.

Adopt this friendly book loving kitty cat into your wardrobe; come get your Reading Cat Sweatshirt.