Bald Eagle Kids Costume

Posted on October 1, 2014 by Johnathan buy Bald Eagle Kids Costume

Bald Eagle Kids Costume

The beautiful bald eagle is one of the worlds most amazing birds, maybe you just love this bird the bald eagle or you have American pride and there is no better way to show this off than a fun costume.

This is a kids costume that has all the features of a bald eagle, foot covers that are yellow feet, dark brown ruffled shirt and pants made to look like feathers and a really nice headpiece that is white with eyes and a yellow beak.

The bald eagle costume is in kids sizes ranging from Small to Large and is the perfect costume fro halloween or any costume party.

Start soaring today with the Bald Eagle Kids Costume.

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Farm Yoga 2015 Wall Calendar

Posted on October 1, 2014 by Johnathan buy Farm Yoga 2015 Wall Calendar

Farm Yoga 2015 Wall Calendar

Yoga farm animals? Yes that is exactly what is needed on the farm, after a long day of work nothing is better than some wind down time doing yoga. I think these farm animals will agree.

This is a 2015 wall calendar that that features many animals from the farm doing different yoga poses, find a pig, cat, chicken, cow, dog, goat, llama, horse, sheep and rooster all taking a break from their farm duties and doing yoga.

Each picture is a high quality that uses vibrant colors and really looks amazing.

Spend the entire 2015 year on the farm with the Farm Yoga 2015 Wall Calendar.

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Dachshund Wrapping Paper

Posted on September 30, 2014 by George buy Dachshund Wrapping Paper

Dachshund Wrapping Paper

Now your presents can be wrapped in style with dog wrapping paper.

And this wrapping paper does not just show you any dog, it shows dachshunds one brown and one black that are printed over and over all over this gift wrap.

Just imagine having presents that are wrapped in this special paper, it will be such a shame to unwrap them.

And that is why you can also use this wrapping paper to wrap other things then presents. How about wrapping a book or use it do decorate your room.

This dog wrapping paper is fun and versatile so why not get a roll of Dachshund Wrapping Paper.

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Snowy Owl Poster

Posted on September 30, 2014 by Johnathan buy Snowy Owl Poster

Snowy Owl Poster

The snowy owl is a very majestic looking bird and just look at that face, how wise and amazing.

Featured on this poster is an amazing high quality picture of a snowy owl standing in snow, find every little detail on the owl from the beautiful facial features and the fur with brilliant markings and designs.

You can get this snowy owl poster in a huge variety of sizes aswell as different types of posters and prints like archival heavyweight paper with a matte finish, premium canvas with a gloss finish and more.

Add a custom frame too and decorate any room with the Snowy Owl Poster.

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Peacock Sticker

Posted on September 29, 2014 by George buy Peacock Sticker

Peacock Sticker

This round sticker shows a peacock at his best.

Showing of his colorful feathers that cover the complete background and then in front of course the beautiful blue color body of the bird.

Just imagine having some of these amazing sticker with this peacock on it. These stickers make great gifts for kids and are also great for arts and crafts or just some decorating.

The peacock sticker comes in two sizes 1 1/2 inch and 3 inch and they are both amazing looking so just select the size that fits your needs.

The sticker is easy to peel and scratch resistant so that it stays nice for a longer time.

Come check out this fun Peacock Sticker.

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Snowy Owl Dip Bowl and Spreader

Posted on September 29, 2014 by Margaret buy Snowy Owl Dip Bowl and Spreader

Snowy Owl Dip Bowl and Spreader

Serve your dips in style at your next party or gathering with a delightful dip bowl and spreader by Boston Warehouse.

The bowl of this cute snowy owl set is made of grey and blue ceramic earthenware and the owls head is sitting up at one side with a bright red and white polka dot scarf around its neck. The handle of the 5” long stainless steel spreader is also ceramic and looks like a winter hat with red, green, blue and white stripes and it rests inside the owl’s head.

This snowy owl dip bowl holds 7 ounces of your favorite dip, spread, jelly, yogurt or sour cream.

There are also many other pieces in this Snowy Owl collection that you can add to your table.

Add some sparkle to your party with this Snowy Owl Dip Bowl and Spreader.

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Grumpy Cat Playing Cards

Posted on September 28, 2014 by George buy Grumpy Cat Playing Cards

Grumpy Cat Playing Cards

Grumpy Cat is here and he is ready to play some cards and I am sure there will be no fun playing with this cat but hey I could be wrong.

This deck of playing cards show a red typical playing cards design with a picture of the Grumpy Cat in the middle.

For the design of the cards you can choose what you exactly want and so that you at least can have some fun while playing a game of cards.

Each deck of cards has 52 playing cards and 2 jokers that don’t seem to impress the cat.

Lets get ready to play cards with this deck of Grumpy Cat Playing Cards.

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Tiffany Style Butterfly Accent Lamp

Posted on September 28, 2014 by Margaret buy Tiffany Style Butterfly Accent Lamp

Tiffany Style Butterfly Accent Lamp

Add some drama to your family room, dining room, den, bedroom or bathroom with a unique accent lamp.

This Tiffany style butterfly lamp is handcrafted by Quoizel and will add personality and detail to any setting.

This accent light features a glass butterfly with off-white, orange and blue wings with red accents sitting on a flower base made of architectural bronze with a semi-gloss finish, and uses one 15-watt bulb that is included.

This 6” x 9” x 9” lamp would be a great gift for birthdays or holidays or get one for yourself.

Enjoy the colorful glow from this Tiffany Style Butterfly Accent Lamp.

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Hedgehog And Red Balloon T-Shirt

Posted on September 27, 2014 by George buy Hedgehog And Red Balloon T-Shirt

Hedgehog And Red Balloon T-Shirt

If hedgehogs are your kind of animal then you have to check out this super cute women’s t-shirt.

On this t-shirt can see some plants in the background and in front of that mama hedgehog and she is followed by baby hedgehog and the baby also has a red balloon.

The whole design of this t-shirt is cute and fun and as it is available in many colors you can make it perfect for you.

Now you can just enjoy a nice t-shirt with some hedgehogs on it and that is all we need.

Yes why go for boring when you can get this Hedgehog And Red Balloon T-Shirt.

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Shark Attack Bowl

Posted on September 27, 2014 by Johnathan buy Shark Attack Bowl

Shark Attack Bowl

If you are having or going to a sea themed party this bowl is perfect, or that special time of year shark week this bowl is great, or for any occassion just to make a splash with a bite …. once again this is the bowl.

This bowl is very unique it features the design of a shark that looks like it is jumping right out of the water and by sticking your hand in the bowl it looks like it is biting you as the rim has teeth sticking out to form a sharks mouth.

Made from ceramic this shark attack bowl measures 6 inches by 4 inches by 6 inches and holds 20 fluid ounces, it is also dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Be the talk of the party with your very own Shark Attack Bowl.

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