buy Butterfly Printed Denim Leggings

Butterfly Printed Denim Leggings

Are you looking for that favorite pair of slim fitted jeans but do not want the nonstretch always warm type? Well here is the answer a sweet pair of printed denim leggings perfect for any occasion.

These leggings have an allover print of a denim color using faded areas to look realistic to a worn pair of jeans. Down one side of the leg starting at the thigh you will see white art butterfly images along with some elaborate designs.

Available as a women’s slim fitted that is made to be very stretchy giving it a wide range of sizes to fit as one size fits all. The leggings come in a dark denim print or a light denim print color.

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buy Lined Red Fox T-Shirt

Lined Red Fox T-Shirt

If you want a t-shirt with a fox on it then come see this lined red fox t-shirt.

The t-shirt is black and available in styles for both men and women and it comes in sizes Small – 6XL and is made from 100% cotton.

On the black shirt you can see the head of a fox from the side but this is not just a photo or a drawing, this red fox is made from lines and that makes this shirt really look unique and special and something you would want to wear.

If you like foxes or just cool animal t-shirts then this lined fox is the way to go.

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buy Elephant Abstract Watercolor Duvet Cover

Elephant Abstract Watercolor Duvet Cover

The elephant is a very amazing animal, add some watercolor and you get this really nice looking duvet cover.

On this duvet cover you will see a very great image of an elephant. With the use of watercolor this elephant turns into a very good abstract art piece and really stands out.

You can get this elephant duvet cover in three sizes of Twin, Queen or King. Each features a concealed zipper as well as ties to keep in that duvet and at the same time keep the zipper hidden.

Made to be very durable and last a long time while also very soft and comfortable, this is not just a great blanket but an amazing piece of art to finish off your bedroom.

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buy Penguin 12 Inch Plush Slippers

Penguin 12 Inch Plush Slippers

The cute penguin is always a fan favorite, especially when they slide on their belly it looks like they are having so much fun.

Each slipper looks like a penguin that has a black body, white belly and face as well as an orange beak with orange feet. While on your feet it looks like the penguins are slipping and sliding on their belly as you walk.

As the penguin can endure extreme cold it is fitting that these slippers are made from a very warm and durable plush material that will last you a long time and be super comfortable.

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buy Llama Drama A Line Dress

Llama Drama A Line Dress

The llama is a weird yet fascinating animal. With an attitude like no other it is easy to stereotype a llama as a handful or a drama queen.

On the front of this A-Line dress you see an image of a white llama with a look of attitude. Along with t his image there is a banner that has the saying in it of “Drama Llama”.

Available in a wide selection of women’s loose fitting sizes that will range from XS to 2XL. This is a high quality woven dress using the perfect material of 100% polyester to give you a silky smooth feel that will last you a long time.

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buy Blue Swan Pendant Necklace

Blue Swan Pendant Necklace

The swan is delicate and magical, the perfect accent for a piece of jewelry like this is Swarovski crystals.

The pendant is a swan that features a large blue crystal for the body while smaller blue crystal line the wings and neck. Set for an eye is a white crystal and another blue crystal on top of the head. The back is engraved with the word “LOVE”.

The pendant also come with a very nice chain link necklace that is 18 inches in total length and has a lobster claw clasp.

In addition to this amazing pendant and necklace it comes in a very elegant and beautiful gift box, this is the perfect gift for someone special from Valentines day to mothers day.

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buy Otter Couples In Water Socks

Otter Couples In Water Socks

It is true that the otter will float on it’s backs holding their mate while they sleep so they do not float apart. If you love otters then this is the perfect way to show it.

This pair of socks feature a light blue background simulating water with multiple images all over of a pair of otters floating on their back while in each others embrace. You will see darker blue water ripples and darker blue hearts all over the socks.

Made from a great sock blend of materials 63% cotton, 34% nylon and 3% lycra giving you a warm soft sock that is also durable and will last a long time.

Available in a one size fits most of women’s sock size 9-11 US, which is a women’s shoe size of 6-10 US.

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buy Cat Ripping Out Of Shirt T-Shirt

Cat Ripping Out Of Shirt T-Shirt

Don’t just get a boring t-shirt, change it up a bit and if you love cats then have a close look at this fun shirt.

On the front of this black t-shirt, you will find a very cute cat that is ripping its way right out of the shirt. With a design print of some rips along with actual set rips, there is a built in white tank top underneath for effect.

Made from a high quality 100% cotton this shirt is sure to last a long time while also maintaining a super soft fell. Available in a wide selection of women’s fitted sizes that range from Small to XL.

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buy Humphrey Elephant 9 Inch Plush

Humphrey Elephant 9 Inch Plush

If you are looking for that perfect long lasting stuffed companion that your little one can grow up with, then look no further than Humphrey the elephant.

A Bedtime Originals, this is Humphrey elephant. With all of the cute features of a grey baby elephant, from small cute eyes, big floppy ears, little legs and of course do not forget that adorable trunk.

This plush elephant is made to be super soft and cuddly making it perfect for bed time. It measures 9 inches tall and is 8.5 inches wide giving it the perfect size to go on road trips, watch movies and snuggle in for sleep time.

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buy Owl Eyes Glowing And Beak T-Shirt

Owl Eyes Glowing And Beak T-Shirt

The wise owl just stares into its glowing magical eyes and you will feel how powerful the owl is.

This is an all black t-shirt that features the beak and eyes of an owl on the front. The eyes are large and wide open, glowing yellow as if staring out from the darkness. Along with the long slender curved beak both giving this t-shirt a fun and unique look.

The owl eyes and beak t-shirt is available in a wide range of ladies fitted sizes that range from Small to 3XL. It is made from 100% cotton to give you that perfect durable yet comfortable t-shirt to last you a long time.

Also, check out all of the different shirt styles from hoodies to tank tops.

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