Puppy Badge Holder

April 24, 2014 Posted by

Puppy badge holder

Puppy’s are soft, cuddly and cute little animals.

If you are a puppy lover and is always looking for your work or school Id you should get one of these cute puppy retractable badge holder.

This cute adorable puppy dog Id badge holder is in the shape of a cute black and white puppy dogs head with big long ears and a cute little smile.

It has a retractable cord that can reach up to 23 inches long for those hard to reach places and has a built in alligator clip so you can clip it to your belt, shirt or anywhere you like.

So look no more for your Id badge and get your special Puppy Badge Retractable Holder.

Owl Swimsuit

April 23, 2014 Posted by

night Owl Swimsuit

Summer is just around the corner and we all love to cool off in the pool or at the beach. If you need to shop for a new swimsuit this unique owl swimsuit will look great on you.

All eyes will be on you when you wear this unique looking owl bathing suit when you go to the beach or to the public swimming pool.

This cool one piece owl swimsuit is covered in owls sitting on trees branch’s all over the swimsuit. The swimsuit measures 80 cm in the bust, 66 cm in the waist and 86 cm in the low hip.

Get ready for a fun day at the beach when you slip into your new Owl Swimsuit.

Cow Cookie Cutter

April 22, 2014 Posted by

Cow Cookie Cutter

Are you looking to make some fun cookies based on your favorite barn animal?

This cow cookie cutter can help you bake those cookies and they will be just perfect.

This thin metal cookie cutter makes perfectly shaped cow cookies that are about 3.5 inch and besides cookies you can use this cutter to to make sandwiches and other things that need a cookie cutter.

Just imagine you cow cookie jar full of cow shaped cookies.

Why make simple round cookies when you can make fun shapes and you can even choose a different animal for each batch. But if cows are the animal of choice then check out this Cow Cookie Cutter.

Rooster Alarm Clock

April 21, 2014 Posted by

Rooster Alarm Clock

Do you want an alarm that sounds like a rooster?

You are in luck as this firetruck red alarm clock will do that. It wakes you up with rooster sounds.

The clock looks like a old fashion alarm clock with two bells on top and it’s red and then the clock face is green with a big rooster on it.

This clock is just super cute and being waken by a chicken that is fun to.

This alarm clock sure looks great and will be a great addition to almost any nightstand.

Bring an animal into your bedroom with this Rooster Alarm Clock.

Swan Minidress

April 20, 2014 Posted by

Swan tank top style dress

Are you looking for a fun unique dress for your next fun night out? Well, this swan couple in a lake sleeveless minidress might be the perfect choice for you.

This unique sexy black sleeveless swan tank top dress features two beautiful swans floating on a lake siting face to face and there heads are touching in the shape of a heart. At one size fits all (106 cm hip, 80cm bottom and 82 cm dress length) this swan dress will be a match made in heaven for you.

All eyes will be on you when you slip into this dress and go out to party.

Love will be in the air when you go out is this sexy Swan Minidress.

Owl Graduation Bracelet Charm

April 19, 2014 Posted by

owl graduation Pandora bracelet charm

Do you have a daughter, niece or a special girlfriend graduating this year? Are you having troubles finding that special gift for there celebration?

If so this beautiful owl graduation charm will make the perfect gift to give any one who is graduating from high school or university.

This handmade 925 sterling silver bead owl charm is in the shape of an owl holding a diploma wearing a graduation hat.

A lovely piece of jewelry especially a charm will always put a smile on a girl/women face.
And this owl charm will fit all the mayor charm brackets like Pandora, Biagi and Troll.

Watch the excitement of your loved one now when they receive there beautiful Owl Graduation Bracelet Charm.

Polar Bear T-Shirt

April 18, 2014 Posted by

Polar Bear T-Shirt

Polar bears are big white beautiful bears that live in the cold weather.

If you like polar bears your will love this beautiful polar t-shirt because it will make you feel like a polar bear when you wear it.

This polar bear t-shirt features on front and back a photo of a mom polar bear with her baby cub giving her a hug laying in the snow with the sky and trees in the background.

The photo on the polar bear t-shirt is a eco water base design that makes the photo become a permanent part of the t-shirt that makes it look so real. Its also a tagless t-shirt for all the people out there that is always cutting the tags of there clothes and available in a wide variety of sizes from small to 4XL.

Get lots of compliments now when you wear this amazing Polar Bear T-Shirt.

Horse Head Earings

April 17, 2014 Posted by

horse head earrings

If you love horses and like to wear different styles of earrings these beautiful horse head earrings will be perfect for you.

These lovely pewter horse head earrings are cut in a oval circle with a horses head in the middle with his mane flowing around the edges and is diamond cut for sparkle.

If you have a party to go to and can’t find a gift these horse head earrings would make a great jewelry gift for women of all ages young or old.

Be unique, stylish and get lots of compliments when you wear these special Horse Head Earrings.

Paw Printed Leggings

April 16, 2014 Posted by

paw print animal leggings

Are you an animal lover? Do you like to stand out in a crowd?

Well, when you wear these unique looking paw print leggings all eyes will be on you when you go out.

These animal paw printed leggings are all white in the front of the legs with black paw prints going up each of the pant leg all the way up to the waist. The back of the leggings are all black. And it makes you wonder are they dog or cat paws on your legs.

They are a high quality fabric and comes is one size  22.8 inch – 33 inch waist, 30.7 inch hip - 39.3 inch, 17.3 inch thigh - 23.6 inch, 9 inch ankle, 37.8 inch leggings length.

Go out for a night on the town in these sexy Paw Print Leggings.

Bunny Rabbit Costume

April 15, 2014 Posted by

Bunny Rabbit Costume

Do you need to play the Easter bunny? Or do you just like to hop around the yard dressed up like a rabbit?

Either way this is the costume you need!

This bunny rabbit costume has everything you need to become a bunny rabbit.

The rabbit costume includes a jump suit with mitts and shoe covers and head with see-through mess eyes.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for Easter, Halloween or any other dress up party this is the rabbit costume you need and it includes everything so you can become a bunny in no time at all.

Come and order your Bunny Rabbit Costume.