buy Seal I Hate Shark Week T-Shirt

Seal I Hate Shark Week T-Shirt

Seal I Hate Shark Week T-Shirt

Have a look at the front of this shirt you see a white seal that is just lounging out with a quote bubble that has the saying of “I HATE SHARK WEEK”, poor seal shark week really is not a fun week for the seals I would imagine.

Made from 100% cotton to give you a very durable and comfortable t-shirt that will be great for any occasion, it is also available in a wide selection of sizes that range from Small to 3XL and you have a choice from 11 different colors.

You can also get the seal I Hate Shark Week print in a women’s fitted shirt.

Get the Seal I Hate Shark Week T-Shirt.

buy Kitty Cat Bookends

Kitty Cat Bookends

Reading Kitty Cat Bookends

Everybody wants to be a cat! That’s how the song goes. Why? They have style, independence and are mysterious. These traits are what make this set of cat bookends so purrrfect! One of these pair is sporting an intellectual set of eyewear, and peering through a magnifying glass at the magnificent tome, and the other is crouched playfully to read the bottom of the page he is purveying. What a great way to accentuate your existing trove of literature!

This set of two resin feline bookends has measurements as follows: 6″ x 6″ x 3.25″ and will easily support your taller books as well as your paperbacks.

Cats are where it’s at! Pick up a pair of perfect Smart Cats Bookends.

buy Space Monkey On A Blanket

Space Monkey On A Blanket

Space Monkey fleece Blanket

Monkey on a blanket! That’s right! It’s a simian on a fleece blankie!! But wait a minute! It’s not just any monkey, it’s a monkey with boxing gloves, on a nice comfy fleece blanket!

But that’s not all, it is a monkey floating across the night sky, holding his boxing gloves up, and wearing an astronaut helmet so he can breath better! And this fleece blanket will keep imaginative lovers of adventure warm and comfy! Hand printed in the USA!

Well… how is the awesome chimp on the blankie flying around?

Well take a look at the crazy chimpanzee! He is of course surfing on a giant banana!

It all makes sense and should be in your room, so when you drift of to the land of awesome dreams, you will have this space chimp as your side kick! I am not sure what is wilder than that! Forget figuring out how far down the rabbit hole goes.. it’s all about surfing the sky with astro-boxing monkeys. Word!

There are magic carpets and the there are flying blankets.

We both know you want this thing. Get your hands on your very own Flying Boxing Chimp Astronaut Fleece Blanket.

buy Dragonfly Summer Dress

Dragonfly Summer Dress

Dragonfly Summer Dress

It is time to show off your love for the amazing dragonfly, do it with a very unique summer dress.

On this dress you will find multiple classic drawing images of some dragonflys, detailed with two wings and four wings this is an impressive dress that is a light blue color and screams out summer.

You can get this beautiful dragonfly dress in a wide variety of women’s sizes that range from XS to 2XL and this is a style of dress that will fit perfectly everytime and can be casual or dressed up with some fancy high heel shoes.

Get into the Dragonfly Summer Dress.

buy Patriotic Kitten T-Shirt

Patriotic Kitten T-Shirt

Cute Patriotic Kitten T-Shirt

The land of the free – is for cute and soft things, as well as for big and strong things! It is the land of the free for all creatures!

On this beautifully designed t-shirt, we see a beautiful blue eyed, orange haired tabby kitty, peering out from being surrounding by the Stars and Stripes, the American flag, the country we love! She is tender and kind and a true representative of the good nature of this beautiful land we call home!

Great for cat lovers, patriots of our homeland, and people that love the juxtaposition of the adorable and the strong – this t-shirt is the perfect choice! Cotton, and preshrunk for an oversized relaxed fit, you won’t believe how realistic the print looks as this feline peers out of this great top.

Available in youth and adult sizes from Small – 5XL. This casual shirt will go great with your spring and summer wear, and even as an undershirt if you want to have it subtly visible with buttons undone.

Adopt your one sense of cute homeland style. Get yourself this adorable Patriotic Cat and US Flag T-Shirt.

buy Sloth My Spirit Animal T-Shirt

Sloth My Spirit Animal T-Shirt

Sloth My Spirit Animal T-Shirt

The slow moving animal the sloth is calming and somewhat relaxing making it the perfect spirit animal for you.

The sloth is a very cool creature and on this t-shirt you will find a sloth hanging upsidedown clinging to the word “ANIMAL”, the entire saying on the shirt says “MY SPIRIT ANIMAL”.

Made from 100% cotton giving you that perfect comfortable t-shirt that will also be very durable and last you a long time. It is available in a wide variety of sizes that range from Small to 4XL.

Also check out the different style to get the sloth print on like a ladies fitted t-shirt and hoodies.

Get a closer look at the Sloth My Spirit Animal T-Shirt.

buy Metal Bear Napkin Holder

Metal Bear Napkin Holder

Metal Bear Napkin Holder

Hand crafted wrought iron bear napkin holder! Made in the USA! Laser cut for a clean and stylish look, a modern way of doing metal work, and different than the original hammer and anvil style.

The silhouette of this impressive bear will look elegant and grand as it contrasts against the off-white hue of your napkins. Simple touches like this make all the difference when setting out to make a warm and unique dining experience from the home. This napkin holder brings the outdoor charm of North America into your kitchen in a pleasing manner that will entertain dinner guests in a subtle way.

Bring some down home warmth to your table. Get a hold of your own wrought iron Bear Silhouette Napkin Holder.

buy Owl Lunch Bag

Owl Lunch Bag

Green Owl Lunch Bag

What a hoot! Birdies on a lunch bag! Owls no less..  Red, orange and cream owls are caricatured with distinct elegance on this insulated lunch and snack bag! Whoooo? Whoooo? Whooo would like this? Why anyone one with a taste for the quirky and the adorable!

Make a wise purchase for yourself or your good friend or family member. Packing lunches never has to be boring again! Induce a smile when opening up this cheerful lunch holder. Measuring 9.5 x 7.5 x 5.0 inches this insulated sack will keep your cool items cool, and your hot items hot! Owl be darned!

Get your hands on your own Owl Insulated Lunch Bag.

buy Drumming Octopus T-Shirt

Drumming Octopus T-Shirt

Drumming Octopus T-Shirt

The octopus is an amazing, mystical creature that we now see has a very cool talent.

On the front of this t-shirt you will see a light blue octopus with 8 tenticles each holding a drum stick and sitting at a drum kit that on the floor base has the text “Rock 2 Pus”.

The fun octopus t-shirt is available in a wide variety of sizes that run from Small to 3XL and is made to be both durable and comfortable as it is made from 100% cotton.

You can also get the print on many different styles of shirts from hoodies to women’s fitted and all come with the choice of a front or back print.

Rock out with the Drumming Octopus Rock 2 Pus T-Shirt.

buy Cat Black And Red High Heel Shoes

Cat Black And Red High Heel Shoes

Cat Black And Red High Heel Shoes

There is nothing cuter than a black cat face, cat lovers will love the look of these cute cat high heels.

On these all black high heels you will see the side with white polka dots and a cat face on the toes and a red bow, also the inside is lined in red giving these a classy and awesome look.

The women’s cat high heel shoes are available in a huge variety of sizes that run from size 5 to 11 and are made to be durable and comfortable, perfect for a casual night out or dressed up.

Check out the Cute Cat Black And Red High Heel Shoes.