Ladybug Party Dinner Plates

Posted on September 22, 2014 by Johnathan buy Ladybug Party Dinner Plates

Ladybug Party Dinner Plates

What a great idea for a themed party, a fun red and black party featurning none other than the beautiful pattern and colors of the ladybug.

This plate looks absolutely amazing, find the dinner plate die-cut into the shape of a ladybug with a black head, red wings that are split looking like they are in mid flight and featuring the black dots on them, also the rest of the plate has a black with white polka dot pattern adding to the plate with some pizzazz.

Each plate is approximately 9 inches and each package of ladybug party plates has 8 plates.

Have a wonderful party with the Ladybug Party Dinner Plates.

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Pug Christmas Wrapping Paper

Posted on September 21, 2014 by George buy Pug Christmas Wrapping Paper

Pug Christmas Wrapping Paper

Gift wrapping is something we all have to do around Christmas and this wrapping paper is gone be perfect for the dog lovers and specially the once that like pugs.

This paper is white and shows a pug wearing a Santa hat and in front of the dog you can see some red Christmas decorations.

Just imagine how much fun you gifts will look wrapped in this gift wrap.

Why get the same old paper as every year when your presents can looks so much better when wrapped in doggie wrapping paper.

Come and check out this Pug Christmas Wrapping Paper.

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Pink Flamingo Adult Costume

Posted on September 21, 2014 by Johnathan buy Pink Flamingo Adult Costume

Pink Flamingo Adult Costume

So you need to decide on an animal costume, maybe some kind of bird, but definetly something to get attention.

Have a look at this wonderful costume, a pink flamingo may just be the answer for you.

This flamingo costume is an adults one size fits all that includes a pink flamingo body that has an elastic band to hold it right at your waist, pink headpiece with an attached black beak and 2 black webbed feet. that easily cover over shoes, boots or socks.

This pink flamingo costume will be perfect for halloween, costume parties or maybe for any occasion to have a little fun.

Get a leg up in this Pink Flamingo Adult Costume.

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Golden Retriever Birthday Card

Posted on September 20, 2014 by George buy Golden Retriever Birthday Card

Super cute Golden Retriever Birthday Card

Looking for the perfect birthday card for a friend that loves golden retrievers?

How about this one that shows the cute dog in bed wearing pajamas holding his plush bear and wearing a Happy Birthday hat.

The card is so cute even though the dog does not seem to be all awake yet.

And you can get this birthday card in a normal size or a jumbo one for if you need to send a nice card from a bunch of people.

No more boring cards that you seen in store a thousand time because you can have something special that they birthday friend didn’t see yet.

Come take a closer look at this Golden Retriever In Pajamas Birthday Card.

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Panda Plush Slippers

Posted on September 19, 2014 by George buy Panda Plush Slippers

Panda Plush Slippers

Panda’s just look like soft and cuddly and now there are some slippers that for sure are and they even look like a panda bear.

These slippers come in one size fits most adults and are made by Kawaii.

Just slip them on and no more cold feet for you. Just walk around the house and see people stare at you cute and warm panda slippers.

These slippers are just perfect for a cold day and as they are so cute they will be hard to abandon them when you have to go to work.

On the bottom there are nobs to keep you from slipping.

So no to cold feet and wear your Panda Bear Plush Slippers.

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Owl Crystal Pendant Necklace

Posted on September 18, 2014 by Johnathan buy Owl Crystal Pendant Necklace

Owl Crystal Pendant Necklace

The majestic owl, so wise, so beautiful, so why not make the owl into a fine piece of jewelry.

The pendant is shaped like an owl using different colored crystals to accent it, find 2 big blue crystals as the eyes and 6 soft pink, purple and yellow crystals to fill in the wings.

This is a pendant and necklace combination that both use an antique bronze/ brass finish giving this a very retro and distinguished look, the chain is 27 inches total in length and fastens in a loop using a lobster claw clasp.

Stock up your jewelry collection with the Owl Crystal Pendant Necklace.

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Yellow Plush Chicken

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Margaret buy Yellow Plush Chicken

Yellow Plush Chicken

What a cute way to you say you love someone. Give that special person in your life this adorable plush chick as a birthday present, Easter gift or just because you care.

This soft and fluffy yellow chicken has big black eyes, and beige colored beak and webbed feet, is 8 inches high and is the perfect size for little hands to embrace.

Your little one can snuggle with it in bed or use it as a travel buddy when away from home.

Chickens are the mascots for many cities and sports teams so get this lovable chick and it can be the mascot of your child’s room.

Hurry and buy this Yellow Plush Chicken.

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Smiling Llama Mousepad

Posted on September 16, 2014 by Margaret buy Smiling Llama Mousepad

Smiling Llama Mousepad

Is it time to replace your old mousepad? A clean, functioning mousepad makes working at your computer a lot more comfortable when the mouse moves around easily.

This adorable Llama mousepad is just the thing to keep you productive and brighten your day too.

This 9.25” x 7.75” mousepad has the full color image of a Llama’s head that looks like he is smiling at you. It is printed on a cloth cover that is dust and stain resistant so it is durable and the back is non-slip for ease of use.

You don’t have to go to South America to see a Llama, just own this Smiling Llama Mousepad.

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White Cat Face T-Shirt

Posted on September 15, 2014 by Margaret buy White Cat Face T-Shirt

White Cat Face T-Shirt

It is said that white cats bring good luck.

So enjoy lots of good luck when you wear this adorable white t-shirt with the face of a white cat printed on the entire front.

You can see the cat’s big, round, blue eyes, pink nose and grey mouth and whiskers and the rest of the shirt is white, so be sure to hand wash it to preserve the bright image.

This cute women’s t-shirt has a scoop neck, short batwing sleeves, is soft to the touch and comes in one size, length 68 cm, bust 120 cm and sleeve 25 cm.

The sweetest cat face you will ever see in on this White Cat Face T-Shirt.

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Skunk Custom Return Address Labels

Posted on September 14, 2014 by Margaret buy Skunk Custom Return Address Labels

Skunk Custom Return Address Labels

You can easily add your return address to a letter with a label or use a sticker to identify your belongings.

Do you ever go to events and enter contests that require you to write your name, address and phone number repeatedly?

Now you can buy these very cute skunk return address labels, customize them with all your information and then just peel and stick – your info is on the entry form. It’s as easy as that!

These 2.625 x .875 inch labels have an adorable black and white skunk on one side and plenty of room to fill in your personal info on the other and you can order 132 or 264 labels at a time.

Everyone will remember you when you use these Skunk Custom Return Address Labels.

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