buy Inner Sloth T-Shirt

Inner Sloth T-Shirt

Inner Sloth T-Shirt

Express your inner-Sloth! Do you feel like doing anything today…. HECK NO!!  So let people know with this clever sloth representation.

A furry marsupial that is at once endeared and representative of one of the most understandable of the deadly sins – chillaxing – slacking – being a freaking SLOTH!!

Check out the claws on this relaxed individual. They don’t go “SNKKT!” but their laid back, understated presence would get the attention of Xcellent Wolverine and even the highly antagonizing honey badger..!

You are the king of indifference, and this could not be more clear now that you are wearing your sloth t-shirt!  Choose your color and size, Heavyweight 6.1 oz 100% cotton T.   His poker-face half smile is money.

Go ahead, treat yourself to this chill piece of cool. Get it your own Sloth T-Shirt.

buy Hedgehog Roll Around Toy

Hedgehog Roll Around Toy

Cute hedgehog baby toy
Roly-poly round toddler toy is made to look like a Hedge Hog with a bright blue body.

Top of this cute toddler toy has a small set of red bangs that invariably end up being chewed upon by teething little children and have been created soft enough to do so.

This hedgehog toy has a cute heart shaped face had black eyes and nose and a set of well affixed arms that clasp holding a couple of plastic beads to rattle, just for fun.

This round ball shaped toss-able toy is a perfect size for 3 month old children  and older  ( 6.5 x 3.5 x 4.8 “) and has many cut out spots for grabbing and maneuvering to encourage manual dexterity.

This hedgehog round toddler toy is BPA free, and PVC and phalate free and is cleaned with a rinse in warm water and a wipe dry.

Made of silicone soft rubber, the HedgeHog toddler toy is sure to be a favorite and is able to be tested and tossed and loved all in the same day by a lucky little owner.

Get your newborn this cute Hedgehog Toy.

buy Frog Shaped Doormat.

Frog Shaped Doormat.

Frog doormat

It’s a FROG! What did you think it was. Clearly a ribbiting, hoppy hoppy, jumping big eyed old frog! And it is a doormat to.

He will great your guests at the front door! He will make them LAUGH!  That is his first goal.

He is also there to serve in the manner of a door mat, stomp on this frog, knock the mud off your footwear, he don’t care!  He’s just a big grinning friend that will provide a smile to many.

What’s not to love?  Don’t worry about loosing the fibres that make the texture of this mat so awesome, shedding of this frog mat is limited because it’s coco-fibres are compressed into a non-skid backing.

Ribbit.. ribbit.. now it’s time to get your Frog Shaped Doormat.

buy Octopus Colored Shower Curtain

Octopus Colored Shower Curtain

Octopus Colored Shower Curtain

It is time to put the finishing touches in your bathroom, adding this octopus shower curtain is the perfect accent.

On the front of this shower curtain you will find a very large detailed image of an octopus with the rest of the curtain background a very vibrant pastel blue, teal and green that fades into each color.

Made from a very durable material that will last a long time and fit almost any standard curtain rod.

Make your sea themed bathroom awesome with the octopus shower curtain that will definetly turn some heads when anyone sees it.

Complete your bathroom with the Octopus Colored Shower Curtain.

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buy White Tiger And Red Roses Duvet Cover

White Tiger And Red Roses Duvet Cover

White Tiger And Red Roses Duvet Cover

On this all white duvet cover find a very great image of a white tiger with beautiful black stripes and very detailed, surrounding the tiger is red roses on stems and one rose is over the eye of the tiger giving this a dramatic and unique effect.

This amazing duvet cover is available in a variety of sizes: Twin, Queen and King, it features a concealed zipper and ties to easily secure your duvet inside. The inner material of the duvet cover is a soft cotton and polyester blend for comfort and it is made to be durable and machine washable.

Get snug with the White Tiger And Red Roses Duvet Cover.

buy Bear Ornate Art Canvas Print

Bear Ornate Art Canvas Print

Bear Ornate Art Canvas Print

On this beautiful canvas print you will find a detailed bear in a powerful stance using grey and black shading, this bear is highly decorative using an ornate art style that for many is very symbolic and meaningful.

You can get the ornate bear canvas print in sizes: Small 8 inches x 8 inches up to XL 20 inches x 20 inches, each print has a clear lacquer coating that is UV resistant to help protect your canvas and it will last a long time.

Decorate any room with a piece of art that many will love and talk about.

Show off your artistic side with the Bear Ornate Art Canvas Print.

buy Kids Orange Tiger Umbrella

Kids Orange Tiger Umbrella

Orange Tiger Umbrella For Kids

An umbrella that looks like a tiger, how cute!!

This bright orange umbrella has stand up black ears and  bright yellow eyes that are visible in the dark rain.  The face of a tiger on this umbrella has black markings and dots that  make this unique tiger design easily distinguishable from all others.

This kids umbrella comes complete with a comfy black handle and a wrap around snap closure for when you have dried out your umbrella and tucked it away. When open, this unique tiger face umbrella covers 31 inches. It has 8 ribs that measure 22.5″ and closed, the umbrella is 18.5″ long, making it adequate to keep the lucky owner nice and dry.

Be sure to keep your happy tiger face umbrella handy for those many rainy days and even the days that are a bit too sunny for sensitive skin. We can’t be too careful.

Make a kid really happy when it rains with this Orange Tiger Umbrella.

buy Cow And Penguin Wooden Spoon

Cow And Penguin Wooden Spoon

Cow And Penguin Wooden Spoon

How about wooden ‘jam’ spoons that are carved and uniquely animal design? These light, wooden spoons will accompany jam or sugar and can be washed and used again and again.

These animal spoons are dishwasher safe and made from a natural product – wood, they are light and can be disposed of if necessary.

With this two package order, there is a cute cow design carved into the wood, and the other design is a penguin.

Because these wooden carved spoons are small and light they may be handy for camping and for gifting and for lunches as well. The uses for these natural wooden carved spoons may be surprising and fun.

Come and get your Wooden Cow And Penguin Spoon Set.

buy Tropical Fish Women’s Leggings

Tropical Fish Women’s Leggings

Tropical sea life leggings

The tropical ocean leggings that are super comfy, form fitting and multicoloured match any outfit.

The fish leggings are made from a spandex and polyester blend allow the fabric to hug the skin and cozy to ankle length. Easy care by hand washing, first time in cold to ‘set’ the colour , and  subsequently hang  to dry.

The stretch fit will allow the ‘marine world’ design and ocean blue background to look smashing as these leggings accompany any fashion occasion. One size fits all and make for a perfect travel accessory and allow leggings to be worn by all  body types and sizes.

These leggings are bright enough to be cheerful while still being fun to wear. So if you want tropical fish on your legs then check out these fun Marine World Leggings.

buy Cardinal In Winterberry Tree Canvas Print

Cardinal In Winterberry Tree Canvas Print

Cardinal In Winterberry Tree Canvas Print

The cardinal is an amazing looking bird, bright red! So is the (Ilex verticillata) or better known as a Winterberry tree in early spring when the clusters of berry fruit are in bloom.

Featured on this canvas print is a very vibrant red cardinal that is perched in a Winterberry tree, with red berries and branches all in full foliage this realistic image is very high quality.

You can get this cardinal print on two different sizes of canvas.

Small: 8 inches x 10 inches
Medium: 12 inches x 15.5 inches

Finished with a clear lacquer to give it UV protection and printed with long lasting inkjets on a very durable canvas.

Decorate with the Cardinal In Winterberry Tree Canvas Print.