buy Tiger Pillow Plush

Tiger Pillow Plush

Now you or your child can have this cute Tiger Pillow Plush.

This is a plush animal and everyone loves that but because of the shape, it is also a great pillow.

The tiger looks cute as his tiger head goes straight onto the body and it looks like he does not have a neck and he has tiny paws and a tail. On the top, the tiger has the typical orange color and as a true tiger his belly is white and yes the stripes are there too.

And this plush tiger is 15.7 x 8.7 x 5.5 in inches in size making it the perfect size and it is made for humans ages 3+ so both kids and adults can enjoy it.

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buy White Tiger Duvet Cover

White Tiger Duvet Cover

If you are looking to complete a bedroom this is the perfect duvet cover, a strong yet majestic beast the white tiger.

On this all white duvet cover you will see a large centered image of a realistic white tiger full of fine details you see the black and white colored pattern of fur and piercing beautiful blue eyes.

This duvet cover is available in three different standard sizes of Twin, Queen and King. Made to be super warm and very comfortable from a cotton and polyester blend this duvet cover also features a concealed zipper opening to easily change out the duvet when needed.

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buy Stained Glass Tiger Tank Top

Stained Glass Tiger Tank Top

If you want a cool tiger tank top then you should be checking out this stained glass tiger tank top.

The tank top is available in black or navy blue for both men and women in sizes Small – 2XL and even as a t-shirt.

On the tank top you can see a tiger just staring at you but it looks different as if it is a stained glass window and that makes this tiger really amazing looking as it has all those lines on it and that makes the colors really pop.

So if you want a tank top for the summer and like tigers then you know this is something to check out.

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buy Long Tail Tiger T-Shirt

Long Tail Tiger T-Shirt

Now there is a cool long tail tiger t-shirt.

The shirt shows a tiger sitting down looking at the night sky and it looks like the moon or maybe a planet.

The nice thing of this big cat is that it has long tail swooping in front he bottom. The whole shirt design has a tribal feeling and that makes it extra cool.

You can get this tiger t-shirt in blue and black and in comes in styles for men and women and in sizes Small – 6XL.

If you are looking for a nice t-shirt and you like tigers then don’t wait this is the shirt you want to own.

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buy Roaring Tiger Clothing Patch

Roaring Tiger Clothing Patch

Clothing patches are a great way to fix clothing or make them look amazing and now there is a roaring tiger clothing patch.

The patch shows the head of a bengal tiger and it is having it’s mouth open and does not look friendly.

The patch is an iron on patch so you don’t even have to get needle and tread but it could be a good to sew it on too.

A patch like this will make clothing and accessories look amazing, just think about this patch on your hat, or backpack. But a patch like this is great on holes in clothing and jackets too.

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buy Tiger Wine Bottle Holder

Tiger Wine Bottle Holder

If you like your bottles of wines to be stored in a fun way then you should look at this tiger wine bottle holder.

The bottle holder is a Begal tiger cub that is lying on it’s back and then you put a wine bottle of choice in his paws and mouth and then it looks like this tiger is drinking your wine and sure the animal seems a bit young for drinking wine but don’t forget that the bottle is still closed.

A tiger bottle holder like this is a great decoration piece in you wine chellar or on the kitchen counter.

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buy Tiger Print Spatula

Tiger Print Spatula

This spatula is Grrrrrrreat!!

Sure to cause a stir for cat lovers the world over! Printed with silicone so you know that the design will last. Beautiful tiger skin pattern on the flat stirring surface – will definitely add some panache to your food prep!

Safer than a wild cat as the tiger spatula is BPA free, dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit! A dark nylon handle gives you a comfortable grip to get your whipping and mixing into action.

Have fun bringing flair and great utility to your kitchen for a mere pittance in pennies. Treat yourself visually with every use. This fun practical item is going to spark joy! It’s a wonderful thing!

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buy Tiger Print Wireless Mouse

Tiger Print Wireless Mouse

If you like animal prints and need a new computer mouse then come see this tiger print wireless mouse.

The mouse is black with on the top a tiger print which looks stunning on the black base of the mouse.

And this wireless computer mouse works on both PC and MAC and includes a USB dongle to make it communicate to your computer.

The tiger print mouse runs on two AAA batteries and they are included so that you are all set to start working.

Sure you can get a plain and boring looking computer mouse almost anywhere but you have style and that is why this animal print is what you need.

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buy Tiger Fridge Alarm

Tiger Fridge Alarm

If you have problems closing your fridge and you like tigers then you need this tiger fridge alarm.

The alarm looks like a tiger in the shape of a carton of milk and you just place in inside the fridge and every time you open the door it will start talking to you just to remind you that you didn’t close the door yet.

It’s just a fun reminder that closing the door is important if you want your food to stay good and to keep your electricity bill low.

Having this fun looking tiger in your fridge will change your life because it’s also fun to hear it talk to you and that will make you smile.

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buy Special Cartoon Tiger Leggings

Special Cartoon Tiger Leggings

If you like tigers and fun looking leggings then you are in luck as these tiger leggings are awesome.

The women’s leggings come in sizes 0 – 16 (XS- XL) and are covered in the print of a tiger.

The tiger details can be found all over the fabric, you can see it’s face on the front and the stripes on the side and back and that makes these leggings colorful and fun and with a cartoon style tiger on your legs, you will get noticed because it will look amazing on you.

Just pick your size and show the world that you can wear tigers on your legs and it may even make you walk faster.

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