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Piggy Fridge Alarm

Now there is this cute looking Piggy Fridge Alarm.

Just put the pig in the fridge and the light sensor will make you know it is there every time you open the fridge. The cute pig will make pigs sounds when it detects light and that way you will know you left the fridge open.

The pig is wearing a shirt that says “Diet Piggy” on and that also means that you can use him to help your diet because every time you get in the fridge he will remind you not to eat that snack you want.

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Tiger Fridge Alarm

If you have problems closing your fridge and you like tigers then you need this tiger fridge alarm.

The alarm looks like a tiger in the shape of a carton of milk and you just place in inside the fridge and every time you open the door it will start talking to you just to remind you that you didn’t close the door yet.

It’s just a fun reminder that closing the door is important if you want your food to stay good and to keep your electricity bill low.

Having this fun looking tiger in your fridge will change your life because it’s also fun to hear it talk to you and that will make you smile.

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Pig Fridge Alarm

This pig fridge alarm will let you know when you fridge door is open.

The fridge alarm looks like a milk carton but then in pink with the face and feet of a pig on it. Just put piggy in the fridge and then when you open the door the animal will start talking to you until you close the door.

So now you will always know if someone left the fridge door open and by doing so it will save you a lot in electricity and spoiled food.

Come get your fridge pig and never forget to close the fridge door again.

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buy Cow Milk Carton Fridge Alarm

Cow Milk Carton Fridge Alarm

You may find that you or someone in your household leaves the fridge open too long, no need to waste energy letting all that cold air out, here is the solution.

This is a fridge reminder alarm that looks just like a milk carton but it is decorated like a cow, mostly white with black spots, little feet, ears and a face.

The cow fridge alarm will start talking when you open the fridge reminding you the fridge door is open, the longer the door is open the more the cow will talk and as it talks only Japanese you will be sure to hear it.

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buy Polar Bear Fridge Alarm

Polar Bear Fridge Alarm

If you often forget to close your fridge door then you need Hogen the polar bear.

This polar bear is a fridge alarm. Just put him inside your fridge and then when you open the door Hogen will start talking to you so that you know that the door is open.

And to make it a bit more fun this polar bear only speaks Japanese and that of course will make you smile overtime you open the fridge.

Maybe you wonder what it says but I don’t think it will complain about the cold as it is a polar bear.

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buy Penguin Fridge Alarm

Penguin Fridge Alarm

Do you leave your fridge open way to long?

If so then this fridge pet will help you.

This is a fridge alarm that looks like a carton of milk and a penguin. Yes I know a penguin that looks like a carton of milk is funny enough but this one even talks to you.

You put he penguin in the fridge and when you open the door it starts talking to you in Japanese. Of course for me that would mean that I don’t know what it says but it does remind me the door is open and it even seem to get louder the longer you leave the door open.

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