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Coca Cola Polar Bear Cookie Jar

Posted on October 29, 2014 by George buy Coca Cola Polar Bear Cookie Jar

Coca Colla Polar Bear Cookie Jar

I always enjoy the Coca Cola commercials with the cute polar bears.

And because I also enjoy cookies this cookie jar is perfect for me.

This ceramic cookie jar made by Westland Giftware shows a polar bear enjoying a dip in a red Coca Cola pail filled with ice and some bottles of cola and the bear even holds a cola and seems ready for a drink.

So now you can have this cookie jar standing filled with yummy cookies and enjoy the fun looking design.

And this cookie jar is not only for people that like polar bears it is also a great collectors item for people that collect everything Coca Cola.

Come take a closer look at this Coca Cola Polar Bear Cookie Jar.

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Grizzly Bear Pen Holder

Posted on October 28, 2014 by George buy Grizzly Bear Pen Holder

Grizzly Bear Pen Holder

So you have that nice desk but always loose your pens while working.

That can now be a thing of the past with his grizzly bear pen holder.

The pen holder has a nice wooden base with on it a grizzly bear figurine and besides the bear a nice pen.

You can use the gold tone pen when you are writing and then put it back in the nice holder when you are done. Never do you have to look for a pen again because the bear will watch over it.

Working on your desk becomes extra nice when you have this Grizzly Bear Pen Holder.

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Black Bear Wall Toilet Paper Holder

Posted on October 25, 2014 by Johnathan buy Black Bear Wall Toilet Paper Holder

Black Bear Wall Toilet Paper Holder

Some say that toilet paper is part of the bare necessities, well if this is true then it only makes sense for a bear to help hold your roll of toilet paper.

This toilet paper holder features a very detailed black bears head and upper torso along with arms reaching out to grab and hold your toilet paper, finished nicely to look like a realistic black bear.

Made to be durable just like the rugged bear this toilet paper holder measures 7 inches x 6 inches and mounts easily onto the wall.

Accept the helping hand from the Black Bear Wall Toilet Paper Holder.

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Panda Bear Adult Costume

Posted on October 3, 2014 by Margaret buy Panda Bear Adult Costume

Panda Bear Costume

Are you looking for an unusual costume and do you love pandas? Then this is the costume for you.

This panda bear costume is black faux fur with white at the belly area from the mid chest to the lower abdomen and zippers up the back. The black boot covers have elastic at the ankles and under the foot and the black mittens are attached to the back of the wrist.

The soft sculpt full headpiece is white with black eyes, nose and ears and secures under your chin with Velcro.

You can get this panda costume in a variety of sizes to fit anyone or everyone in your family for the next halloween or costume party.

Take a closer look at this Panda Bear Adult Costume.

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Panda Plush Slippers

Posted on September 19, 2014 by George buy Panda Plush Slippers

Panda Plush Slippers

Panda’s just look like soft and cuddly and now there are some slippers that for sure are and they even look like a panda bear.

These slippers come in one size fits most adults and are made by Kawaii.

Just slip them on and no more cold feet for you. Just walk around the house and see people stare at you cute and warm panda slippers.

These slippers are just perfect for a cold day and as they are so cute they will be hard to abandon them when you have to go to work.

On the bottom there are nobs to keep you from slipping.

So no to cold feet and wear your Panda Bear Plush Slippers.

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Panda Face Sweatshirt

Posted on September 1, 2014 by Margaret buy Panda Face Sweatshirt

Panda Sweatshirt

Do you have a passion for wildlife conservation? One of the most loved animals that is in need of protection is the panda bear.

You can show you care by proudly wearing this beautiful panda sweatshirt.

The front of this unique sweatshirt has the image of a white panda head with its black eye patches looking as fuzzy and cute as ever.

This really soft black sweater has ribbed cuffs and hem, round neck and long sleeves and comes in one size 100 cm bust, 57 cm length, 39 cm shoulder width and 53 cm sleeve length.

You are sure to keep warm yourself when you wear this Panda Face Sweatshirt.

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Panda Bear Birthday Card

Posted on July 5, 2014 by George buy Panda Bear Birthday Card

Giant Panda Birthday card

Are you looking for a cute birthday card with lots of space to write on then this is your card.

The inside of this greeting card is blank and that means plenty of space to write and then on the front it says “Happy Birthday” and it shows a picture of a fun Panda and this one is upside down and seem to have fun.

Kids and adults can both enjoy a card like this as it’s cute and has a funny animal on it.

And yes a card with a giant panda on it also comes in giant sizes. You can get this card as normal greeting card size but also as a jumbo card of 8.5 x 11 inch and all come with a white envelope so that you are all set to mail it.

Come and take a much closer look at this fun Panda Bear Birthday Card.

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Polar Bear T-Shirt

Posted on April 18, 2014 by Jennifer buy Polar Bear T-Shirt

Polar Bear T-Shirt

Polar bears are big white beautiful bears that live in the cold weather.

If you like polar bears your will love this beautiful polar t-shirt because it will make you feel like a polar bear when you wear it.

This polar bear t-shirt features on front and back a photo of a mom polar bear with her baby cub giving her a hug laying in the snow with the sky and trees in the background.

The photo on the polar bear t-shirt is a eco water base design that makes the photo become a permanent part of the t-shirt that makes it look so real. Its also a tagless t-shirt for all the people out there that is always cutting the tags of there clothes and available in a wide variety of sizes from small to 4XL.

Get lots of compliments now when you wear this amazing Polar Bear T-Shirt.

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Black Bear Cookie Jar

Posted on April 7, 2014 by Jennifer buy Black Bear Cookie Jar

Ceramic Bear shaped cookie jar

Does your cookies need protection from all the cookie monsters in your house?

Well this black bear cookie jars is up for the job to store and protect your cookies and keep them safe.

This cute ceramic bear cookie jar is in the shape of a big black bear sitting up holding onto a cookie.

It measures 10.5 inches in size so it won’t take up to much space on your kitchen counter.

The black bear will definitely add some style to your kitchen or wherever you decide to display your cookie jar.

Your cookies will be easy to find when they are inside this cute Black Bear Cookie Jar.

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Black Bear Face T-Shirt

Posted on October 5, 2013 by George buy Black Bear Face T-Shirt

Black Bear T-Shirt

The Mountain is known for making amazing looking animal t-shirt and this time they made a black bear t-shirt.

And this is not just a t-shirt with a picture of a black bear.
No the t-shirt is the face of the bear almost like you are wearing the bear and that the bear is ready to come out.

The black t-shirt  on the front is completely covered with the face of the bear.

Even though the shirt looks like a black bear it is just made from 100% cotton instead of bear skin.

And this black bear t-shirt comes in a wide range of sizes from small all the way to 5XL.

Start wearing a bear by simply getting this Black Bear Face T-Shirt.

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