buy Grizzly Bear Neck Tie

Grizzly Bear Neck Tie

If you like bears and need a nice tie for that suit you have to wear then this grizzly bear neck tie is what you want.

And this is not one of those ties that are covered in the same image, this tie has a grizzly bear on the end and it is part of a nice landscape that takes up the whole tie and goes lighter to the top. You have to see the whole thing so click on the picture above to do so.

No more boring plain ties for you because you can have a big brown grizzly bear on yours.

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buy Panda Bear And Earth T-Shirt

Panda Bear And Earth T-Shirt

If you want a fun t-shirt for Earth Day or any other day of the year then come check out this panda bear and earth t-shirt.

On the t-shirt, you can see a young panda and a tiny planet earth that seems to be dripping green and blue paint and the panda seems to be playing with our little planet.

You can get this cute t-shirt in many colors and in styles and sizes for men, women, and kids. And if you don’t want a t-shirt then you are in luck too as it is available as a tank top, sweater, and hoodie too.

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buy Bears Rolling Pin

Bears Rolling Pin

If you like bears and baking then you need to check out this bears rolling pin.

The wooden rolling pin has many bears all over them and that makes it great when you try to bake something with a bear theme.

Bear cookies, cakes, or even a bear pizza could happen all thanks to this rolling pin.

The rolling width is 10 x 2 inches making it the perfect size for most baking jobs.

You will surprise people when you show the bears on you baking and I am sure that his rolling pin will be one that you will enjoy using for a long time.

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buy Panda Nerd T-Shirt

Panda Nerd T-Shirt

Ladies! What eats, shoots, and leaves?! A Panda!! (Ok, so chute me!)

Who can take a bamboo, strip it free of leaves, chew it up and never get the “heaves”!? The Panda bear can!

Somethings in life are not black and white! And then some things are! And the Panda is a beautiful reminder of a life without race, being equally Black, White and Asian. Paradoxically perfect as a living Yin-Yang.

So, if you’re ok with your geek showing a bit, you’re going to love this panda nerd t-shirt! So cute with the intellectual glasses perched on it’s little panda face.

There are things in life you just MUST have.. this is such an item! Great to accessorize with different outfits year round. Get it while you can! Beautiful shirt! Bear necessities of life!

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buy Bear And Camo Kids Pajama

Bear And Camo Kids Pajama

If your child wants some cool pajamas then maybe these once would work as they camo and a bear on it.

The pajama pants have gray and green camouflage pattern and the top is black and shows a bear on it and it says “Sup?” as if it really cares what you think.

It’s just a fun boys pajama and it is available in many small and big kids sizes. And the bear pajama is made from 100% rib cotton.

So now hanging out in front of the TV on the weekend will be more comfy and warm thanks to these pajamas that are also great for a good nights sleep.

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buy Panda Bear Phone Stand And Money Bank

Panda Bear Phone Stand And Money Bank

Now you can have a money bank and a phone stand in one and it looks like a panda bear.

The ceramic panda bear has a money slot on the back and you can access the money through the bottom and his arms and legs are a smartphone stand so that your phone can stand up so that you can easily see when a notification comes in or you can use it to show videos.

The cute panda will look great on your desk and because it is a money bank to you can use it to save up for the next phone you want.

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buy Bear Full Body Pillow

Bear Full Body Pillow

It is time to get a really cool sleeping companion, well do not just get a boring plain pillow when this is an option.

This full body pillow features the cute design of a baby bear cub, black soft fur with all the details of a bear from a large head, paws, and belly. It is a giant pillow by using the soft plush head or paws this bear cub is great for anyone.

All four of the paws and belly are filled with bean sacks to give the paws and stomach weight and character. It measures 48 inches long and loves to cuddle.

You simply cuddle up to the bear and become one and then it is hibernation time.

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buy Women’s Candy Cane Panda Christmas Sweater

Women’s Candy Cane Panda Christmas Sweater

Now you can have an ugly Christmas sweater that is adorable and cute and has a panda bear on it.

This green women’s sweater is made from 100% cotton and shows a young panda and it is wearing a red and white Santa hat and enjoying a candy cane. So it seems like this panda replaced bamboo with a yummy candy cane. Besides the animal, it has some fun Christmas style decorations in the background to make this into a true sweater for Christmas.

You can get this panda Christmas sweater in women’s sizes Small – 2XL and it’s one of those sweaters you just need to have as it is so cute and fun.

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buy Panda Bear Christmas Gift Tags

Panda Bear Christmas Gift Tags

After wrapping the Christmas presents they need a label to make sure we know who it is for and this panda gift tag is perfect for that.

These gift labels are little 2 x 3.75 inch stickers that have a red and green border and an image of a panda that is wearing a Santa hat and holding a green wreath and next to the animal it says “to:” and “from:” so that you can mark the present.

These fun Christmas gift tags come in a set of 90 or more labels so that you are all set for Christmas this year and the next.

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buy Women’s Fuzzy Koala Slippers

Women’s Fuzzy Koala Slippers

If you like koala’s and warm feet then these koala slippers are what you need.

These slippers have a cute koala face on the front complete with ears, nose, and eyes and besides the face, the slippers look really fluffy as the material gives it that look and I am sure they will be nice and warm on your feet.

These women’s slippers fit feet size 4.5 – 9.5 and will quickly become your favorite footwear around the house.

So if forget about those cold feet and just think of the adorable koala on the slippers and you are all set .

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