buy Polar Bear Pole Dancing T-Shirt

Polar Bear Pole Dancing T-Shirt

This t-shirt shows you what polar bears to keep in shape, they pole dance.

On this fun t-shirt you can see a polar bear dancing his pole that is positioned on a floating piece of ice and there is more ice and a little ice berg in the distance.

When bears visit the North Pole they like to keep in shape and pole dancing seems to help with that.

You can get this funny pole dancing t-shirt in men and women’s styles in many sizes and fun colors and all made from 100% cotton.

If you would like a polar bear t-shirt that people will laugh about then maybe this t-shirt can be the one.

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buy Koala Socks

Koala Socks

You have been waiting to get a pair of koala socks, ever since the thought first floated through your imagination! It’s hard to let go of this desire, and now you don’t have to anymore! Koala socks have arrived!

The cutest marsupial on the planet (sorry kangaroos..!) the “eats, shoots (chutes) and leaves” crazy critter known as the koala, belongs on your ankles! Why? Because cute!

Form fitting and durable tri-blend is made from 75% cotton, 20% polyester and 5% spandex – will make sure you feel hugged and comfy! Brightly coloured – green, dark green, black and grey – your mood will transform to “awesome” the moment you slide this pair on! Super sweet stockings, your feet will thank you!

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buy Polar Bear Ice Cream T-Shirt

Polar Bear Ice Cream T-Shirt

A bear-sicle t-shirt is perfect for you to wear today! Sometimes there is not much more (for anyone) to add to the goings on of a circle of friends or colleagues.

The cartoon feel of this piece of clothing is key. It’s face value. This shirts graphic is a wonderful popsicle with a polar bear head on the end of the popsicle stick labeled “ice bear”. Nothing more need be said.

Available in sizes Small to 6XL, you will be able to choose from a wide array of colours that will be perfect for your wardrobe needs, from ice blue to dark chocolate to kiwi green. And this polar bear t-shirt is available in men and women’s styles and is made from heavyweight 6.1 oz cotton.

Some things really are that simple!

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buy Women’s Panda Bear Shoes

Women’s Panda Bear Shoes

Are you looking for panda shoes? Preferably ones with embroidered bamboo on them? You ARE?? Well, look no further.

Sometimes there is one accessory that will tie an outfit together and complete the look. This Chinese style of adorable, rubber soled panda shoes does this exactly.

Near the toe of the light blue (also available in red) shoes you see two embroidered bears, one sitting panda style, eating chutes and leaves, the other, walking forward in a non threatening manner. The light green embroidery near the heal is that of the stylish bamboo plant, brightly placed, happily accentuating the magical feel of this “easy on and off” footwear.

Non-slip rubber soles will keep you on solid ground whether you are looking cute in the mall, or dancing at your prom. This little number will be a perfect addition to your fashion options, and “plays well” with your existing skirts, pants and shorts.

Get one or two pair of these cotton-blend beauties in the size meant for you and be glad that you made a great purchase. You’ll be happy you grabbed these when you saw them!

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buy Giant Black Bear Wall Decal

Giant Black Bear Wall Decal

Now you can have a black bear wall decal on your wall witch makes you feel closer to nature specially as it is a giant bear.

The wall decal of the black bear is 5.5 feet wide and 4 feet wide and that makes it like life size or close to it and that of course makes this just an unique piece on your wall and the bear brought his own piece of grass to stand on so it’s like almost like real nature on the wall you put him on.

Besides the big bear it also comes with some smaller bear decals that you could use as details to make the room complete.

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buy Straw Bear Cub Purse

Straw Bear Cub Purse

This adorable bear cub/club purse will lock down the cute-factor and accentuate your look with hard to beat definition! It’s simple lines made from straw, and simple bear cub design, are hard to put into words, but will get you all the right kind of attention.

7.75″ x 6.5″ x 3.5″ is just right – and this 100% straw made accessory has a removable strap to turn it into a clutch purse – when the occasion calls for it.

Get quick access to the single interior pocket using the handbag’s single clasp. This perfect item melts hearts, complete with it’s light brown coloured wicker structured head, glossy eyes and flaxen snout – and it is ready to bring you both smiles and functionality.

It’s a simple bear necessity that will mind your phone, cash and effects when you are out looking unstoppably innocent and smart.

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buy Panda Doing Yoga T-Shirt

Panda Doing Yoga T-Shirt

Did you even see a panda doing yoga?

I am pretty sure you haven’t and that is why this is the t-shirt you want as it shows the big black and white bear doing 9 different yoga moves.

And of course even a panda uses a yoga matt and this panda has a pink one with flowers on it.

You can get this adorable yoga t-shirt in men and women’s styles in many sizes and colors and you can get it as a tank top to witch maybe great for wearing to your next yoga class.

Sure a panda doing yoga sounds crazy but that makes this just a super fun t-shirt to wear.

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buy Panda Bear Luggage Cover

Panda Bear Luggage Cover

If you want your suitcase easy to spot then a luggage cover would be what you need.

And if you like panda’s then this suitcase cover is definitely worth looking at.

The suitcase cover comes in multiple sizes to fit you suitcase perfectly. It covers the while suitcase but leaves room for handles and wheels so nobody can get into your luggage without removing the panda and that makes it a lot more secure. The cover also protects your suitcase from damaging.

On this suitcase cover you can see a cute panda bear that is wearing an orange jacket and a sweater just like you could be wearing while traveling.

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buy Polar Bear And Fish Golf Club Head Cover

Polar Bear And Fish Golf Club Head Cover

You golf clubs are important and that is why they should stay in tip top shape and a head cover will protect your clubs head from harm.

And this golf club head cover looks like a white polar bear that just caught a fish and that is not only great for protecting your club but it also looks adorable.

This polar bear head cover will fit all metal woods including a 460cc. So small or big clubs the will go perfectly in the polar bear for optimum protection.

Of course having a polar bear on your golf club also makes it a lot easier to spot it  in your bag.

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buy Bunny And Bear Egg Mold’s

Bunny And Bear Egg Mold’s

Do you want you eggs to look amazing for Easter or just for lunch?

How about making your eggs looking like bunnies and bears?

This set of two egg mold’s will transform a freshly boiled hardboiled egg into a rabbit or a bear face.

Just put a warm egg in the mold and cool it down in the fridge or maybe some ice water and soon your egg will come out like a cute animal face.

If you have a hard time getting your child to eat an egg then maybe it helps if you transform the boring oval into a cute animal shape.

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