buy Panda Bear Kite

Panda Bear Kite

Panda Bear Kite

Gawrsh, this kite is just cute!! You can take your panda to the sky with this large “easy flier” kite, complete with 300 feet of 30 pound test kite string and winder.

So awesome the panda sweetly clings to the bamboo chute, while flying high in the sky! Extremely simple to set up, this time honored tradition of kite flying can be enjoyed by anyone five years or older.

It might just renew the tender best of your child-like qualities, and you are guaranteed to be the provider of smiles to anyone who beholds it. Measures 46×65 inches, it rolls up easily and could fit in your car spring to fall, so when the magical moment moves you – voila! spontaneous joy for all those involved.

Get your family this fun looking Panda Bear Kite.

buy Bear Ornate Art Canvas Print

Bear Ornate Art Canvas Print

Bear Ornate Art Canvas Print

On this beautiful canvas print you will find a detailed bear in a powerful stance using grey and black shading, this bear is highly decorative using an ornate art style that for many is very symbolic and meaningful.

You can get the ornate bear canvas print in sizes: Small 8 inches x 8 inches up to XL 20 inches x 20 inches, each print has a clear lacquer coating that is UV resistant to help protect your canvas and it will last a long time.

Decorate any room with a piece of art that many will love and talk about.

Show off your artistic side with the Bear Ornate Art Canvas Print.

buy Polar Bear Fridge Alarm

Polar Bear Fridge Alarm

Polar Bear Fridge Alarm

If you often forget to close your fridge door then you need Hogen the polar bear.

This polar bear is a fridge alarm. Just put him inside your fridge and then when you open the door Hogen will start talking to you so that you know that the door is open.

And to make it a bit more fun this polar bear only speaks Japanese and that of course will make you smile overtime you open the fridge.

Maybe you wonder what it says but I don’t think it will complain about the cold as it is a polar bear.

Come check out this Polar Bear Fridge Alarm.

buy Rhinestone Panda Bear Necklace

Rhinestone Panda Bear Necklace

cute Rhinestone Panda Bear Necklace

If panda’s are the bear of choice then you have to take a closer look at this super cute panda bear necklace.

The necklace is 15.5 inch long and has a 2 inch extension and the panda pendant is 1 inch wide and 1.25 inch high.

The pendant is made from metal with black and silver rhinestones to make this bear look amazing. And the panda is even carrying a piece of bamboo on it’s shoulder so that it doesn’t have to go hungry.

So now you can carry around a panda around you neck everyday as this special jewelry is just to cute not to wear.

If you like panda’s then you have to check out this Rhinestone Panda Bear Necklace.

buy Lazy Panda Round Throw Pillow

Lazy Panda Round Throw Pillow

Lazy Panda Custom Print Round Pillow

The panda bear is cute and like most it too needs some downtime, a nap perhaps.

On this vibrant green round throw pillow you will find a very cute black and white cartoon image of a panda bear lying down with the quotation bubble above that has “Zzz…” and underneath you can insert your own two line of text. Exampled here is “I’m not Lazy. I’m just conserving energy.”

The round pillow measures 16 inches in diameter and has a hidden zipper on the case, also included is the pillow insert. The case is machine washable and is made to be very durable and soft and snuggly all at the same time.

Snuggle up with the Lazy Panda Bear Round Throw Pillow.

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buy Panda Bear Women’s Shoes

Panda Bear Women’s Shoes

Panda Bear Flat Women's Shoes

Are you looking for some cute white flat shoes?

These women’s flats are perfect for that.

They are white and made from Synthetic materials and come in sizes 5.5 – 8.5 and the nose of the shoes there is a black stitched panda bear face and that of course is super cute. And the ears are even a bit cut into the edge of the shoe to give it an even more realistic look.

And yes these shoes are white and that means keep them out of the mud because then the Panda will be a different color.

If you like some cute flat shoes then come see these Panda Shoes.

buy Bear Paw Oven Mitts

Bear Paw Oven Mitts

Bear Paw Oven Mitts

Oven mitts often come in pairs and so do paws and that is why these bear oven mitts come in a set of two.

Now cookie becomes more fun because you can have oven mitts that looks like bear paws.

The paws are made from insulated cotton with silicone pads to make them look great and work as well as any other oven mitt.

And as they come in a set of two you can have both hands protected while cooking those hot dishes.

Why have a boring pair of oven mitts when you can go all bear on them.

So drop the old mitts and replace them with this set of Bear Oven Mitts.

buy Biking Panda’s T-Shirt

Biking Panda’s T-Shirt

Panda's On A Bike T-Shirt

How do Panda families move around?

Yes most times they just walk but this family of panda bears is trying a bicycle to get from A to B.

And this biking family is put on a t-shirt witch really shows the nice bike mother panda has and on the back there is a little panda kid and in the basket on the front there is another little panda.

All those panda’s and the bicycle just make this t-shirt fun.

And luckily for you this t-shirt comes in many styles and sizes going from Small – 6XL. Both men and women can enjoy this fun Panda Bears Biking T-Shirt.

buy Animal Character Women’s Underwear

Animal Character Women’s Underwear

Panda, Cat And Bear women's Underwear

If you like animals and would love some on your butt then you have to check out these cute panties for women.

This is a set of 3 pairs of women’s underwear.

All have a plain colored front with a little paw print and on the back they have an cute animal face with ears. And each pack has a panda, cat and bear in it so that you can be a different animals everyday.

These women’s panties come in sizes Small – 2XL and are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

Now you can behave like a panda, cat or bear without people knowing why you do because nobody knows that you are wearing Animal Character Undies.

buy Brown Philibin Plush Teddy Bear

Brown Philibin Plush Teddy Bear

Gund 18 Inch Brown Philibin Plush Teddy Bear

Are you looking for the perfect Teddy Bear?

Gund made this one specially for you. Philibin the chocolate brown teddy bear.

This brown plush bear is 18 inch tall and cute, soft and curious.

Made for people 1 year and up this plush bear can be loved by many people from babies to old people all will love the soft bear.

And as Philibin is made by Gund you know that it is a quality product made by a company that makes toys for more then 100 years.

This bear with his curious expression on it’s face and big paw printed feet will be loved by young and old.

So lets surprise someone with this Plush Chocolate Colored Teddy Bear.