buy Polar Bear And His Teddy Bear Notebook

Polar Bear And His Teddy Bear Notebook

We all need notebooks to write stuff in and if you like cute polar bears then this is the notebook to look at.

On the front of this spiral bound notebook you can see an fun piece of art that shows a polar bear taking a nap while cuddling with his teddy bear.

Yes this proves that polar bears also like plush animals.

You can get this spiral bound notebook in lined or graph paper and each journal has 120 pages ready for you to use.

A polar bear notebook like this is great for at home, school and even at work.

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buy Giant 26 Inch Koala Bear Plush

Giant 26 Inch Koala Bear Plush

Sure you can buy koala bear plush toys but they most times are just small. But you are in luck because we found you a koala plush that is almost life size.

This plush toy is 26 inch tall and yes  it’s super cute and loves to cuddle.

The kola is grey of course and is holding it’s hand together as it is a bit shy and it is wearing a fancy red bow to.

A plush that is more the 2 feet tall is just super fun to own and yes even adults are allowed to get one because they like to cuddle to.

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buy Polar Teddy Bear Snowflakes Wrapping Paper

Polar Teddy Bear Snowflakes Wrapping Paper

When you think of the amazing giant polar bear I am sure you will also think of snow, combine these two winter things on some wrapping paper and give someone a gift with this fun duo on it.

This wrapping paper features a nice icy blue background color and white detailed snowflakes all over along with multiple sizes of cute little polar bears that are in the style of a teddy bear.

Available to order in a wide selection of sizes with each roll measuring either 6 feet x 30 inches or 15 feet x 30 inches with the 15 foot roll approximately wrapping 9 shirt sizes boxes. Using vibrant bright colors of print on the highest gloss paper available giving you a durable long lasting wrap that will be great for all your presents.

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buy Jumbo 8 Foot Stuffed Teddy Bear

Jumbo 8 Foot Stuffed Teddy Bear

Everybody loves a teddy bear to cuddle with and be their secret friend, how about going one step further than a regular teddy bear with this giant 8 foot jumbo plush teddy bear.

This jumbo teddy bear is all light brown and has short soft fur and has detailed paws that are white with dark brown prints along with facial features that make this bear look adorable and friendly.

Made to be very durable and last a long time while also super soft to feel and snuggle with, it measures a total of 8 feet high or 93 inches x 30 inches x 30 inches.

Make somebody very happy in a large way with this classic teddy bear.

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buy Panda Christmas Wrapping Paper

Panda Christmas Wrapping Paper

So we all know how cute a baby panda bear cub is, now how do we make it even cuter. Well that is easy throw some holiday cheer for Christmas in and the image on this wrapping paper is what you end up with.

Have a look at this cute panda baby, sitting down in a playfull pose and of course in the spirit of Christmas the panda is wearing a red Santa hat and multiple images cover the entire roll, how cute and how fun.

Each roll of wrapping paper is printed with vibrant high quality colors on a very highest gloss paper with many roll sizes to choose from.

To put the rolls that measure 30 inches x 15 feet in perspective you will be able to approximately wrap 9 shirt sized boxes with one roll of wrapping paper.

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buy 2016 Bears Wall Calendar

2016 Bears Wall Calendar

If you like bears and want a nice calendar on your wall then this 2016 bears wall calendar could be perfect for you.

In this calendar you can find all kind of bears like grizzlies, polar bears, black bear, bear cubs and even a white spirit bear. Every month you will be dazzled again by a new photo of a different bear.

Just find the perfect spot on one of your walls and start enjoying this calendar right now.

And ever calendar needs room for these important dates and this calendar has you covered there as well.

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buy Hello Bear Shower Curtain

Hello Bear Shower Curtain

We all have to shower but without a good shower curtain that quickly becomes a wet mess.

If you like friendly bears then this bear shower curtain could be perfect for you.

On the shower curtain you can see a picture of a brown bear and he is waving at you with his big paw.

This bear shower curtain is 69 x 70 inch and has 12 stitched enforced eyelet for the shower hooks (not included). Made from 100% softened polyester this shower curtain does not only look great but also gets the job done.

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buy Brown Bear Peruvian Hat And Mittens

Brown Bear Peruvian Hat And Mittens

Brown Bear Peruvian Hat And Mittens

This peruvian style hat features the look of a brown bear, all brown with a cute face that is detailed and ears that stick up along with tassels that hang low under each ear.

The mittens match with the brown color and have two white stripes on each wrist and is perfect to wear with the hat.

The bear hat with matching mittens is fit in a range of kids toddler sizes 2T to 4T and features stretch mittens so they will fit all sizes nice and snug while both keep your little one snug and warm.

Have a look at the Brown Bear Kids Peruvian Hat And Mittens.

buy Panda Bear And Baby 300 Piece Puzzle

Panda Bear And Baby 300 Piece Puzzle

Panda Bear And Baby 300 Piece Puzzle

The art of putting together a puzzle, for young it is a challenge and learning expierience for some it may be a great stress reliever. What ever your reason check out this fun panda jigsaw puzzle.

On this puzzle you will see a mommy panda with a baby panda both in detailed black and white foraging around with colorful flowers and butterflies aswell as a tree with some monkeys hanging around.

The panda puzzle features 300 pieces and when finished will look amazing, you could laminate it and hang it up or just tear it down bow it up for another rainy day.

Try the Panda Bear And Baby 300 Piece Puzzle.

buy Grizzly Bear Wrapping Paper

Grizzly Bear Wrapping Paper

Grizzly Bear Happy Birthday Gift wrap

This is special gift wrap for wrapping those really special presents.

On the wrapping paper you can see a mommy grizzly bear and two cubs and besides that there will be text but you can decided what it says (at no extra cost).

Maybe yours will say “Happy Birthday” or maybe “Happy Holidays” the options are limited only by your imagination.

You can get this grizzle bear gift wrap in all kind of sizes so that you can get what you really need.

And personalized gift wrap makes giving and getting presents even more special so I would say come check out this Grizzly Bear Wrapping Paper.