buy Giraffe Party Hat

Giraffe Party Hat

If you want a fun hat then you should check out this giraffe party hat.

The costume hat has a diameter of 8 inch making it a perfect fit for most adults.

The hat is a complete giraffe that just misses its legs and that is why you should he wearing the giraffe as it needs someone to walk it around.

The giraffe has everything you expect from the spotted skin and manes all the way to it’s little horns and eyes and yes it even has nostrils.

A fun hat like this is great fun for Halloween or any other dress up occasion and you could even use it as a decorative piece for on your table.

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buy Moose In Human Costume T-Shirt

Moose In Human Costume T-Shirt

Now there is a funny moose in human costume t-shirt.

So now you can dress up without being dressed up and that makes this the perfect Halloween costume or just a fun everyday shirt.

You can get this t-shirt in many colors and sizes and in styles for men, women, and kids.

On the t-shirt, you can see a picture of a moose and around it, you find the text “I’m really a moose in a human costume”.

You have to admit it is a fun shirt and I am sure people will smile when they see you wear this amazing moose t-shirt.

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buy Cute Cow Hat

Cute Cow Hat

If you want to dress up like a cow then you need this cute cow hat.

The hat just sits on top of your head and makes it looks like you have a cow head on complete with a cute face and ears and horns sticking out.

A hat like this is perfect as part of your Halloween cow costume.

And after Halloween, you can still be a cow so put your hat on and you are ready to be doing some mooing around.

The plush cow hat is about 15.5 inches wide and 9 inches high and is one size fits most hat.

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buy Huggables Monkey Baby Costume

Huggables Monkey Baby Costume

This Halloween will be your babies first Halloween and this Huggables monkey baby costume is just perfect to be the first costume ever.

The costume is made for infants ages 3 – 9 months and is made from 100% polyester fleece making it nice and soft and warm.

The costume transforms your baby into a cute monkey with long arms that fit around your neck and long monkey legs that go around your body and all that makes it easier to hold the baby.

And the infants baby costume has a cool hood with a monkey face on it a big ears sticking out on the side.

Make your monkey’s first Halloween a success by dressing it in this fun costume.

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buy Women’s Sexy Penguin Costume

Women’s Sexy Penguin Costume

This Halloween you can be a sexy bird all thanks to this women’s sexy penguin costume.

The women’s costume has everything you need except shoes. And everything is black and white with the exception of the beak of the penguin.

Included are a fun hat with a penguin face, gloves, bra top with choker, and leggings.

And after you impressed the friends at the Halloween party you could keep things like the leggings as you could be wearing them all year long when you are not dressed as a penguin.

You can get this women’s penguin costume in different sizes for the perfect fit.

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buy Fitting Red Ladybug Costume

Fitting Red Ladybug Costume

If you are looking for a cute ladybug costume then you should check this one out.

The costume is available in many sizes for both kids and women.

Included in the ladybug costume is a form fitting bodysuit that is red with black dots and it even covers your feet and hands. Included also are a face mask and a belt and pouch.

So everything a cute Halloween ladybug needs is part of this outfit so you can be ready in no time for this years dress up party.

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buy Huggables Koala Baby Costume

Huggables Koala Baby Costume

If you want a fun costume for your baby that is easy on you when you go do trick or treat with the other kids then you need this Huggables koala baby costume.

The costume is made from 100% polyester fleece and that makes it warm and soft and it is made for babies ages 3 – 9 months.

The costume is koala bear color and the arms are long so that the fit around you neck and the legs are longs so that the fit around you too and then there is a hood that has the face of a koala on it complete with big ears sticking out.

People that see you with your little koala will smile because it is just adorable.

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buy Caged Human Carried By A Gorilla Costume

Caged Human Carried By A Gorilla Costume

If you are looking for an amazing Halloween costume then you should check out this caged human gorilla costume.

The costume will make it look that you are stuck inside a cage that is being carried by a big black gorilla.

The costume makes you wear the gorilla but your upper body will show in the cage. And it will really look like you as you need to bring your own shirt, pants, and shoes that will show in the cage.

The gorilla costume is perfect for men and women that are less than 6.5 feet tall and below 240 pounds.

Now you can be carried around in a case this Halloween and that will be an amazing way to spending this fun dress up holiday.

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buy Mallard Duck Costume

Mallard Duck Costume

Always want to quack for a reason? If so then this mallard duck costume is perfect for Halloween.

The duck costume is for adults and comes in two sizes and will fit most adults.

The duck costume includes Tunic, pants, headpiece, slippers, and a belly and all that transform you into a male mallard duck.

Now you can be a bird but unlike a real duck I would not try to float in the pond or just of the roof to fly away because this is just a costume so even after a couple drink on Halloween you can still not try to be a real mallard duck.

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buy Latex Squirrel Mask

Latex Squirrel Mask

If you always wanted to look like a squirrel then this latex squirrel mask is a great way to start.

Just put the mask over your head and you will look a lot more like a squirrel. It does help if you have a big fluffy tail and can climb trees quickly because that is what squirrels can do too.

Now for Halloween or just to scare the squirrels in the garden, you can wear this mask and make it look cool with some other fun outfit details.

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