buy Happy Easter Chocolate

Happy Easter Chocolate

Now there is this fun bunny Happy Easter Chocolate.

This is a box of chocolate and on the box, you can see the Easter bunny surrounded by Easter eggs and flowers and grass.

Inside the box, you can find a 2-pound slab of chocolate or a box with 45 smaller chocolate pieces and all are decorated in Easter style.

The chocolate is real Belgium chocolate and the 2-pound slab comes in milk and a dark version and the 45 piece box has a mix of both.

So if you want something different than Easter eggs but still want chocolate then getting this box of Easter chocolate is what you want.

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buy Easter Bunny Wrapping Paper

Easter Bunny Wrapping Paper

If you have some present to wrap for Easter then you should check this Easter bunny wrapping paper.

The wrapping paper is white and on it you can find many face of the Easter bunny in many fun colors and all those Easter bunnies make the gift wrap look amazing.

You can get this Easter wrapping paper in many lengths from 6 – 60 feet and it all rolls are 30 inches wide. So you just have figure out how much you need and you can get all the paper you need without having lots of leftovers.

So get those Easter presents wrapped in bunny style.

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buy Easter Carrot And Bunny Inflatable

Easter Carrot And Bunny Inflatable

If you like a fun Easter decoration then you should check out this Easter carrot and bunny inflatable.

The inflatable is great for in and outdoor and it inflates in no time at all and it even has lights build in so that it looks great in the dark too.

The inflatable is a big 4 foot tall carrot and on the carrot is says “Happy Easter” and on the sides you find two white rabbits.

It’s just a great piece for the Easter holiday and having the cute carrot with bunnies in your yard will make people smile when they walk bye you home or when they visit you.

Get your Easter Carrot And Bunny Inflatable

buy Easter Bunny Figurine

Easter Bunny Figurine

If you want some fun Easter decor then you just need this Easter bunny figurine.

The ceramic figurine shows white rabbit and it is holding a green Easter basket with inside it some Easter eggs.

Adding this rabbit figurine to the breakfast table on Easter will be cute as the furry animal just looks perfect in between your eggs that you are serving for breakfast on Easter.

A cute figurine like this is also a great addition for anyone that loves cute figurine and a bunny is always cute even if it is not Easter.

Get your Easter Bunny Figurine

buy Easter Bunny Outdoor Inflatable

Easter Bunny Outdoor Inflatable

If you want some fun Easter decorations for the garden then you should check out this Easter Bunny outdoor inflatable.

The inflatable shows a big happy Eater Bunny and he is pushing a wheelbarrow with in it two Easter eggs that are all decorated.

The outdoor inflatable will inflate in second as it has a build in fan and even lights so that you can see this rabbit even at night.

Now you can be ready for the Easter egg hunt because the Easter Bunny is here with his wheelbarrow full of Easter eggs.

Get your Easter Bunny Outdoor Inflatable

buy Easter Bunny Leggings

Easter Bunny Leggings

If you are looking for fun leggings for Easter then you should check  out these women’s Easter Bunny Leggings.

These leggings have a fun colored background in all kind of bright colors and on it you can find rows and rows of rabbits all ready to become the next Easter bunny.

You can get these bunny leggings in normal legging style and as capri’s and they come in women’s sizes XSmall – XL.

By putting on these fun leggings you are ready for Easter but they also look great any other day of the year especially if you like rabbits.

Get your Easter Bunny Leggings

buy Bump ‘N Go Egg Laying Chicken Toy

Bump ‘N Go Egg Laying Chicken Toy

This toy chicken is great for kids as it loves to move around make sounds and lay eggs.

Yes this chicken will move around you living room bumping into things and that makes it go elsewhere and while doing that it will lay eggs.

A great toy to teach kids where eggs come from and also great fun for Easter.

Just imagine having a chicken moving around you home laying one of her eggs right in front of you.

A chicken with light and sound that lays eggs that will be just the perfect kids present for Easter morning.

Get your Bump ‘N Go Egg Laying Chicken Toy

buy Bunny And Bear Egg Mold’s

Bunny And Bear Egg Mold’s

Do you want you eggs to look amazing for Easter or just for lunch?

How about making your eggs looking like bunnies and bears?

This set of two egg mold’s will transform a freshly boiled hardboiled egg into a rabbit or a bear face.

Just put a warm egg in the mold and cool it down in the fridge or maybe some ice water and soon your egg will come out like a cute animal face.

If you have a hard time getting your child to eat an egg then maybe it helps if you transform the boring oval into a cute animal shape.

Get your Bunny And Bear Egg Mold’s

buy Sleeping Easter Bunny T-Shirt

Sleeping Easter Bunny T-Shirt

What better then getting in the Easter spirit then wearing a super fun Easter t-shirt like this one?

On this t-shirt you can see a big Easter egg lying in the grass and of course the egg is all decorated in fun colors and a great pattern. And do you notice something on top of the egg? Yes it’s the Easter Bunny having a nap because hiding all those eggs is hard work and after a while it would be time for a quick nap.

The t-shirt is just super cute and it comes in men and women’s styles in all kind of colors and in many sizes so that you have a big opportunity to be the best dressed this Easter.

Get your Sleeping Easter Bunny T-Shirt

buy Chicken Shaped Egg Basket

Chicken Shaped Egg Basket

If you have chicken that lay eggs or just chocolate eggs for Easter you need the perfect basket to collect them in and display them in and this chicken basket maybe just what you need.

This is a wire basket shaped like a chicken and you can see the eggs inside. And the egg basket has a foldable handle so that it’s perfect for collecting eggs and great with the handles down for having eggs out on the table or kitchen counter.

A wire basket like this is just great fun for Easter or if you have your own chicken for everyday use because you know that fresh eggs from the hen do not need to go in the fridge.

Get your Chicken Shaped Egg Basket