buy Pig Calendar Figurine

Pig Calendar Figurine

If you like a cool pig for in your home then check out this pig calendar figurine.

The pig is made from wood and is black and has a worn look and that makes it old and really cool looking.

Inside the pig it has a calendar with the month on top and below the day of the month and you can change it everyday so that you know what day it is and it is made in wood and the same worn look so that it fits perfectly with the pig.

A pig figurine calendar like this is great for on your desk or for in the kitchen or bookshelf.

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buy Easter Bunny Figurine

Easter Bunny Figurine

If you want some fun Easter decor then you just need this Easter bunny figurine.

The ceramic figurine shows white rabbit and it is holding a green Easter basket with inside it some Easter eggs.

Adding this rabbit figurine to the breakfast table on Easter will be cute as the furry animal just looks perfect in between your eggs that you are serving for breakfast on Easter.

A cute figurine like this is also a great addition for anyone that loves cute figurine and a bunny is always cute even if it is not Easter.

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buy Stone Carved Elephant Figurine

Stone Carved Elephant Figurine

If you would like an elephant figurine then this is the one you want to see as it is hand carved out of stone.

And this is not just any elephant as this one is carrying a baby elephant inside and you can see that thanks to the carved out pieces on her body.

A stone hand carved figurine is something special and something that would just be amazing when placed in your home.

Made in Agra the city of the Taj Mahal in India this soapstone figurine is the real deal and something people will keep staring at as it looks so nice.

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buy Dachshund Hot Dog Figurine

Dachshund Hot Dog Figurine

Now there is a dachshund figurine that really makes it looks like a wiener dog as the dog is wearing a hot dog bug.

This cute dog is wearing a hotdog bun and seems to have mustard on it’s back and that makes this dachshund the perfect wiener dog and you can own this cute little fellow for on a shelve in your home.

This dog figurine is made from resin by Westland Giftware and measures7.1 x 2.8 x 2.8 inch which is the perfect size for this adorable dog.

Now you just need a place for this adorable hot dog and I think even the kitchen could work.

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buy Grizzly Bear Pen Holder

Grizzly Bear Pen Holder

Grizzly Bear Pen Holder

So you have that nice desk but always loose your pens while working.

That can now be a thing of the past with his grizzly bear pen holder.

The pen holder has a nice wooden base with on it a grizzly bear figurine and besides the bear a nice pen.

You can use the gold tone pen when you are writing and then put it back in the nice holder when you are done. Never do you have to look for a pen again because the bear will watch over it.

Working on your desk becomes extra nice when you have this Grizzly Bear Pen Holder.

buy Skunk Figurine Pen Holder

Skunk Figurine Pen Holder

Skunk Figurine Pen Holder

Add some elegance to your desk or work station and show your love of one of nature’s misunderstood animals, the skunk.

This 6” x 5” wooden base is perfect for displaying the bushy, black and white resin skunk figurine and don’t worry that its tail is raised, this skunk does not have an unpleasant oder.

A gold tone pen holder and pen is attached to the wood plaque beside the intricately designed skunk.

This skunk pen holder would look spectacular in your home or at the office and would be a welcomed gift for a skunk lover.

Bring the outdoors inside with this Skunk Figurine Pen Holder.

buy Wing Flapping Butterfly

Wing Flapping Butterfly

Wing Flapping Butterfly

Butterflies are amazing creatures that we can stare at for a long time while they fly around from flower to flower so smooth and easy.

Now you can have your own butterfly flying at your desk. It does not actually moves but it keeps flapping it’s wings just like a real butterfly would.

The wing span of the butterflies is 4 to 5 inches depending on the kind you choose.

You can get the following butterflies:

  • swallowtail
  • blue morpho
  • monarch

And each of these butterflies get their power from a USB port like you have in you computer.

Enjoy the movement of a butterfly by getting you own Wing Flapping Butterfly.


buy Crystal Turtle Figurine

Crystal Turtle Figurine

Turtle Figurine

Are you looking for the perfect turtle as decoration?

How about this crystal turtle?
It is nicely detailed and is clear. The turtle measures 7 x 5 x 3 inch making that the perfect size for this crystal turtle.

Just imagine this turtle with you collection of crystal or animals.

A figurine like this is hard to find so don’t hesitate and come get your Crystal Turtle Figurine.

buy Reaching Tabby Cat Statue

Reaching Tabby Cat Statue

cute tabby cat figurine

This ceramic Cat looks like he is reaching for a treat. This Polyresin statue is 1.5 lbs and measures 4 inches in height.

This grey and white tabby cat has incredible life like features with the little pink nose and smiley kitty lips.

Excellent attention to details on this lovely collector’s item. Maybe this kitten wants to be part of you collection.

Come have a better look at this Taby Cat Figurine.