buy Elephant Love Greeting Card

Elephant Love Greeting Card

If you like to send the love in your life a fun car then check out this elephant love greeting card.

The card shows a cute elephant sitting down with some flowers with hearts next to it and the elephant is blowing a lot of red hearts through his trunk.

A card like this is great as a Valentine’s Day card or any other occasion your like to make clear how much you love the love of your life.

You can get this elephant greeting card in many sizes like normal card sizes all the way to a giant 7.8 x 11 inches.

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buy Yellow Elephant Plush

Yellow Elephant Plush

Now there is a cute yellow elephant plush and it is so adorable so everyone is going to want one.

This elephant looks like a baby elephant as it has many wrinkles like it didn’t grow into it’s skin yet and that makes it really adorable.

The plush elephant is pretty big with as it is more then 20 inches tall and that makes it one nice big plush kids will like but also adults will love.

Just imagine this cute yellow animal plush in your home and it’s adorable eyes just want to cuddle with the cute animal all day long.

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buy Lots Of Elephants Wrapping Paper

Lots Of Elephants Wrapping Paper

Now you can wrap your presents in fun lots of elephants wrapping paper.

The gift wrap paper is 30 inches wide and comes in many lengths so that you can get the right amount of paper for your needs.

The paper is white and on it you will find rows and rows of elephants that looks adorable and they are all grey and just look adorable.

Besides using this as wrapping paper for presents you could choose to use it for something else like lining drawers or maybe covering a book because the elephants is fun to look at.

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buy Metal Elephant Lunch Box

Metal Elephant Lunch Box

If you like taking your lunch to work or school and you like animals with big trunks then you should check out this elephant lunch box.

The metal lunch box comes in different colors so that it is a bit more personal for you and then on both the front and the back you can find a big black and white photo of an elephant and it kinda looks like it is coming for you lunch.

The elephant lunch box has a black handle on top and a metal clasp to keep it closed.

No need to buy outside food anymore all thanks to this amazing lunch box.

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buy Elephant Couples Keychains

Elephant Couples Keychains

If you like to have matching key chains with your loved one then you should check out this elephant couples keychains.

The set includes two elephants and when you put them together the trunks align.

The elephants are made from metal and are great for hanging on your keys or maybe even your bag. The elephants don’t have the same color. You can get set with silver and gold, silver and pink, and black and gold.

And these fun elephants come in a nice gift box so that you can give them to the love of your life and then you can have fun and matching elephants to go with your keys.

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buy Elephants Reflecting Into Polar Bears T-Shirt

Elephants Reflecting Into Polar Bears T-Shirt

If you like an amazing shirt with animals then you have to check out this elephants reflecting into polar bears t-shirt.

On the t-shirt you can see a circle and they are two sides of the world with the Africa on top and the North Pole on the bottom and in Africa you can see the red sunset and 3 elephants walking by and on the bottom part of the circle you can see a gray sky and 3 polar bears walking and they are upside down and it looks like the bottom half is a reflection in water and that is why the elephants seem to connect to the polar bears.

And this t-shirt is available in styles for both men and women and it comes in sizes Small – 6XL and even in a bunch of dark colors.

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buy Halloween Elephant Outdoor Inflatable

Halloween Elephant Outdoor Inflatable

If you are looking for fun outdoor Halloween decorations then you should check out this elephant outdoor inflatable.

The inflatable looks like an elephant but this big gray beast is wearing a mask and hat and has a saddle to that says “Trick Or Treat” on it.

The elephant is 3.5 feet high and has a light inside it so that you can see it in the dark and it also blows itself up as it has a build in pump that will make this giant elephant grow to full size in no time at all.

Elephants are not the typical Halloween thing and that makes this inflatable elephant so fun to have.

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buy 3 Sprouts Elephant Lunch Box

3 Sprouts Elephant Lunch Box

If you like elephants and are hungry at school or work then you just need this elephant lunch box from 3 Sprouts.

The lunch box is silver in color and is made from 100% Polyurethane and is Phthalate-free and lead-free and measures
9″ width x 6.5″ height x 7″ depth.

On the outside, you can also find a nice elephant with hearts on it and the animal looks cool against the silver background. Inside the lunch box, there is a lot of room for boxes, ice packs, and snacks and there is also a name tag so you can write your name on it so that you never get lost.

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buy Elephant Phone And Pencil Holder

Elephant Phone And Pencil Holder

We all have stuff cluttering our desks at home and at the office but this elephant phone and pencil holder is here to make the clutter less.

The wooden elephant is just fun looking and its trunk is a stand that you can use to hold your phone in both landscape or portrait mode and you could use it to hold different things to like cards or maybe posted notes.

The big back of the elephant has 3 holes in them and you can store pens and pencils in them and that way they don’t have to role of your desk anymore when not in use.

This wooden elephant is just versatile and fun and would look great on almost any desk.

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buy Elephant Self Shower T-Shirt

Elephant Self Shower T-Shirt

If you like elephants and funny t-shirts then you just have to check out this showering elephant t-shirt.

The elephant t-shirt is available in many fun colors and in style for both men and women in sizes Small – 6XL and all are made from 100% cotton.

On the t-shirt, you can see an elephant wearing a shower cap and it is using its trunk as a shower.

It’s just a cute t-shirt shirt that will make you and other smile and maybe you dream away to a place where elephants shower this way.

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