buy Husky Hooded Hat Attached Scarf And Mittens

Husky Hooded Hat Attached Scarf And Mittens

The majestic Husky is a dog breed that looks just like a wolf. Why not keep yourself warm and look like a Husky with this awesome hooded hat with attached scarf and mittens.

Made to look entirely like Husky fur with grey, white and black tones this has a large hooded hat with details of super cute ears on top. Find an attached scarf that extends into comfy warm mittens.

The underside of the mittens feature a grey Husky paw print and you will also find a zippered inside pocket perfect to keep your phone, wallet or small personal items safe.

Use this Husky hooded hat, scarf and mittens to keep warm from the winter weather or wear it as a Halloween costume.

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buy Cow Print Cowboy Hat

Cow Print Cowboy Hat

If you like a new hat and cows then check out this cow print cowboy hat.

The hat is shaped like most cowboy hats only this one is white with black shapes just like you expect from a cow and that gives this hat the perfect animal print and the hat has a little strap so that you don’t loose you hat on a windy day and that strip is white and black to making it look perfect with the rest of the that.

And this cow hat is one size fits most making it perfect for anyone.

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buy Giraffe Party Hat

Giraffe Party Hat

If you want a fun hat then you should check out this giraffe party hat.

The costume hat has a diameter of 8 inch making it a perfect fit for most adults.

The hat is a complete giraffe that just misses its legs and that is why you should he wearing the giraffe as it needs someone to walk it around.

The giraffe has everything you expect from the spotted skin and manes all the way to it’s little horns and eyes and yes it even has nostrils.

A fun hat like this is great fun for Halloween or any other dress up occasion and you could even use it as a decorative piece for on your table.

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buy Cute Cow Hat

Cute Cow Hat

If you want to dress up like a cow then you need this cute cow hat.

The hat just sits on top of your head and makes it looks like you have a cow head on complete with a cute face and ears and horns sticking out.

A hat like this is perfect as part of your Halloween cow costume.

And after Halloween, you can still be a cow so put your hat on and you are ready to be doing some mooing around.

The plush cow hat is about 15.5 inches wide and 9 inches high and is one size fits most hat.

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buy Octopus Beanie Hat

Octopus Beanie Hat

If you want your head to be warm and you looking really freaky then this octopus beanie hat could be perfect for you.

The knit hat makes it look like your head is an octopus and the hat on the pictures is dark gray but it does come in many other colors too like yellow, blue, red, and green.

Besides, when it is cold you can also wear this octopus hat as part of a Halloween costume piece making you the human from the sea.

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buy Shark Week It’s A Bad Week To Be A Seal Baseball Cap

Shark Week It’s A Bad Week To Be A Seal Baseball Cap

If you want a cool baseball cap for Shark Week then this is the cap for you.

You can get this cap in many colors like black, blue, light blue, pink, orange, and more. And it is a snapback baseball cap that is perfect for men and women.

On the cap, you can see a seal and also the text “Shark Week It’s A Bad Week To Be A Shark”.

So now you can wear a cool hat while watching or rewatching Shark Week and it also shows that you feel sorry for those poor seals.

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buy Penguin Winter Hat

Penguin Winter Hat

If you are looking for a fun hat for winter then come see this penguin winter hat.

The winter hat is great for both kids and adults and is one size fits most.

The hat is a Laplander style hat that is black and white just like a penguin and has the beak and eyes of a penguin too.

As penguins live where it is not so warm this hat will make sure that your head is not getting cold this winter.

Sure the hat may make you look a little bit goofy but whenever was that a bad thing.

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buy Elephant Costume Hat

Elephant Costume Hat

If you would like to dress up like an elephant then you need this elephant hat to make your head look like a true elephant head.

The elephant hat of course offers big grey ears and the head of an elephant there is even a trunk that will be sitting right above your eyes.

A fun hat like this is great for any dress up occasion and also perfect for Halloween.

And this elephant costume hat is great for both kids and adults that want to look like elephants.

Now you just need to dress up in grey and wear the hat and you are all set to pretend you are an real elephant.

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buy Sloth Trucker Hat

Sloth Trucker Hat

If you wear hats and take things slow then this trucker hat is just what you need.

This is sloth hat and that means that it shows an animal that takes things easy and slow to just like you.

This cap comes in 11 fun colors and all shows a picture of a sloth and the animal is taking nap on the word “sloth” because why not right.

Your new sloth cap is adjustable in size and can range between 17 and 24 inch making it perfect for most adults.

Of course you don’t have to get this hat for yourself as it does make for the perfect present for you a slow friend or coworker.

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buy Wolf Plush Hat With Attached Gloves

Wolf Plush Hat With Attached Gloves

With the cold winter weather and snow you need to wear something warm and comfy, who better than to trust than a wolf.

This beanie hat features a nice plush wolf head that has grey fur, blue eyes and white nose. The ears stick up and are grey with white insides. Attached are some long grey tassles that have glove pockets for your hands and look just like the wolfs paws.

The long paws are great to keep your hands warm or use them as pockets, another really cool feature is you could use it as a scarf.

This is a great hat for all to enjoy and it gives you a unique fun look to get through that cold weather.

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