buy Octopus Hoodie

Octopus Hoodie

The octopus is an amazing creature that it awesome in every way, especially the way it looks with its long tentacles flowing. So why not pay tribute to the Octopus with a cool and unique sweater.

On this hoodie you will see the hood covered in the color and design of an octopus head and body while the legs flow down the sweater arms and torso with a lot of fine details bringing this octopus to life.

Available in a wide selection of adult sizes from Small to 2XL and features two pockets. Made to be very durable while super comfortable and soft to make this Octopus hoodie your go to sweatshirts for all occasions.

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buy Octopus Beanie Hat

Octopus Beanie Hat

If you want your head to be warm and you looking really freaky then this octopus beanie hat could be perfect for you.

The knit hat makes it look like your head is an octopus and the hat on the pictures is dark gray but it does come in many other colors too like yellow, blue, red, and green.

Besides, when it is cold you can also wear this octopus hat as part of a Halloween costume piece making you the human from the sea.

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buy Santa Octopus Ugly Christmas Sweater

Santa Octopus Ugly Christmas Sweater

Merry Christmas from all, even the fun and amazing octopus is in the holiday season cheer.

This is an all blue knitted sweater that has multiple octopus shaped snowflakes all over front and back and features a large octopus on the front wearing a Santa hat and beard aswell as holding many presents, just imagine how fast this Santa octopus could hand out presents.

The octopus ugly Christmas sweater is made to be warm, soft and very comfortable while also durable to last you a long time. It is available in a wide selection of women’s sizes that will range from Small to XL and will be perfect for all your holiday events like the work Christmas party.

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buy Drumming Octopus T-Shirt

Drumming Octopus T-Shirt

The octopus is an amazing, mystical creature that we now see has a very cool talent.

On the front of this t-shirt you will see a light blue octopus with 8 tenticles each holding a drum stick and sitting at a drum kit that on the floor base has the text “Rock 2 Pus”.

The fun octopus t-shirt is available in a wide variety of sizes that run from Small to 3XL and is made to be both durable and comfortable as it is made from 100% cotton.

You can also get the print on many different styles of shirts from hoodies to women’s fitted and all come with the choice of a front or back print.

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buy Octopus Colored Shower Curtain

Octopus Colored Shower Curtain

It is time to put the finishing touches in your bathroom, adding this octopus shower curtain is the perfect accent.

On the front of this shower curtain you will find a very large detailed image of an octopus with the rest of the curtain background a very vibrant pastel blue, teal and green that fades into each color.

Made from a very durable material that will last a long time and fit almost any standard curtain rod.

Make your sea themed bathroom awesome with the octopus shower curtain that will definitely turn some heads when anyone sees it.

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buy Octopus Bow Drop Earrings

Octopus Bow Drop Earrings

Octopus Bow Drop Earrings

The octopus is an amazing sea creature, what could be better?

Well why not an octopus with a set of bows on top, all on a dangling earring!

These earrings feature a dangling octopus that has fine intricate detailing and attached above the octopus is a little set of bows giving this an amazing look, you are sure to get a double take with this fine piece of jewelry.

Made from metal that has a lot of fine detail and craftsmanship with a very smooth and shiny finish, using a fish hook type insertion these octopus dangling earrings measure 1 1/2 inches.

Turn some heads while wearing these Octopus Bow Drop Earrings.

buy Octopus iPhone iPod Case

Octopus iPhone iPod Case

Octopus iPhone iPod Case

The octopus is amazing, intelligent and has many defense mechanisms like its ability to change colors to camouflage from predators …. so why is this important, well it sounds like a great way to protect your precious iPhone or iPod devices.

On the front of this case there is a great picture of an octopus done in a grey stencil type of drawing that has a very large amount of attention to detail.

The Octopus case is available in the following :

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPod touch 4G

A very well made high quality case that while on leaves you full access to all the ports and buttons, and will protect from scratches and dents.

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buy Octopus T-Shirt

Octopus T-Shirt

The Mountain Octopus T-Shirt

From the deep dark depths of water the octopus has many great qualities other than looking fierce, mean and awesome the octopus has many arms to make it unpredictable.

This t-shirt features an octopus deep in the water near the bottom with some rocks and a very gloomy setting, find the octopus in an electrifying light green color with it’s tentacles ready to strike.

Made to be very comfortable this is a premium hand dyed t-shirt that is 100% cotton and has a screenprinted image that will last a very long time.

Available in a huge variety of child and adult sizes.

Check out this The Mountain Octopus T-Shirt.