buy Poodle Merry Christmas T-Shirt

Poodle Merry Christmas T-Shirt

Now there is a poodle Merry Christmas t-shirt for all the dog lovers that like a fun shirt for the holidays.

On the black t-shirt you can see small snowflakes in the background and in front of that a big poodle and the dog is wearing a Santa hat and a red collar to be all festive and to make it all complete they put the text “Merry Christmas” on top of it all.

You can get this t-shirt in men’s sizes Small – 5XL and it is made from 100% cotton.

And sure the poodle t-shirt is a men’s shirt but that does not mean that it would not look amazing on women.

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buy Women’s Poodle Pajama

Women’s Poodle Pajama

If you like dogs and sleeping then you should check out this women’s poodle pajama.

The sleep set is made from 100% cotton and comes in women’s sizes 4 -14.

The pajama pants are pink and are covered in hearts and then there is the top and that is a light colored tank top with on it a poodle that is wearing a hat and below the dog it says “Ooh La La!” and that almost makes it French.

It is just a fun pajama that is great for sleeping and just lounging around at home when you have a day off so if you like dogs and look fun then you need this.

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buy Black Labrador Christmas Sweater

Black Labrador Christmas Sweater

If black labs are the dog of your choice then you should check out this black labrador Christmas sweater.

The Christmas sweater is available in many colors and sizes and is unisex so both men and women can enjoy it. And the same design is available on different piece of clothing to including hoodies and t-shirts.

On the Christmas sweater, you can see the head of a Labrador and he has his head on an angle just like he is seeing Santa leaving presents. And the dog on the sweater has a nice red Santa hat and he has a red dog collar too.

So this Christmas you can have a fun dog on your holiday sweater.

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buy 2018 What Puppies Teach Us Wall Calendar

2018 What Puppies Teach Us Wall Calendar

If you like to smile then you should get this 2018 what puppies teach us wall calendar.

In the calendar you will find adorable puppy pictures and what they are teaching us. Each month will bring you a new fun puppy picture for you to look at for a month and I am sure you will smile the whole month when you see the picture.

Below the puppy, it shows a nice calendar grid with plenty of room to write things down important things and the grid already has important dates like major holidays filled out for you.

So make room on a wall at home or the office because puppies want to teach you things in 2018.

Get your 2018 What Puppies Teach Us Wall Calendar

buy Dog In The Snow Christmas Pillow

Dog In The Snow Christmas Pillow

If you like a fun piece of Christmas decoration for around the house then you should check out this dog in the snow Christmas pillow.

The pillow shows a winter snow scene and from the snow, on the ground, you can see a dog breaking through the snow and it is looking really cute and it is also wearing a red Santa hat.

And this dog Christmas pillow is available in many sizes going from 16x 16 inches all the way to 24 x 24 inches and it comes in a version for indoors but also for outdoor so that you can this dog pillow on the chair outside this holiday season or just on the couch inside.

If you like cute dogs and the winter holiday season then you should check out this pillow.

Get your Dog In The Snow Christmas Pillow

buy Dachshund Paper Towel Holder

Dachshund Paper Towel Holder

Now there is a dachshund paper towel holder for everyone that need somewhere to store your paper towel and likes dogs.

This dachshund is made from resin and has a metal cooper looking finish and looks like a giant long dog sitting up.

And besides a paper towel, you can also use this dog as a toilet paper holder so that the cute dog is waiting at your side holding a bunch of toilet paper.

It’s pretty easy to take the paper rolls out by simply removing the head of the dog and it is easy to place it back.

Get your Dachshund Paper Towel Holder

buy Dog Bottle Stopper

Dog Bottle Stopper

If you like your wine but have problems emptying the bottle then you will need this dog bottle stopper.

The wine bottle stopper is shaped like a dog and the middle of the dog has ridges that keeps you bottle closed and that means that the head and front legs of the dog will stick out of the bottle while the other end will be in the bottle.

Made from food grade silicone the dog is just amazing especially if your like dogs and wine and you can just throw it in the dishwasher so that is always clean and ready to be used.

Get your Dog Bottle Stopper

buy Frenchies Rule Mug

Frenchies Rule Mug

If a French bulldog is the dog of your choice then you are going to love this frenchies rule mug.

The white ceramic mug is dishwasher safe and 11oz.

On the white mug, you can see a French bulldog with a paint brush in its mouth with pink paint dripping off the brush. Behind the dog, it says “Frenchies Rule” freshly painted by the cool dog on the mug.

Now morning coffee and afternoon tea will be so much better because you have a mug that reminds you about your amazing dog.

A dog mug like this is great fun for at home but works great at work too although people may want to steal the mug as it is amazing.

Get your Frenchies Rule Mug

Audiobooks For Dogs

Audiobooks For Dogs

If you enjoy listening to audiobooks then you know how amazing they are and now there are audio books for dogs.

Yes, dogs can now enjoy listening to audiobooks when you are not around.

Dogs left alone at home or a kennel when you are not around could be restless and making them listen to a cool audiobook curated especially for your dog can help them relax a bit when you are away.

A good start would be listening to the Free Guide To Audiobooks For dogs by Cesar Millan’s as he did research into how dogs behave when you are away and how the respond to audiobooks.

And after that, you could get a 30-day free trial Audible subscription so that your dog can enjoy nice books. Or you can give it a try with a book like The Art Of Racing In The Rain.

And many of the books are perfect for humans too so you can even enjoy an audio book with your favorite pet.

buy Santa Pug Christmas T-Shirt

Santa Pug Christmas T-Shirt

Now there is a pug Christmas t-shirt and that is just perfect as part of a fun Christmas outfit especially if you like dogs.

You can get this pug t-shirt in many colors and in style for both men and women and it even comes in sizes Small – 6XL and all are made from 100% cotton.

On the t-shirt, you can see a black pug wearing a red Santa hat looking all so cute. The pug seems to be part of a painting as it is placed in a square that will stand out more with certain colors of shirts making this a real personal looking shirt for you as it is just like you want it.

Get your Santa Pug Christmas T-Shirt