buy Black Pug Sticker

Black Pug Sticker

If you like dogs and want a cute sticker then you want this black pug sticker.

The sticker is die cut and shows a black pug that is lying down and sticking out it’s tongue.

And this cute puppy sticker is 87 x 76mm which makes it the perfect size for almost on anything.

Just imagine having this cute dog on your school notebook or on your laptop or maybe even you car. This vinyl stick will look stunning on almost anything and it will make you and others smile every time they see it so find the perfect spot and bring smiles to the world.

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buy Party Pug Tank Top

Party Pug Tank Top

If you want a fun t-shirt for a party then you should check out this party pug tank top.

The tank top is pink on the front and black on the back and on the front you can see a big picture of a pug that is looking up as it maybe it is smelling birthday cake. And the dog is all ready to party as it is even wearing a red and white party hat.

You can get this party pug tank top in women’s sizes Small – 2XL and it is available as t-shirt, hoodies and many other piece of clothing too so if you like the design just not the tank top then just click on the shirt to see all the options.

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buy Santa Pug Christmas T-Shirt

Santa Pug Christmas T-Shirt

Now there is a pug Christmas t-shirt and that is just perfect as part of a fun Christmas outfit especially if you like dogs.

You can get this pug t-shirt in many colors and in style for both men and women and it even comes in sizes Small – 6XL and all are made from 100% cotton.

On the t-shirt, you can see a black pug wearing a red Santa hat looking all so cute. The pug seems to be part of a painting as it is placed in a square that will stand out more with certain colors of shirts making this a real personal looking shirt for you as it is just like you want it.

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buy Women’s Pug Slippers

Women’s Pug Slippers

If you hate cold feet and love pugs then you need these women’s pug slippers.

The slippers are super cute and make it looks like you are wearing pugs on your feet. The whole slipper looks like the dog of your choice with his cute face on the front and a little tail on the back.

And to prevent cold feet the slippers are lined with a plush material and they have a no slip sole so that it is safe to use in the house. And if your pug slippers would get dirty then you can even wash them in the washing machine.

After all that you surely want a pair of pug slippers and that is why I tell you that they come in many women’s sizes ranging from size 5 -10.

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buy Pug In A Rain Boot Shower Curtain

Pug In A Rain Boot Shower Curtain

If you like pugs and need a new shower curtain then this is what you want.

On this shower curtain you can see two pink rain boots with white flowers and in the first rain boot you can see a pug just looking out on the world.

Yes, this dog is prepared for the water that comes down while taking a shower and that makes this a real funny shower curtain.

The pug shower curtain is 69 x 70 inches and is made from 100% softened polyester and has 12 enforced eyelets for you shower hooks.

Bring some fun and color to your bathroom with this cute and fun shower curtain.

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buy Ceramic Pug Christmas Ornament

Ceramic Pug Christmas Ornament

If you would like a Christmas ornament with a pug on it then you can stop looking as we found it.

This doggy ornament comes in many shapes like round, star, heart, and more and all are made from ceramic and come with a gold thread for hanging.

And this ornament has a white background and on that a pug that is wearing the hat of Santa Claus and a red bow tie. And you will see a closeup of the pug on one side and a full body shot on the other side so that from each angle the dog will look different and festive.

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buy Pug Pulp Fiction T-Shirt

Pug Pulp Fiction T-Shirt

Well isn’t this just an awesome way to show off your pug love and Pulp Fiction love.

On the front of this black t-shirt you see a classic movie still scene from Pulp Fiction. Find two black suits, white under shirts arms up pointing guns and instead of the main characters heads you find pug heads. Also find the saying of “Pug Fiction” in white block letters.

Available in a wide selection of men’s and women’s sizes that range from Small to 4XL. Made from a very durable long lasting 100% cotton that will also be super comfortable and soft to wear.

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buy Pug Tea Infuser

Pug Tea Infuser

If you like tea and dogs then this tea infuser could be just what you need.

The tea infuser looks like a pug and is made from silicone. The dog is made in a way that you put it’s body in the hot water while his front legs and head stick up above the mug looking at you while it’s making tea.

Just put your loose leave tea inside the pug and you are ready to go and it’s so adorable to look at that you probably are going to drink a lot more tea just to look at this cute doggy steeping the tea for you.

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buy Pug Peach Women’s Crew Socks

Pug Peach Women’s Crew Socks

If you love the dog breed of pug and you are looking for a sweet pair of socks to show it off then have a look at these socks.

This is a pair of crew socks that are all peach in color and have multiple images all over it of a cute pug dog.

Made from a perfect blend of Cotton Nylon and Spandex material giving you a very comfortable durable and stretchy sock for all occasions. A crew sock style that will also keep your feet very warm.

Available in a one size fits most that will range from shoe sizes 5 to 10 or women’s sizes 9 to 11.

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buy Christmas Pug Pencil Skirt

Christmas Pug Pencil Skirt

If you are looking for something to dress up in for you Christmas party then how about this cute skirt?

The red skirt shows pugs that are dressed up and besides that there are many Christmas details like trees, gloves, snowflakes, ornaments and presents.

If you like dogs or just pugs this skirt could be something you can enjoy this holiday season.

And this women’s pencil skirt comes in sizes XXS – 2XL and is made from 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane and has a stretch waistband.

Combine this skirt with a fun top and you are all set to celebrate Christmas.

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