buy Boxer Puppy Sticker

Boxer Puppy Sticker

Now there is this fun Boxer Puppy Sticker that is just perfect for anyone that likes stickers of cute dogs.

This dog sticker is cut to shape and as you can see it is shaped like the head of a boxer. And you can get this sticker in many different sizes and you can choose a mat or glossy version and the edge can be white or see through.

So now you just need a nice spot for this vinyl dog sticker and I think it will be nice on a computer but it can go on almost any flat surface and often you can also remove it safely if you ever got sick of looking at this cute doggy.

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buy Painted Boxer Mouse Pad

Painted Boxer Mouse Pad

Now you can have a dog at your desk all thanks to this Painted Boxer Mouse Pad.

The dog mousepad just looks adorable and it is a great quality with a non slip back so that it stays in place even if you are gaming or doing bookkeeping.

The boxer mousepad is 9.25 x 7.75 inches which makes it the perfect space for your mouse and also the perfect size for looking at it.

On the mousepad you can see a nice portrait of a boxer and it almost looks like a photo but it is more like a watercolor painting which makes it like there is art on your desk.

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buy Boxer Statue

Boxer Statue

If you like dogs and want something in your home to make that clear then you want this Boxer Statue.

The dog statue is made from cold cast bronze and is about 25 cm tall and weighs 2.5kg.

As you can see the boxer has amazing details and is sitting down and if you click on the picture then you can look at it from different perspective.

An amazing piece like this will last a life time and can be passed on for many generations because everyone is going to love this bronze dog.

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buy 2019 Just Boxers Wall Calendar

2019 Just Boxers Wall Calendar

A new year means a new calendar and if you like dogs then you will like this 2019 Just Boxers Wall Calendar.

The wall calendar will bring you a new fun photo of a boxer so that you have a different dog looking at you each month of 2019.

Below the dog there you will find a nice calendar grid with plenty of room for birthdays and other appointments and all the major holidays are already filled out for you so that you never have to wonder when things are going to happen.

Now every home can have a dog all thanks to this boxer calendar.

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buy Boxer Bathroom Scale

Boxer Bathroom Scale

On a scale of one to ten, boxers are the best! That is why you want a boxer on your bathroom scale! Logic dictates it! And the stunningly gorgeous hues and defined lines on this artful piece will make you so glad you got one.

The quality of life is more than just numbers. For one weighing in on the joie de vivre, human’s best companion, a sweet pup, is a welcome friend to have along to lighten up the ritual of getting on the scale.

This gorgeous bathroom scale has a comforting, full sized image of a boxer’s wide-eyed mug, gazing on in unconditional friendship. He (or she) loves you even when you have a couple to few extra pounds from daily fluctuations!

Dog gone it, it’s about making life more beautiful! Any canine lover would love to have this gorgeous and useful bathroom accessory to make life’s journey more enjoyable and that’s exactly what this lovely dog bathroom scale will do! Treat yourself to the pleasure of this scale.

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buy Boxer Golf Club Head Cover

Boxer Golf Club Head Cover

If you like boxers and golf then you just need this boxer golf club head cover.

The dog will protect your golf club head from harm while looking really cool and that also makes it so much easier to get the right club really quickly.

The boxer head cover will fit a club up to 460cc driver making it really versatile and just amazing.

A high-quality product like this is just perfect for many rounds of golf and also makes for the perfect present for your favorite golfer.

You probably can’t take you own real boxer when playing golf so this golf club head cover makes you feel like you took your favorite dog golfing.

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buy Boxer Dog Portrait T-Shirt

Boxer Dog Portrait T-Shirt

Boxer Dog Portrait T-Shirt

Is the boxer you kind of dog?

If so then you should check out this t-shirt that is available in green and white and comes in a men and women’s fit.

On this t-shirt you can see a portrait of the dog while he is staring away and that makes you wonder if there is a treat he likes somewhere.

The dog has a nice collar with flower on it with a ID tag so that this boxer not have to get lost.

You can get this dog t-shirt in sizes Small – 6XL and all are just as amazing as the picture above.

Don’t wait come check out this Boxer Dog Portrait T-Shirt.

buy Boxer Throw Blanket

Boxer Throw Blanket

Cut puppy blanket

Boxers are cute and when they are puppies they are even cuter.

Look at this dog on this throw blanket, she just wants to cuddle with you and keep your warm just like the blanket the boxer is printed on.

This woven throw blanket is 54 x 38 inch and is cream color on the front and brown on the back.

Just imagine having this blanket ready on the couch to watch a movie with you. And sure this dog blanket will keep your warm and will just be so handy to have.

Come take a closer and better look at this Boxer Puppy Throw Blanket.

buy Boxer Tote Bag

Boxer Tote Bag

dog tote bag

Attention dog lovers! Why use ordinary shopping bags when you can bring this cute boxer tote bag out with you to carry your shopping items home.

This adorable boxer tote features a photo of a beautiful boxer dog lying down starring at you with his pretty eyes printed on both sides of the bag.

The doggie bag is made from 100% polyester and measures 17 inches in a square sizes. The options are really unlimited to where you can use this bag such as the beach, school, work, grocery’s and the list goes on.

It would make for a great gift for any animal lover out there, especially people who own a boxer dog.

Go out on your shopping trip today and don’t forget your special Boxer Tote Bag.

buy Running Boxer T-Shirt

Running Boxer T-Shirt

Running Boxer T-Shirt

This women’s t-shirt shows one happy active dog running in the grass.

And yes this all is printed on a t-shirt the boxer really stand out against the grass and the green background making it a real nice dog t-shirt.

This boxer t-shirt comes in sizes XSmall – 4Xl and is printed with a water based ink.

Just anyone who likes dogs will look great in this t-shirt and maybe that is why this dog looks so happy to see you.

Come have a closer look at this Running Boxer T-Shirt.