buy Cow Print Throw Blanket

Cow Print Throw Blanket

If you like cows and being warm then you should check out this fun Cow Print Throw Blanket.

This cow blanket is white with black spots just like the black and white cows and this throw blanket will look great on your couch but also the bed.

And a throw blanket is also great for a picnic in the park.

You can get the cow print blanket in different sizes and all are made from 100% polyester fleece.

Animal print blankets are a great way to spruce up your home and this one is perfect if you like cows as much as I do.

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buy Shark Pillow Blanket

Shark Pillow Blanket

Now there is this fun Shark Pillow Blanket that is made for anyone that love sharks.

This is a two in one piece that is great as this is a shark blanket when you need it and when you don’t need a blanket you fold it down and then it looks like a shark pillow.

The pillow really looks a shark and it looks ready to eat you and the towel when unfold has the sharks face becomes a hood making it perfect for wrapping it around your body.

The shark blanket is 37 x 47 inches and that makes it just a fun kids blanket.

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buy Running Horses On The Beach Throw Blanket

Running Horses On The Beach Throw Blanket

If you like horses and want a fun throw blanket then you have to check out this fleece horses blanket.

The horse blanket is 50 x 60 inch and shows a bunch of horse running at the beach with the sea right there and the sun has just set but the sky is still amazing looking.

It is a soft and warm blanket that is perfect for on the couch while watching TV or for on the bed and you can also use it on the go as a travel blanket or for a nice picknick in the park.

If you like horses and need a nice blanket then you just found what you need.

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buy Shark Bite Blanket

Shark Bite Blanket

Have you ever just wanted to cuddle and snuggle up with a shark. Well now it is possible and safe with a very fun and great looking blanket.

The shark blanket is just like a cozy sleeping bag, you just slip inside and it looks like you are in the jaws of a giant shark

With lots of detail find a top and side fins, eyes and tail fins that allow you to slip your feet right into the depths of the shark tail.

Made to be super soft and comfortable it is the perfect blanket to keep you warm and snug but not too hot. It measures 24 inches in width and 56 inches in length.

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buy Sleeping Lion Blanket

Sleeping Lion Blanket

The male lion maybe the King of the jungle but that does not mean that it doesn’t take a beauty sleep.

This fleece blanket shows an image of a sleeping lion on it and that makes it perfect for you to take a nap under as you then are sleeping with jungle royalty.

The image shows a black background that really makes the image of the lion come out and this animal looks so soft in cuddly that it will be fun to have this blanket lying around for when you are cold and need a nap.

The lion blanket is 50 x 60 inch and is a must have.

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buy Lamb GUND Baby Blanket

Lamb GUND Baby Blanket

It’s a boy! It’s a girl! Either one this lamb blanket will be perfect and it is super cute and very useful for some play time on the ground.

When this lamb blanket is flat on the floor the soft plush side faces up and is all cream color and features a plush stuffed lamb head that has soft long ears and four legs stick out shaping the blanket.

This GUND lamb baby blanket is made to be very soft and comfortable for your precious little one while also very durable to last you a long time, it measures 24 inches x 20 inches x 5 inches and has a satin under side with baby safe embroidered facial features on the top.

Get your Lamb GUND Baby Blanket

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buy Space Monkey On A Blanket

Space Monkey On A Blanket

Space Monkey fleece Blanket

Monkey on a blanket! That’s right! It’s a simian on a fleece blankie!! But wait a minute! It’s not just any monkey, it’s a monkey with boxing gloves, on a nice comfy fleece blanket!

But that’s not all, it is a monkey floating across the night sky, holding his boxing gloves up, and wearing an astronaut helmet so he can breath better! And this fleece blanket will keep imaginative lovers of adventure warm and comfy! Hand printed in the USA!

Well… how is the awesome chimp on the blankie flying around?

Well take a look at the crazy chimpanzee! He is of course surfing on a giant banana!

It all makes sense and should be in your room, so when you drift of to the land of awesome dreams, you will have this space chimp as your side kick! I am not sure what is wilder than that! Forget figuring out how far down the rabbit hole goes.. it’s all about surfing the sky with astro-boxing monkeys. Word!

There are magic carpets and the there are flying blankets.

We both know you want this thing. Get your hands on your very own Flying Boxing Chimp Astronaut Fleece Blanket.

buy Mom And Baby Horse Blanket

Mom And Baby Horse Blanket

Mom And Baby Horse Throw Blanket

Horses are nice and this throw blanket is extra nice because it’s soft, warm and has horses on it.

The fleece blanket is 50 x 60 inch and shows a amazing image of a horse and her foal. The mommy horse seem to be eating while the foal hangs around her neck.

Of course a blanket with an image like that is what everyone wants and just imagine cuddling on the couch or just hanging in a chair knowing you will be kept warm by the horses.

And this horse throw blanket is machine washable so that it can be clean and ready when ever you get cold.

Come take a closer look at this Horse And Foal Fleece Throw Blanket.

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buy Peacock Feather Throw Blanket

Peacock Feather Throw Blanket

Peacock Feather Throw Blanket

This throw blanket brings some color to your home. The reason for that is because it is a peacock feather and they are always so beautiful in color.

This is a 54  x 38 inch woven blanket with on the front the big picture of the peacock feather and the back is just plain brown. The fun little tassels on the side make this blanket just perfect for on your couch or chair.

And yes this peacock blanket will keep your warm on those cool nights on the couch.

Even folded this blanket will be fun as you can have different parts of the peacock feather show up without people knowing what is the complete picture.

Come and get warm and cozy with this Peacock Feather Throw Blanket.

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buy Boxer Throw Blanket

Boxer Throw Blanket

Cut puppy blanket

Boxers are cute and when they are puppies they are even cuter.

Look at this dog on this throw blanket, she just wants to cuddle with you and keep your warm just like the blanket the boxer is printed on.

This woven throw blanket is 54 x 38 inch and is cream color on the front and brown on the back.

Just imagine having this blanket ready on the couch to watch a movie with you. And sure this dog blanket will keep your warm and will just be so handy to have.

Come take a closer and better look at this Boxer Puppy Throw Blanket.

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