buy 2017 Horse Yoga Wall Calendar

2017 Horse Yoga Wall Calendar

This wall calendar is something you won’t see in real life as it is a horse yoga calendar.

The 2017 wall calendar brings you a new yoga pose every month and yes they are all done by horses and there are many different horses in the calendar.

A calendar like this will make you and everyone else smile especially because it is just so strange and that makes it funny.

And a calendar like this also makes for the perfect gift for someone who loves horses and does yoga.

And the important calendar part is not forgotten, there is plenty of room on the calendar so that you never have to forget an important date again.

Get your 2017 Horse Yoga Wall Calendar

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buy Horse And Girl Spiral Notebook

Horse And Girl Spiral Notebook

This horse notebook is spiral bound and just perfect for many tasks at home, school, and the office.

On the front cover of the notebook, you can see a photo of a woman and her horse. The horse is black and the woman has black hair and is wearing latex formfitting outfit that makes he look a bit like Catwoman.

The notebook has 120 pages and you can pick the paper between lined or graph so that you can get notebook you need.

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buy Pencil Case With Horses

Pencil Case With Horses

Now there is a pencil case for people that like horses.

Young or old will love having this nice looking pencil case that has a light background with on it all kind of horses that are just playing around.

A pencil case like this is perfect for school, work, and for at home. Just store you pens, pencils, erasers and more inside the fun pencil case so that you never have to search for them again.

Surprise you child or a friend with this pencil case as it would be a great gift for anyone that likes horses or just animals.

Get your Pencil Case With Horses

buy Girls Pink And Blue Horse Backpack

Girls Pink And Blue Horse Backpack

This horse backpack is for girls that would love to go to school caring a backpack with a horse on it.

The backpack is pink and light blue and has shapes of flower on it and yes there is a big white horse on it to.

The horse bag has two pockets that close with a zipper and a side pocket for a water bottle. And at 11.5 X 14 inch this backpack is perfect for school, camping and all kind of other adventures.

I am sure that this backpack will makes some girls really happy specially if they like horse of course.

Get your Girls Pink And Blue Horse Backpack

buy Horses In The Clouds Women’s T-Shirt

Horses In The Clouds Women’s T-Shirt

Now there is this amazing looking horse t-shirt for women that would like to wear something special and like horse of course.

This is a t-shirt that covers both the front and back with the same image and yes that includes the sleeves.

On the shirt you can see a hilly landscape with clouds in the sky and some fog clouds on the ground and in those clouds you can see a mother horse and her baby just walking around. The foal still seems a bit uncertain but that is why mommy is here.

You can get this horse t-shirt in women’s sizes XSmall – 4XL and there shirts are made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex and are really soft.

Get your Horses In The Clouds Women’s T-Shirt

buy Blue Necktie With Galloping Horses

Blue Necktie With Galloping Horses

If you like horses more then dressing up then maybe dressing up will be more fun if you get this horse necktie.

The necktie is dark blue and is covered in galloping horses that are silver in color.

So now you can wear a suit and still have horses near witch of course is better for you and maybe even get people talking about horses with you when they see the amazing necktie on you.

The horse necktie is 55 inch long and at it’s widest point it is 4 inch wide making it the perfect size to wear with a suit or just a dress shirt.

Get your Blue Necktie With Galloping Horses

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buy Horse and Barn Spiral Notebook

Horse and Barn Spiral Notebook

Horse people rejoice! This “Horse and Barn” scribbler is perfect for you and is both elegant and functional.It provides you with a joyful picture on the front of this spiral notebook of your number one past time and hobby – a beautiful mare standing strong and humble in front of a classic country barn.

The artist who designed and painted this imagery captured the spirit and gentle intelligent nature of this equine perfectly and in a very realistic fashion, while bringing a sense of wonder into the work – a distinguished look to have as a print on the front of your stationary.

Don’t delay ordering this stylized item for your note taking needs. You may choose between an assortment of ruled or graphed paper inside. The back cover includes a document pocket, making this item even more convenient and handy. 120 pages inside.

Get your Horse and Barn Spiral Notebook

buy Brown Horse Golf Club Head Cover

Brown Horse Golf Club Head Cover

If you like playing golf but you also like horses then this head cover can bring both things you like together.

This is a golf club head cover that looks like a brown horse.

Just put it over you club and it will be protected from harm while look real nice. And besides protecting you golf club this horse also makes it a lot easier to find the right one so that you can start playing much quicker.

You can put up to a 460cc Driver in this head cover so now you only have to choose witch of your golf clubs will get the horse cover.

Get your Brown Horse Golf Club Head Cover

buy Chestnut Horse Wine Bottle Holder

Chestnut Horse Wine Bottle Holder

Now you wine bottle can be stored in a bottle holder that looks like a horse and if you like horses then this could be just what you need.

The wine bottle holder looks like a brown horse that is laying on it’s back and when you put a bottle in between it’s legs then it looks like the horse is drinking from the bottle.

A bottle holder like this is great for at home or the cabin and it’s just one of those things that tell the world that you like horses and a good glass of wine.

Get your Chestnut Horse Wine Bottle Holder

buy 4 Horses Coffee Mug

4 Horses Coffee Mug

If you like horses and a nice steaming mug of morning coffee then this is what you need.

This white coffee mug shows 4 horses and they looks great. On each side of the mug you can see two horses looking to the handle.

The horse mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and is available in a normal 11 oz or a giant 20 oz.

Stop using paper cups and boring mugs and replace them with something fun like a mug with horses on them as it is a lot more fun to look at.

A mug like this is great for at home and is perfect for at the office to.

Get your 4 Horses Coffee Mug