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Silver Horseshoe Ring

Posted on March 3, 2015 by George buy Silver Horseshoe Ring

Silver Lucky Horseshoe Ring

Are you a horse lover in need of some luck?

Maybe his horseshoe ring can bring you the luck you.

This silver color metal ring is simple and all point to the horseshoe that is part of the loop and the horseshoe is covered in nice shiny stones to make it sparkle on your hand.

A ring like this is perfect for people that love horses and everyone else that can use some luck.

You can get this ring a wide range of ring sizes to get your the perfect fit for your finger.

Come and have a closer look at this Horseshoe Ring.

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Tote Bag With A Girl Riding A Horse

Posted on February 25, 2015 by George buy Tote Bag With A Girl Riding A Horse

Tote Bag With A Girl Riding A Horse

Tote bags are a great way to help the environment, why use plastic as you can get a nice fabric bag that is stronger, nicer and last a lot longer.

This tote bag is perfect for anyone who loves horses.

On the bag you can see a silhouette of a girl riding on a horse and you can even see the shadow off them on the ground.

This tote bag is just perfect for shopping, school, work or fun and when it gets dirty you just put in the laundry.

I would not think twice and just get your own Girl On Horse Tote Bag.

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Horse Light Switch Cover

Posted on February 18, 2015 by George buy Horse Light Switch Cover

Horse Light Switch Cover

If you are decorating a room with a horse theme then this is the light switch cover to get.

The cover looks like stone with in front of it a galloping horse.

Made from hand painted poly resin this light switch cover is strong and just amazing looking.

And any one can install this horse switch plate just remove two screws from the old plate and swap the plates and put the screws back that is all it takes.

In no time at all your light switch can have a horse around it and that is just something different.

Come take a closer look at this Horse Light Switch Cover.

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3 Horses Picture Frame

Posted on January 24, 2015 by George buy 3 Horses Picture Frame

3 Horses Picture Frame

If you know someone that loves horses then you found them the perfect present.

This picture from can hold a 4 x 6 picture that can be placed behind the glass and then it will be surrounded by rough wood with 3 horses on the top part and a horse shoe on the bottom part. The frame is made from poly resin so it looks real but basically is a strong plastic.

Kids and adults will love having a nice photo in this frame.

Just imagine you ride horses then take a picture of you on one and put it in this photo frame.

Go find the perfect picture to put in you new Horse Picture Frame.

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Dreamy Eye Pony Plush

Posted on January 20, 2015 by George buy Dreamy Eye Pony Plush

Aurora Dreamy Eye Pony Plush

The people from Aurora did it again they made a super cute plush animal that you just need to have.

Prancer is a 10″ pony plush or maybe he is just a tiny horse but either way this animal looks so cute and cuddly that we won’t fight about that.

The brown pony has big dreamy eyes and could fall over any second now because it needs a rest. On the inside Prancer is filled with beans and that will make him a bit more posable.

Kids from all ages will enjoy this cute horse. Just think about having this plush horse in your home as it’s seems to need a new home.

Come take a closer look at Prancer Dreamy Eyes Pony Plush.

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Pink Horse Pajama Set

Posted on January 13, 2015 by George buy Pink Horse Pajama Set

Girls Pink Horse Pajama Set

Is you kid crazy about horses? If so then you have to look at these pink pajamas.

Made for kids ages 7 -12 these big girls pyjamas are just perfect for a long night sleep or just playing around the house.

On the pink top and pants you can find a brown, white and grey horse that and a while bunch of horse shoes that are covering the whole pajama set.

And these edges have a ruffle finish to make the girls like these super soft pyjamas even more.

I think it is time to surprise you girl with this Pink Horse Pajama Set.

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Horse Backpack

Posted on January 3, 2015 by George buy Horse Backpack

Horse Backpack

Plain backpacks are great but they are kind of boring to.

If you like horses then you just have to take a closer look at this amazing backpack.

The backpack has a big horse head printed on the front and with brown felt parts on the sides it really feels like a horse to. The brown horse has nice details making this backpack really come to life.

And this backpack offers a big main compartment with plenty of room for books and binder and then there is a smaller compartment that still offers plenty of space for the smaller things that would just get lost in the big section. And with all that space this horse backpack is just perfect of school, work and just fun.

If you are crazy about horses then you just have to take a better look at this Brown Horse Backpack.

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Horse Head Flip Flops

Posted on December 9, 2014 by George buy Horse Head Flip Flops

Horse Head Flip Flops

Flip flops are great footwear you can use on so many occasions so you want some nice once.

These flip flop come in kids, men and women’s sizes with black, pink, orange and blue straps and soles and on the footbed of these flip flops you can see the head of a horse.

If you like horses then these are the flip flops to check out because they are cute and you can always have a horse around.

Summer walk around town or a day at the beach these horse flip flops are just the perfect pair for you.

Just come and take a closer look at these Horse Head Flip Flops.

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Painted White Horse Christmas Ornament

Posted on December 7, 2014 by Johnathan buy Painted White Horse Christmas Ornament

Painted White Horse Christmas Ornament

For the horse lover this is a Christmas tree ornament that you will absolutely love and want to have.

This is a hand painted horse that is all white with painted on red ribbons, green and red holly berries and vines aswell as two beautifully detailed red cardinals that are also raised up for effect. Also the horse has red leg warmers on all four legs adding to the festive season.

The quality and detail is very intricate and amazing, the ornament is all hand painted with the horse in mid gallop and a gold hanging cord attached.

Brighten up your Christmas tree with the Painted White Horse Christmas Ornament.

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Mom And Baby Horse Blanket

Posted on December 5, 2014 by George buy Mom And Baby Horse Blanket

Mom And Baby Horse Throw Blanket

Horses are nice and this throw blanket is extra nice because it’s soft, warm and has horses on it.

The fleece blanket is 50 x 60 inch and shows a amazing image of a horse and her foal. The mommy horse seem to be eating while the foal hangs around her neck.

Of course a blanket with an image like that is what everyone wants and just imagine cuddling on the couch or just hanging in a chair knowing you will be kept warm by the horses.

And this horse throw blanket is machine washable so that it can be clean and ready when ever you get cold.

Come take a closer look at this Horse And Foal Fleece Throw Blanket.

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