buy Clydesdale Horse and Dog Metal Poster

Clydesdale Horse and Dog Metal Poster

The Clydesdale horse is a magnificent and amazing animal, powerful yet graceful, any horse lover will like this poster.

On this metal poster you will see a very nice image of a Clydesdale horse standing in the field grazing, the horse is brown with a white snout and white furry legs a Clydesdale trait. Beside the horse is a dog, the jack russle breed is so tiny compared to the horse and with a title of “I’ll stand by you” which is so fitting for these to animals and this amazing picture.

Shown here is the mette version of the poster but there is also a high gloss version if you like, the metal poster has 2 sizes to choose from the Small measures 14 inches x 12 inches and the medium size is 19 inches x 16 inches.

Get your Clydesdale Horse and Dog Metal Poster

buy Pink Alarm Clock With Horse

Pink Alarm Clock With Horse

Kids Horse Alarm Clock

Now your child can be woken every morning by the sounds of a horse.

And not only the sound of a horse this alarm clock also has a picture of a horse on it.

This clock is pink with yellow bell and feet and has a picture of a blue horse on the clock face.

Just imagine this cute alarm clock on your daughters nightstand.

And you can read this clock in the day or in the dark at night as it has illuminated hands. And the horse clock runs on batteries so no worries about wires and it is strong to so that it can withstand kids.

Make you kid happy with this fun looking Horse Alarm Clock.

buy Blue Leather Horse Barrel Racer Saddle

Blue Leather Horse Barrel Racer Saddle

Blue Leather Horse Barrel Racer Saddle

If you are a horse fanatic and love to ride, dipping around those barrels or straight away YeeHaw! this is a cool and high quality saddle.

Other than it’s great purpose this saddle features a very intricate leather design along with blue inlay, blue seat and blue stirrups looking absolutley amazing.

Made to be very durable from 100% cow hide leather, sturdy silver conchos and a balanced tree that is reinforced with fiberglass the barrel racing saddle also features a very well padded underside made out of fleece.

Available in a range of sizes from 14 to 16 and the stirrups can adjust from 29 inches to 38 inches.

Check out the Blue Leather Horse Barrel Racer Saddle.

buy Show Horses And Stable Play Set

Show Horses And Stable Play Set

Show Horses And Stable Play Set

If you love horses and want a great play set that features a stable this is the perfect toy for you.

Find a wooden stable painted with red stripes on white with eight seperate stalls and eight horses from white, grey and brown colors all detailed and looking ready for show.

The Melissa and Doug Show-Horse Stable is a trusted name giving you a high quality product, included in this play set is 8 different horses with a carry take along stable that all the horses fit in. Also the stable doors swing open and latch closed with other fun accessories like make your own name tags and facts about horse breeds.

Get the Melissa And Doug Show Horses And Stable Play Set.

buy I Love Horses T-Shirt

I Love Horses T-Shirt

I Love Horses T-Shirt

Do you love horses more then anything in the world?

If so then this is the t-shirt you need.

On the shirt is says Love in huge letters and in the letter O you find a horse.

The t-shirt looks really great and it is available in many colors for men and women. Made from 100% cotton this horse t-shirt will soon be you favorite shirt and to make it fit perfectly you can get it in sizes Small – 3XL.

A t-shirt like this just says I love horses and that makes you want to wear it every day of the week and that is why you can get it in different colors.

Come take a closer look at this I Love Horses T-Shirt.

buy Horses In The Sunset Notebook

Horses In The Sunset Notebook

Horses In The Sunset Spiral Notebook

Journals and notebooks are so handy for all the writing we have to do and if you like horses then this notebook maybe perfect for you.

The notebook is spiral bound and has 80 lined pages and is 6.5 x 8.75 inch making it perfect for school, work and just writing at home. On the front and back of this notebook you can see a picture of two horse running through the water while the sun in setting.

Anyone who likes horse can enjoy a notebook like this as it just looks stunning and is so useful specially with the spiral bound.

Make sure you have a notebook ready to use and maybe it can be this Horses In The Sunset Spiral Notebook.

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buy Seahorse T-Shirt

Seahorse T-Shirt

SeaHorse T-Shirt

If you like the power of the ocean and it’s mysteries, you will love this t-shirt featuring the magical seahorse.

The front of the shirt has the outline of a seahorse and  when you look more closely, you will see the silhouette of a horse standing on a cliff overlooking a beautiful blue sky with white clouds and the ocean below.

This seahorse t-shirt is perfect for men or women, so get one for yourself or the as a gift.

This 100% heavyweight cotton t-shirt is available in four colors – black, dark chocolate, deep royal and navy, has short sleeves and comes in unisex sizes Small to 2XL.

Take a closer look at this Seahorse T-Shirt.

buy Clydesdale Horse Wall Decal

Clydesdale Horse Wall Decal

Clydesdale Horse Wall Decal

The clydesdale horse is a giant and amazing animal, if you do not have one of your own or just love them then this huge wall decal is the perfect solution to bring your horse into your room.

This wall decal is a very well detailed, a realistic image of a brown clydesdale horse that has white legs, white front of the nose and the big fuzzy white hooves.

The wall decal is made to be durable and last as it is made by Fathead, it is simple to put on and very easy to remove without leaving any sticky residue.

Get a look at the Clydesdale Horse Wall Decal.

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buy Horse Paint Your Own Activity Kit

Horse Paint Your Own Activity Kit

Horse Paint Your Own Activity Kit

It’s arts and craft time and what better way to put your great skills and steady hand than into a beautiful horse coat, making each horse your own.

This is a complete activity kit that has two white model horses that are ready for you to create your own horse colors and features, from beginner to fine artist anyone can enjoy this set.

The horse activity kit includes 6 paints, 3 brushes and a very well detailed instruction booklet to help you paint that perfect horse aswell as 2 unpainted model horses.

Get creative and inspired with the Horse Paint Your Own Horse Activity Kit.

buy Black Fury Horse T-Shirt

Black Fury Horse T-Shirt

Black Fury Horse T-Shirt For Men And Women
A black horse is what you find on this t-shirt.

And this horse seems to like to put his front legs up in the air to show off how great it looks.

You can get this amazing horse t-shirt in many colors and versions for men and women and they even have an organic cotton one so that there are almost to many options to choose from.

If you like horses then you should check out this t-shirt as it could be the shirt you have been longing for.

Come take a closer look at this Black Fury Horse T-Shirt.