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Horse Head Earings

Posted by on Thursday, 17 April, 2014

horse head earrings

If you love horses and like to wear different styles of earrings these beautiful horse head earrings will be perfect for you.

These lovely pewter horse head earrings are cut in a oval circle with a horses head in the middle with his mane flowing around the edges and is diamond cut for sparkle.

If you have a party to go to and can’t find a gift these horse head earrings would make a great jewelry gift for women of all ages young or old.

Be unique, stylish and get lots of compliments when you wear these special Horse Head Earrings.

Black Horse Sleeveless T-Shirt

Posted by on Friday, 14 March, 2014

Black Horse Sleeveless T-Shirt

This beige shirt is has no sleeves at all but it does have a horse.

On this women’s t-shirt you can see a black horse while running. The image of the horse stands out nicely against the beige background.

The horse shirt is a loose fitting shirt with a plain beige back and that amazing horse on the front.
And sure this women’s shirt is available in a wide range of sizes from Extra Small – 2XL.

The look of this horse shirt is casual and it surely is a great item to have in your closet as it is easy to match with other pieces of clothing.

You should have a closer look at this Black Horse Sleeveless Women’s Shirt.

Mythical Horses Tote Bag

Posted by on Friday, 7 March, 2014

Mythical Horses Tote Bag

A horse is magical, majestic and a very lean power house, although it is most definitely not mythical there are some who have an idea of a mythical horse.

This is a wonderful tote bag that portrays the mythical horse, found on this tote bag is a herd of mythical horses running all together in colors that are magnificent and is on both sides of the tote bag.

With so much detail and exquisite art this mythical horse tote bag also offers an inside zipped pocket for smaller things and the big main pocket also has a zipper to close it.

Made from canvas this bag will be durable and has a water resistant interior with a reinforced bottom panel, measures 10.5 H x 11.5 W x 5.5 D inches and the tote bag handles are 20 inches long.

Have a closer look at this Mythical Horses Tote Bag.

Horses Stable Mates Poster

Posted by on Thursday, 27 February, 2014

Horses Stable Mates Poster

A horse is a magnificent creature that is so unique in its own way, powerful and majestic all in one. The only thing better than a great picture of a horse is two horses.

This print features a picture of two horse heads peeking out of a stable, and that is exactly how we come up with the title for this picture “Stable Mates”.

This is a high quality print that is acid free on a matboard with a foam backing, available in a choice of 3 matboard colors, black, white and off white and measures a total of approximately 16 inches x 20 inches.

You can also find this beautiful print as a Horses Stable Mates greeting card.

Get a closer look at the Horses Stable Mates Poster.

Welcome Friends Horse Doormat

Posted by on Thursday, 13 February, 2014

Welcome Friends Horse Doormat

Do you like horses and love having your friends over?

If so this beautiful horse design mat can sit at your door to show your friends that they are welcomed into your home.

Featuring a beautiful picture of multiple horse’s with welcome friends written on the front of the mat.

The size of the horse doormat is 30 inches x 18 inches and made from 100% polyester fiber with PVC backing .

Good for inside or outside your door. Also it will help keep your floor clean when you place it inside your door.

Give a special welcome to the guests that come into your home with this Welcome Friends Horse Door Mat.

Horse Print Skirt

Posted by on Saturday, 1 February, 2014

Horse Skirt

Do you love the country style living?

If you love horses and like to dress up your daughter. This girls horse print skirt would be the perfect choice to make.

This beautiful girls camel coloured skirt has a pretty horse pattern design with flowers covering the whole skirt. It is 100% cotton with a elasticated waist band and a pretty grosgrain bow. And this skirt comes in sizes that will fits girls from 3 to 13 years.

This elegant skirt is perfect to wear to places such as birthday party’s, school concerts, Sunday school and lots of other functions.

Send your daughter out to her next special function in this unique Belle Horse Print Skirt.

Colorful Horse Wrapping Paper

Posted by on Tuesday, 28 January, 2014

Colorful Horse Wrapping Paper

Do you have a special love for horses? Planning a party for a birthday, wedding or baby shower?

This beautiful high quality colorful horse pattern wrapping paper will be great to wrap your special gifts.

A fun pattern with standing horses wearing blankets and long manes. There’s so many pretty colored horse’s like pink, purple, lavender, blue and shades of green.

The horse wrapping paper is glossy 100% recyclable and comes in different role sizes to best fit your needs.

So if you love horses and you need wrapping paper. Wrap those presents now in this pretty Colorful Horse Pattern Wrapping Paper.

Black And Pink Horse Rain Boots

Posted by on Wednesday, 1 January, 2014

Kids rain boots with horses

Do you kids like horses?

If they do then they will love these rain boots that are covered with pictures of horses.

The rain boots are black with a pink top edge and sole and on the black you can see pictures of running horses in all kind of colors.

These horse rain boots come in a wide range of toddler and kids sizes.
And these boots are made from rubber with a knit lining and a non slip rubber sole.

Kids can now play in the mud and walk in the rain all without getting wet feet.

Come have a closer look at these Black And Pink Horse Rain Boots.

Horse Shaped Ring

Posted by on Tuesday, 17 September, 2013

Horse Shaped Rings

Do you like horses?

If you do then you should check out this special jewelry.
These are rings that are shaped like horses.

The rings come in a silver or gold color finnish and both are shaped like a horse.
The horse is complete with legs and tail and of course it’s head and that one sticks out of the ring making it a real prominent detail of this piece of jewelry.

By clicking on the picture of the rings above you will get to see more views of this horse ring and how special it is.

This is not a ring you find easily and it will stand out but if you like horses you should see this Horse Shaped Ring.

Horse Paper Plates

Posted by on Friday, 6 September, 2013

pony paper plates

The birthday party that is themed all horses and ponies need some fun paper plates to put that cake on.

How about a round paper plate with a black horse on it while it is running through the fields.

These horse plates are round and are 7″ in diameter and they come in a pack of 8 so that you have plenty for many kids who come to your pony party.

Kids are gone want these plates home as the photo on it is so nice.

Come and check out these Black Horse Party Plates.