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Mad Looking Gorilla Face T-Shirt

Posted on April 11, 2014 by George buy Mad Looking Gorilla Face T-Shirt

Mad Looking Gorilla Face T-Shirt

This t-shirt shows a big picture of the face of a gorilla and the monkey doesn’t seem to be happy.

This gorilla t-shirt come in a bunch of styles for men, women and kids and that means many sizes to. And this monkey shirt even comes in a whole bunch of different colors but my favorite is the black just like on the picture above.

I don’t know if the gorilla is mad or maybe surprised or maybe even scared. It’s up to you to decide what the monkey is thinking.

Lets give this monkey a new home so come and get your Mad Looking Gorilla Face T-Shirt.

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Monkey Kids Wrist Watch

Posted on January 9, 2014 by George buy Monkey Kids Wrist Watch

Monkey Kids Wrist Watch

Even if you kid can’t tell time yet this wrist watch may teach it.

This monkey watch is made for kids ages 5 -12 and they will love the cool monkey watch.

The watch has a strap that is covered with pictures of a monkey and then on the watch face the monkey also peeks his head up. And as this monkey wear sunglasses he just has to be cool and kids like cool monkeys.

This monkey watch has 3 hands so that you can see hours, minutes and seconds.

Lets make a little human happy with their first Monkey Wrist Watch.

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Monkey Shaped Wall Clock

Posted on June 8, 2013 by George buy Monkey Shaped Wall Clock

kids Monkey wall clock

Kids like adults love animals and for a kids room a cute animal would be perfect.

This clock is a cute monkey and is even shaped like one.

So now your kids room can be decorated with a cute monkey.

This clock runs on a single AA battery (not included). The clock is about 11 x 12.5 inch and that makes the perfect size for a kids room.

It doesn’t matter if you have a jungle room or just a cute room that need some animals this clock will make it complete.

Come and check out more details of this Monkey Shaped Wall Clock.

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3 Animal Canvas Art Prints

Posted on January 17, 2013 by George buy 3 Animal Canvas Art Prints

3 Animal Canvas Art Prints


Do you have a kids room to decorate?

If so then you should have a look at this fun set of 3 pieces of art.

These are stretched canvasses with a different animal on each of them.

You can find one with:

  • giraffe
  • monkey
  • elephant

And of course each has the same size of 12 x 12 inch and they are all in the same color and style so that they make the perfect set on one wall.

Teach your kids how fun animals are with these Cute Animal Canvas Set.

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Staring Gorilla Print

Posted on October 12, 2012 by Cindy buy Staring Gorilla Print

Silverback Gorilla staring poster

This would be a great ‘surprise’ kind of poster to hang just where no one is expecting a gorilla to be staring right back at them.

The finish on this photo print is called ‘luster’ and that is perfect to allow the black gorilla color and piercing gold eyes to blaze forward.

Available in 3 sizes, the largest being 30 inches by 20 inches which when posted in the correct spot may shock the socks off someone!

Enjoy the reaction from people when they see this photo print poster of a gorilla as it stares out people, don’t be surprised if THEY are surprised.

Come have a closer look at this Staring Gorilla Poster.

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Wild Monkey T-Shirt

Posted on October 11, 2012 by Cindy buy Wild Monkey T-Shirt

Screaming monkey t-shirt

Yikes, the ape pictured on this t-shirt is either beautiful in it’s natural state or down right scary!

Made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt has the wide open mouth of a gorilla, or baboon, you decide, printed on the back side or the front.

The sizes range from small thur 3 X large with the ape image printed on a slate grey background, very effective to portray a scream in process from a ferocious ape.

This shirt is best washed in cold water and hung to dry to retain both the color and texture of the garment.

Be the first of your group to wear this t-shirt with the screaming monkey on the front, hopefully small children will not run when they see you coming.

Check out this Screaming Primate T-Shirt.

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Gorilla Money Bank

Posted on September 30, 2012 by George buy Gorilla Money Bank

Gorilla Money Bank

We found you a monkey that loves money.

This gorilla money bank loves to store all your coins and prevent you from spending.

And it’s cute this silverback gorilla made from a solid poly resin. So you know it looks cute and is strong so lets tell you it is 6 x5 x 5 inches.

So if you know or like gorilla’s and need somewhere to store some coins then come see this Gorilla Money Bank.

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Monkey iPhone 5 Case

Posted on September 21, 2012 by Johnathan buy Monkey iPhone 5 Case

Even though the monkey is very silly and a bit weird I would trust the monkey to protect my iPhone 5 because it is the closest relative to us humans.

This is a cool Case-Mate case that features the face of a monkey in raised silicone giving it a soft touch, the face is light brown with the rest of the case being dark brown, you will also get a neat banana phone charm attached to the case.

Made to help protect your iPhone 5 from bumps and scratches while leaving all functions open for use, this case is very durable a hard case made from silicone also gives it a nice soft feel and non – slip surface.

Check out the video of the Monkey iPhone 5 Case.

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Monkey Balloon

Posted on September 10, 2012 by Cindy buy Monkey Balloon

Cute monkey balloon

Yes, monkey around, especially with this giant monkey balloon.

This balloon is made of durable mylar for a long life and tons of hanging around.

The monkey has a dark purple body, lighter purple for the face and of course he is clutching a banana.

This is a self sealing unit and can be filled with helium if desired.

A giant 30 inch larger than life monkey balloon with be great for a theme party or as a decoration or perhaps you want to create a zoo of your own, be prepared for fun.

Get a monkey for your party by ordering this Monkey Party Balloon.

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Monkey T-Shirt

Posted on September 9, 2012 by Cindy buy Monkey T-Shirt

Monkey kids t-shirt

Chunky Monkey is the ‘saying’ on the front of this t-shirt , the color is grape, the logo is a beige tone.

Made of 100% cotton, this is a perfect t-shirt for a toddler who is kind of a monkey, and they all are at that age.

This t-shirt is available in sizes 12 months to 4 years and has a nice ample rounded neck for putting on and taking off.

Be sure your little one is comfy and cute in this funky monkey t-shirt, bound to be a hit with everyone who sees it.

Get you monkey ready for the big world and make him wear this Chunky Monkey T-Shirt.

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