buy Little Monkey Bib

Little Monkey Bib

If you are looking for a fun bib for a baby then this monkey bib could be it.

The bib is white with a colored edge and the edge color you can pick from light blue, pink, green and white. And then there is the monkey that is sitting right in the middle happy as it is eating a banana.

Of course we all know that soon the monkey will be covered in different foods but hey there will be less to clean up as it’s just the bib that got the food not the child that is wearing it.

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buy First Easter Bunny Baby Bib

First Easter Bunny Baby Bib

Personalized First Easter Bunny Baby Bib

Will this be your babies first Easter?

I think that is a good reason to take a closer look at this bib.

On this bib you can see your babies name as part of the design with below it a bunny smelling a flower and next to it the text “1st Easter”.

A personalized bib like this makes a fun Easter present to the newborn baby to and is just so cute.

Made from fleece this Easter bib is super soft and it’s purple to get some color in your babies outfit while she eats her first Easter breakfast.

Come take a closer look at this Personalized First Easter Bunny Baby Bib.

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buy Leopard Bib

Leopard Bib

Leopard Baby Bib

Some kids get really serious about their food and don’t want to share but most babies are just good at making everything dirty while eating.

This bib will help keeping things clean while showing their teeth or better says the leopard on this bib will show it’s teeth as it does not want to share the food.

It’s a great looking bib with a photo of a leopard on it and this bib is made from a machine washable fleece material to be soft and easy to clean at the same time.

Teaching kids about animals starts at a young age and it can all start with this Leopard Baby Bib.

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buy Monkey Face Bib

Monkey Face Bib

Monkey Face Bib

Feeding time is a big like hanging out with a monkey with food going all over the place.

A nice bib will at least help to keep the baby clean and this bib is specially made for the messy feeding time.

This bib is brown and has a monkey face on it making it really cute and I am sure that most babies will love the look of this bib.

This monkey bib will fit most babies from 0 – 36 months and can be washed in the machine and even put in the dryer so that you can clean it easily.

Let get ready for dinner time with this Monkey Face Baby Bib.

buy Turtle Bib

Turtle Bib

Turtle Bib

Babies love to soil their food and that is why they need so many bibs.

And of course you want to make those bibs exciting for the little one. This white bib has a green friendly turtle on it.

Maybe this turtle is hungry to so let you infant help him get fed.

This bib fits most babies 0 – 36 months and has an easy velcro closing.

A bib like this also makes a great present for parents to be so that they can get ready for their newborn.

Just imagine your baby with this super cute turtle bib ready to catch that blob of food missing the mouth.

Lets get ready for the food storm with this Turtle Baby Bib.

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buy Penguin Bib

Penguin Bib

Penguin cute bib for babies

Does your little one always make a big mess at meal time?

Well, this adorable little penguin might be able to help you keep your child mess free with this cute penguin baby bib.

This white penguin baby bib features an adorable black and white chubby penguin dancing on  the middle of the bib wearing a cute little red bow. And the bib has a trim in blue, pink, green or white to make it more personal for you little one.

It is made of 100% soft ring spun cotton jersey with a hook and loop adjustable closure. The Penguin bib measures 9″ x 15″ top to bottom and 9″ x 10″ bottom to collar the perfect size for all baby’s.

Stop stressing now about cleaning up your baby’s mess at meal time and use this cute Penguin Baby Bib.

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buy Summer Owls On The Beach Bib

Summer Owls On The Beach Bib

Owls On The Beach Bib

This bib for you toddler is fun as it shows the beach with palm trees and a bunch of birds.

Yes this bib seems to show the holiday pictures of Owls on a summer holiday.

Not only will this bib keep you little one clean it also looks so cute with all those owls and the beach scene.

This owl bib has a velcro closing system so that it is easy to put on and take of when it’s dirty.

The bib is from a fleecy material making it soft and ready to accept food. For the kids it doesn’t matter if there is a bib to protect them from food but the owls they will like.

Keep your baby clean with this Owls On The Beach Baby Bib.  

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buy Bunny Rabbit Baby Bib

Bunny Rabbit Baby Bib

Cute Bunny Bib for babies

When you little one starts eating “real” food then that will be a messy experience and that is why a bib is so handy.

And this cute bib is white and has a little tiny bunny on it.

The bunny rabbit on this bib is about the same age as you little one in animal years and is ready to start to eat solids to.

The bib has a velcro closure and is made from 100% polyester fleece so that it is nice and soft and still keeps your kid clean.

Everybody love baby animals and that makes this the perfect bib for you baby human.

Come get your Cute Rabbit Bib.

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buy Cow Bib With Babies Name On It

Cow Bib With Babies Name On It

Cute bib with a cow and you name on it

Your new born of course deserves a bib specially made for you kid.

How about this one?

This baby bib is white and has a colored edge (green, pink, white or blue) and on that bib there you can see a picture of the head of a cow and above that it now says “Name” but when you order one you just put in the the name of you little one and this bib will be specially made for your baby.

Of course this also makes the perfect present for when you gone see your friends baby for the first time.

Make meal time fun with this Cow Bib With Kids Name.

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buy Cat Face Expressions Bib

Cat Face Expressions Bib

Cat Face Expressions Bib

Does you little one like cats as much as you do?

If so then how about a fun bib that has cat faces all over them.

Bibs are great to keep your kids clothes clean while it is having fun eating and messing around. And now they can feed the cats on this bib.

The bib is covered in fun cat faces and those cats have different expressions on their face to make it extra fun.

And as this bib is gone get really dirty and covered in food I am happy to tell you that is machine washable.

Make you baby happy with this Cat Face Expressions Bib.

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