buy Sloth Riding A Turtle Hoodie

Sloth Riding A Turtle Hoodie

If speed is not your thing then I think you will need to get this fun sloth riding a turtle hoodie.

On the front of this hoodie you will see a detailed image of a sloth on the top of a turtle. The sloth is riding the turtle just how you would imagine riding a horse.

Made to be super comfortable and cool from a lightweight material blend of preshrunk 55% cotton and 45% polyester.

The Sloth riding a turtle hoodie comes in a choice of 6 different hoodie colors. Available in unisex sizes that range from XS to 3XL so all can enjoy this funny print on their own hoodie.

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buy Sea Turtle With Flowers A Line Dress

Sea Turtle With Flowers A Line Dress

If you love the sea turtle then this Sea Turtle with flowers A Line dress is the perfect clothing to add to your closet.

On this dress you will see an all over print of sea turtles along with colorful flowers. The sea turtles are very detailed you can see there line on the shell and wrinkled skin.

This dress is available in a huge selection of women’s sizes that will range from XSmall to 2XL. The sea turtle dress is an A Line dress designed to be loose fitting with a very easy flow. Made to be very durable yet comfy with just the right amount of stretch from a material blend of 97% polyester and 3% elastane.

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buy Turtle Power T-Shirt

Turtle Power T-Shirt

Now you can wear this Turtle Power T-Shirt and that makes it clear to everyone how fast you move.

This is a black t-shirt that comes in styles for men, women, and kids and it is available in sizes from 6 months all the way up to adults 10XL.

On this t-shirt, you can see a circle with inside it a turtle and then around it you can see the text  “Turtle Power” and the whole design is like a neon green like color which makes it look pretty nice.

So if you are moving slowly or know someone that isn’t too fast then this turtle t-shirt is just perfect.

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buy Turles On The Beach T-Shirt

Turles On The Beach T-Shirt

Now there is this amazing looking Turles On The Beach T-Shirt.

The t-shirt has a fully covered design and it shows the beach and the sea and on the beach, you can find some starfish and shells but what it is all about is the turtles that are going from the beach to the sea like a newborn turtle would do when it crawls out of its egg.

You can get this 100% cotton kids t-shirt in sizes 4 – 14 and I am sure that kids that love turtles are going to love this amazing t-shirt.

Bring some cute turtles to the clothing of your kids!

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buy Swimming Turtles Wrapping Paper

Swimming Turtles Wrapping Paper

If you like some nice wrapping paper then you need to check out this swimming turtles wrapping paper.

This turtle gift wrap shows circle waves and on top a whole bunch of turtles that are just swimming around.

Wrapping paper like this is just great looking and you may like to wrap other things with it like maybe your books or line a shelve in your cupboards.

You can get this turtle wrapping paper in many lengths so that you don’t need to buy more than you need for wrapping that perfect present for people that like turtles.

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buy Green Turtle Computer Mouse

Green Turtle Computer Mouse

If you need a fun mouse for your computer then come check out this green turtle computer mouse.

The mouse is green but is also available in red and looks like a plastic turtle and from the mouse from the animal you can see the white USB wire computer from it’s mouth going into your computer.

The wired computer mouse has two buttons, and a scroll wheel and it is a 1200dpi optical mouse so it is a great mouse for most everyday use.

Kids and adults will love having a cute mouse like this on their computer or laptop so come have a closer look.

Get your Green Turtle Computer Mouse

buy Turtle Beach Party Shower Curtain

Turtle Beach Party Shower Curtain

If you want to make you bathroom look funny then you just have to check out this Turtle beach party shower curtain.

The turtle shower curtain is 71 x 71 inches and is made from 100% polyester and has enforced eyelets for you shower hooks (not included).

On the shower curtain you can see 3 turtles enjoying the beach and sea and they all wear summer hats and sunglasses and even brought a drink and guitar to make it into a real beach party.

This shower curtain is fun for anyone and just imagine it in you bathroom as I am sure it will make you smile when ever you see it.

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buy Turtle Meets Butterfly Shower Curtain

Turtle Meets Butterfly Shower Curtain

If you would like a big turtle in your bathroom then you should check out this turtle meets butterfly shower curtain.

The white shower curtain shows a big tortoise that takes up most of the space and the slow animal is meeting a friend as there is a butterfly sitting on its head.

The turtle shower curtain is 71 x 74 inches with stiched shower hook eyelets so that it is strong. If you ever want you can wash the shower curtain in the washing machine.

By adding this shower curtain to your bathroom you will bring your boring bathroom to life.

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buy Turtle Paper Towel Holder

Turtle Paper Towel Holder

Paper towels are kinda boring but when you place it in this turtle paper towel holder it will really look cool.

The paper towel holder is made from wood and on the side it has a metal turtle with a brown shell that looks great with the wood from the holder.

So now a turtle is hanging in front of your paper and to me, it looks like it is a sea turtle that is swimming up.

Having this paper towel holder in your kitchen is just fun as it looks so much better than just hanging that paper towel just standing around.

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buy Surfing Turtle T-Shirt

Surfing Turtle T-Shirt

How do you know it’s summer?

When the first turtle casts its shadow on the beach riding a tall wave on a surfboard! It’s not known as much as the groundhog rule for spring, but tubular turtles have been accurately predicting the start of summer for longer than you were tying your shoes!

But seriously, this hilarious cartoon designed t-shirt is sure to bring summer happiness to anyone looking at it, or anyone wearing it! If you want to bring turtle power to the table, simply don this comfortable summer shirt and it’s like you are immediately at the beach!

Choose your favorite shirt color and pick your size and you will be feeling great knowing your gift for yourself or for your friend, is on its way – without having to shell out a lot of clams! You can get this turtle t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids.

Cowabunga dudes and dudettes! This shirt is styling when it’s dry or wet.

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