buy Sloth Straws

Sloth Straws

Now there are fun Sloth Straws.

These straws come in a pack of two and are reusable and adorable.

The straw is purple in color and on it, you see a cute sloth that is just hanging on your straw like it would hold on to a tree branch.

If you like sloths or just want a reusable straw to prevent more straws from entering the landfill then this straw would be great to have.

Anyone young or old can use this straw as everyone love sloths and if you have this straw you can take everything a bit slower.

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buy Sloth Nap Time Throw Pillow

Sloth Nap Time Throw Pillow

The sloth is a slow, lazy animal that likes to nap a lot, why not finish off you bed or couch with a sloth having a nap printed on a throw pillow.

On this throw pillow you will see green plants, colorful flowers and trees as the background along with two very sleepy sloths, one sloth is hanging high from a tree sleeping while the other sloth is fast asleep on a lower branch.

This sloth naptime throw pillow is available in a wide selection of sizes that will range from 15 inches x 15 inches all the up to a 25 inches x 25 inches. Have a look at the pillow inserts you can add to your sloth pillow cover too.

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buy Sloth In Tree Notebook

Sloth In Tree Notebook

Now you can get a sloth I tree notebook for anything you like to write.

The sloth notebook is a ring bound notebook making it easy to use.

On the outside of the notebook you can see a sloth just hanging out in a tree and it seems to be resting.

The notebook is available in different paper styles like lined, blank, dot grid, and task list and the journal has 160 pages and is 5 x 8 inches.

A notebook like this is great for all your writing and it does not matter if it is in school or at work and maybe even at home.

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buy Sloth Backpack Sleep Pocket

Sloth Backpack Sleep Pocket

If you like sloths and need a backpack then you just need this sloth backpack.

The backpack is green and on the front, you can find a pocket printed on the backpack and inside the pocket, there is a little sloth so that it can rest all day long and still look around where ever you go.

The backpack is 17.75 x 12.25 x 5.75 inches and it has one small pocket and one big main pocket that includes a sleeve for a laptop.

A backpack like this is great fun for work, school, and other adventures and the sloth on the bag will be happy to travel around with you.

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buy Sloth On A Skateboard T-Shirt

Sloth On A Skateboard T-Shirt

We all know that sloths are not real fast but there are exceptions and this sloth on a skateboard t-shirt shows you one of them.

The sloth on this t-shirt loves to roll around and a skateboard is the perfect vehicle for that. The sloth on the skateboard is wearing cool glasses and that will protect its eyes to because you don’t want bugs in your eyes when you go super fast on this Powersloth skateboard.

You can get this cool sloth t-shirt in styles for both men and women and it is available in many colors and in sizes Small – 6XL.

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buy Pizza Sloth T-Shirt

Pizza Sloth T-Shirt

This pizza sloth t-shirt is perfect for anyone who like to eat their pizza really really slow and could use a nap in the middle.

On the t-shirt you can see a big slice of pizza with on top it a sloth taking a nap because hey why not.

You can get this sloth t-shirt in many styles for men, women and kids and that means lots of sizes to and it comes in a lot of fun colors to so that you can get the t-shirt you really would like to wear every day of the week.

So slowly get ready for pizza dinner and a nap after you ordered yourself this t-shirt.

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buy Sloth Cork Coaster Set

Sloth Cork Coaster Set

So unique and cool for lovers of sloths – a cork coaster set of four, adorned on the top with portraits of the leisurely sloth – ready to keep your tables clean from condensation and drink spillage. These eco-friendly cork drink coasters are extremely absorbent yet however they dry very fast.

The key to having someone use something is to make things fun. This outrageous (portrait of a) fur covered sloth in a t-shirt, complete with his blank yet somehow engaging stare, depicted on top of these highly functional coasters will do the trick! No more warm wet circles left of tables or counters from highballs or bevy cans! This friendly creature, known to be slow, is a trick for the quick to protect and serve home hosts and hostesses alike.

Perfectly sized at 4″ x 4″ x 1/8″ – the party will keep rolling while these masters of the most unassuming deadly sins are out – make no mistake – things will be cleaned up in a flash!

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buy Hang Out And Read Sloth Bookmark

Hang Out And Read Sloth Bookmark

This sloth bookmark is perfect for people that love cute animals and who like to read.

On the book mark you can see a baby sloth looking really happy and just it’s just holding on to some pipes. Around the sloth it says “Hang Out And Read” because why would you not want to hang around.

The sloth bookmark also has a tassel with bead so that you can easily find the page you marked in your favorite book.

The bookmark is 2 1/2 x 7 1/8 inch and just great for readying at home, school or at work and for sure people are going to notice this adorable sloth on your bookmark.

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buy Sloth Trucker Hat

Sloth Trucker Hat

If you wear hats and take things slow then this trucker hat is just what you need.

This is sloth hat and that means that it shows an animal that takes things easy and slow to just like you.

This cap comes in 11 fun colors and all shows a picture of a sloth and the animal is taking nap on the word “sloth” because why not right.

Your new sloth cap is adjustable in size and can range between 17 and 24 inch making it perfect for most adults.

Of course you don’t have to get this hat for yourself as it does make for the perfect present for you a slow friend or coworker.

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buy Sloth Nap Like A Champion T-Shirt

Sloth Nap Like A Champion T-Shirt

Are you amazing at napping or do you know someone who is? This t-shirt is for those nappers.

On the shirt you can see an image on a sloth and the sloth is holding up his long arms and seem to be holding text that says “Nap Like A Champion”.

And this sloth napping t-shirt comes in men and women’s styles in many fun colors and sizes so that all your lazy friends can wear one and maybe yourself if you could do with a nap or two.

Show the world how to nap right by wearing this nap like a champion t-shirt where ever you go.

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