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Sloth Straws

Now there are fun Sloth Straws.

These straws come in a pack of two and are reusable and adorable.

The straw is purple in color and on it, you see a cute sloth that is just hanging on your straw like it would hold on to a tree branch.

If you like sloths or just want a reusable straw to prevent more straws from entering the landfill then this straw would be great to have.

Anyone young or old can use this straw as everyone love sloths and if you have this straw you can take everything a bit slower.

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Paw Print Drinking Straws

You are looking for some fun straws that have an animal theme?

How about these white straws that are covered in little paw prints.

And the paws can be from all kind of animals like a dog or cat but maybe something bigger to.

These straws come in a pack of 10 and are made from biodegradable paper. And don’t worry they maybe from paper but they still will last a day long of parting.

Now a party can be so much more fun if you use special straws like these once.

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Giraffe Straws

Blue straws shaped like a giraffe

Straws are great fun for kids and a easy way to drink for adults but most times they are so boring.

No worries we found some fun giraffe straws that are gone be a hit by kids and adults.

These straws are light blue in color and look like a giraffe with a long neck that even can be stretched out and bended on the top to make it even more fun.

And these straws are washable and reusable and come in a set of two so that brothers and sisters both can have a fun straw without having to fight.

Come take a closer look at these fun Giraffe Straws.

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Cow Print Straws

If you are looking for some fun cow themed items for a cow party then how about some straws?

These paper straws are white and have black spots just like a cow.

You can get these cow straws in packs as small as 10 straws or as big as 200 and anything in the middle so that you never get stuck with a bunch of straws that you don’t need any more.

And these cow straws may be made from paper but that does not mean that they are not good. They are very durable and strong and they are also earth friendly and bio degradable.

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