buy Paw Print Balloons

Paw Print Balloons

Now you can have these Paw Print Balloons for your party.

The balloons come in a pack of 36 and are 12 inch latex balloons that are white with on it in black lots of paw prints.

So if you like dogs or cats and want a party then these balloons are perfect.

A birthday party for you or your pet or maybe getting a new pet these balloons are a great way to celebrate.

And the paw balloons are also great for be filled by helium so that they can float by themselves if you like.

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buy A-Line Paw Print Dress

A-Line Paw Print Dress

Now you can be wearing this fun A-Line Paw Print Dress.

If you like your pet’s feet and don’t mind them all over the place then you will like this dress as it is covered in little paws.

The women’s dress is available in sizes XSmall – 2XL and are made from 97% polyester and 3% elastane woven dress fabric with a silky feel.

The fabric is light gray in color and on it in black you can find the paws and I don’t know maybe they are from dogs but maybe from cats but that does not really matter as it is just a cute dress for anyone that likes animals.

Get your A-Line Paw Print Dress

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buy Dog Paws Heart T-Shirt

Dog Paws Heart T-Shirt

We all know how much we love our pets and how much they love us and now you can show it by wearing this dog paws heart t-shirt.

The t-shirt is available in many styles for men, women, and kids and comes in many sizes and colors so that everyone can enjoy wearing one.

The t-shirt shows a big heart and the heart is made of the paw prints of a dog and it really looks nice especially as the prints are not the same size so they could be from many dogs.

So this Valentine’s Day or any other day show the world that your pets love you and you love them by wearing this t-shirt.

Get your Dog Paws Heart T-Shirt

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buy Paw Print Suitcase Strap

Paw Print Suitcase Strap

Now there is a paw print suitcase strap made for people the like to travel and love animals.

The black luggage strap is adjustable in size and is black and on that black fabric you can find a whole lot of paw prints in many sizes and in many cool bright colors and that just looks amazing on the black background.

A luggage strap is so handy as it will make it harder for people to get into your luggage and it will prevent it from accidently opening and finally it also makes it way easier to spot your luggage on a luggage belt at the airport.

Get your Paw Print Suitcase Strap

buy Dog Paw Print Leggings

Dog Paw Print Leggings

If you like dogs then you know their paw prints and these women’s leggings are covered in fun colored paw prints.

The leggings are white and covered in many paw prints in many sizes and different shapes and a whole bunch of bright colors too.

You can get these leggings in sizes that fit women’s sizes 0 – 16 and that makes the perfect for many women.

And these leggings are made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex and that makes they nice and stretchy which is perfect if you like them form fitting or go a size up if you want them to fit loosely.

Get your Dog Paw Print Leggings

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buy Blue High Top Paw Print Sneakers

Blue High Top Paw Print Sneakers

If you are looking for some high top sneakers that are cool then these shoes could be perfect for you.

The shoes are navy blue with white soles and laces and on the blue you can find dog paw prints all over them in a slightly lighter blue giving it a fun contrast.

You can get these ZIPZ shoes in men’s sizes 4 -13 or women’s sizes 6 – 15 and yes they come in half sizes to.

If you like dogs then this is the perfect shoe for you as the fun paws keep reminding you about your favorite furry friends.

Get your Blue High Top Paw Print Sneakers

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buy Bottom Paw Print 3D Mug

Bottom Paw Print 3D Mug

A pet is everyones best friend, why not get a mug that shows off how much you love your pet while not only cool and stylish but also a fuctional and practical mug.

This is a mug that resembles a paw, find a 3D paw that is all brown and features a detailed paw print in pink on the bottom giving it a charmed look that many will love.

Made to be very durable from ceramic this mug measures 3.25 inches in height x 2.75 inches in diameter and is perfect to start off that early morning with your favorite coffee or tea.

Get your Bottom Paw Print 3D Mug

buy Paw Print Hitch Cover

Paw Print Hitch Cover

If dogs are as important to you as humans (or maybe more important) then maybe your car can use this hitch over.

This hitch cover will fit in a standard 2 inch receiver and that will fill that ugly hole at the end of you car or truck.

On the hitch cover you can find a paw print and in the paw you also find a red heart because we all love our pets.

The hitch cover is 5 x 3.75 inch witch is the perfect size so that people driving behind you can admire it.

Get your Paw Print Hitch Cover

buy Paw Print Drinking Straws

Paw Print Drinking Straws

You are looking for some fun straws that have an animal theme?

How about these white straws that are covered in little paw prints.

And the paws can be from all kind of animals like a dog or cat but maybe something bigger to.

These straws come in a pack of 10 and are made from biodegradable paper. And don’t worry they maybe from paper but they still will last a day long of parting.

Now a party can be so much more fun if you use special straws like these once.

Get your Paw Print Drinking Straws

buy Pet Paw Print Ornament Kit

Pet Paw Print Ornament Kit

Pet Paw Print Ornament Kit

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a dog or cat owner (or any other kind of pet) or for yourself?

You can immortalize your pet with this one-of-a-kind ornament for your Christmas tree.

This paw print ornament kit contains everything required to make a do-it-yourself impression of your pet’s foot. Just press your pets paw into the clay and let it dry. Why not get several kits so you can keep a record of how much your pet has grown.

The kit includes air-dry clay, hanging ribbon, detail tool and plastic shaping ring, and the finished product measures 7.5” x 9.0” x 0.25”.

Create a memory this Christmas that you can keep forever with this Pet Paw Print Ornament Kit.

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