buy Natural Owl Ornaments

Natural Owl Ornaments

If you would like some birds in your Christmas tree then you have to check out these natural owl ornaments.

The Christmas ornaments come in a set of 2 or 4 and they have amazing looking owls in them that looks so natural almost like real birds only smaller.

The owls will look amazing in your Christmas tree but even after Christmas you can find a spot to hang them maybe in a house plant or tree.

Each bird is 4.5 inches tall and sits on its own little branch and it has big eyes making it look that it is staring at you.

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buy Squirrel Christmas Ornament

Squirrel Christmas Ornament

Squirrels are often found in trees and now you can have a squirrel Christmas ornament that makes sure you have a squirrel in your Christmas tree.

This tree ornament is made from blown glass and is gold in color and it looks like  a true squirrel and it is holding a treat.

The ornament will look amazing when you hang it you tree. The gold color will look stunning in your tree and it will reflect the light of your tree lights in the glass making it looks really special.

And this handcrafted ornament come in a nice gift box so that you can surprise your friends with a unique Christmas tree ornament.

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buy Pit Bull Ceramic Christmas Ornament

Pit Bull Ceramic Christmas Ornament

Now you can have a dog in your Christmas tree thanks to this pit bull ornament.

This is a ceramic ornament that is white on one side and black on the other and on the black side, you also find an image of a white pit bull.

The dog ornament comes in many shapes like heart, oval, round, star and more and each ornament has it’s own gold colored ribbon so that it is ready for in the Christmas tree.

Show your love for pit bulls by adding this ornament to your Christmas decorations and be ready to add it to your tree for many more Christmases to come.

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buy Santa Jaws Is Coming Christmas Ornament

Santa Jaws Is Coming Christmas Ornament

This Christmas tree ornament is all about sharks and Christmas.

The snowflake shaped ornament shows a happy looking shark wearing a Santa Claus hat and around it the text “Santa Jaws Is Coming…”.

The cute ornament will look great in your Christmas tree and can hang there on the included red ribbon.

So if sharks and Christmas go together for you then adding this fun looking ornament to your Christmas decorations would be a great thing.

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buy Christmas Baby Elephant Ornament

Christmas Baby Elephant Ornament

If you would like a cute animal ornament in the Christmas tree then the elephant ornament is what you want to look at.

The ornament is snowflake shape and comes with a red hanging ribbon and on the snowflake, you can see a cute baby elephant that is wearing a Santa hat to be all festive and fun.

The ornament is made from aluminium so nice and thin and made to last and all that makes it just perfect for your Christmas tree or home decorating.

Bring an elephant into your home this Christmas and maybe it can be in the form of this tree ornament.

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buy Corgi Merry Christmas Ornament

Corgi Merry Christmas Ornament

Now you can have a welsh corgi in your Christmas tree thanks to this special tree ornament.

This ceramic ornament is white and has a gold ribbon to hang it with. On the white ornament, you can see a cute corgi all ready to be Santa as it has a bag of presents on it’s back and there are candy canes as well. And besides the cute dog, it also says in red letters “Merry Christmas” on the ornament.

And besides round, you can get this corgi ornament also in different shapes like heart and star shape but there are more to choose from.

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buy German Shepherd Christmas Tree Ornament

German Shepherd Christmas Tree Ornament

If a German Shepherd is your dog of choice then this Christmas ornament would be perfect for you.

And the ceramic oval ornament just shows an amazing picture of a german shepherd and that does make it perfect to hang it somewhere the rest of the year to.

Besides oval you can get this Christmas tree ornament in different shapes like round, star, heart, square and even shaped like a t-shirt.

Now you Christmas tree can finally have the dog you love so much in it just because of this tree ornament.

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buy Santa Wolf Christmas Ornament

Santa Wolf Christmas Ornament

To make the holiday season wonderful many of us decorate the Christmas tree, if you are looking for a nice ornament that will show of the natural wild wolf then have a look at this beauty.

On this round ornament you will see a very festive background of hollies and red ribbon, in the front there is a wonderful detailed image of a wolf that is in the holiday season spirit of Christmas and is wearing a Santa hat.

Made from a durable ceramic material this ornament is also smooth and holds a virant colorful image, it also includes a golden ribbon to easily hang on your Christmas tree.

Have a look at the other shaped ornaments you can get this Santa wolf print on like heart shaped, oval, star and more.

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buy Turtles Rock Ornament

Turtles Rock Ornament

Reptiles can be the cutest things out there and this ornament will prove that to you immediately. It is a little turtle that is full of smiles and will make you smile right along with him.

This is a circular ornament has a background of grey with a bunch of white hearts all over the place in different sizes. At the top of the ornament there is green writing saying “Turtles Rock!” in an arc pattern. There is then a cute little turtle who is rocking on his back. His shell is light green with brown spots. His legs, tail, neck and head is a bit darker green and his mouth is a light green like his shell. Aww, so cute.

The size of the ornament is approximately 2.9 inches and is made of white ceramic. It includes a gold ribbon to put through the hole to hang up on your tree or anywhere else you would like to. You decide.

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buy Tabby Cat In Santa Hat Christmas Ornament

Tabby Cat In Santa Hat Christmas Ornament

On this great looking oval ornament you will see a very cute tabby cat sitting up nice with tail curled around it’s front paws and big hazel green eyes looking super adorable. Also this tabby cat is in the holiday season spirit of Christmas and is wearing an oversize Santa hat, along with a background of snow on the ground, blue sky and snowflakes falling.

This oval ornament measures 2.37 inches x 3.32 inches and is made to be very durable from a solid and smooth ceramic material, it includes a golden thread to easily hang on your Christmas tree making this a wonderful gift and keepsake.

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