buy Women’s Corgi Swimsuit

Women’s Corgi Swimsuit

If you like dogs and swimming then you should check out this women’s corgi swimsuit.

The women’s bikini comes in sizes Small – 4XL and you can pick the size for the top and the bikini bottoms separately so that you will get the perfect fitting swimsuit you want.

The Welsh corgi swimsuit is cover in dogs as expected and they are all corgi’s and they are all ready for a swim to as some wear a bathing suit and others are using a pool float and all that does make it look really fun.

So pool or beach time will be extra fun now all thanks to the cute dogs you can find on this swimwear.

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buy Corgi Merry Christmas Ornament

Corgi Merry Christmas Ornament

Now you can have a welsh corgi in your Christmas tree thanks to this special tree ornament.

This ceramic ornament is white and has a gold ribbon to hang it with. On the white ornament, you can see a cute corgi all ready to be Santa as it has a bag of presents on it’s back and there are candy canes as well. And besides the cute dog, it also says in red letters “Merry Christmas” on the ornament.

And besides round, you can get this corgi ornament also in different shapes like heart and star shape but there are more to choose from.

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buy Pirate Corgi T-Shirt

Pirate Corgi T-Shirt

If you like pirates and corgi’s then this t-shirt is what you need as it shows a dog that looks like a pirate on it.

A perfect t-shirt for talk like a pirate day or will it be bark like a pirate day now and it’s great for any other day of the year too.

On the t-shirt, you can see a Welsh Corgi and the dog is wearing an eyepatch and a pirate bandana so that you know the dog means business.

The funny corgi t-shirt comes in many colors, sizes, and styles for men, women, and kids.

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buy Welsh Corgi Ring

Welsh Corgi Ring

Now you can have a corgi where ever you go as this is a ring that looks like a cute dog.

The ring shows a Welsh corgi that wraps around your finger and it just will stare at you all day long.

You can get this dog ring in silver and gold tones so that you can get the jewelry that fits you best.

Just imagine the attention you will get when other dog lovers like you see you finger and the cute dog that is just holding own with it’s paws.

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buy Women’s Corgi Socks

Women’s Corgi Socks

OMG! Oh my dawg! Corgi Socks? Yes!

Let’s imagine for a moment you are having a less than perfect day. I don’t know what the reason is. Maybe you had a car run through a puddle and drench you!? Did your younger sister steal your favourite top? Was it your adorable daughter who threw a tantrum in the middle of the cereal aisle? I don’t know.. things sometimes go diametrically opposite to the way we’ve planned.. But, stay with me now. then there are Corgi Socks!

All these things that life can throw you, all the vicissitudes of the seasons, the random flippant and fickle nature of luck, these all can be conquered when you are wearing your favourite pair of socks! Why?? Because.. Corgi Socks!

There has been much speculation as to how Tiger Woods managed to be the worlds greatest golfer for well over a decade. There have been whispers, among certain circles that possible it was attributed to his fondness for Corgi Socks! We’ll never know, he may take his secret to his grave one day. We all have to find life hacks that work for us! That make us world leaders in our own way.

You won’t be able to resist the comfort of this lovely cotton blend sock – sized ladies 9-11, and made from 66% cotton, 32% nylon, and 2% spandex.

Great for people who love comfort, style, whimsy and taking charge of their own happiness! The adorable cartoon renditions of Corgies in bandanas cover the emerald background of this wonderful article of clothing.

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buy Corgi Women’s Red Knee High Socks

Corgi Women’s Red Knee High Socks

If you are looking for a really stylish warm pair of socks that can show off your love for the dog breed of corgi then have a look here.

This is an all red pair of knee high socks that have multiple images of different colored corgi dogs all over, each cute and adorable. The toe, heel and top trim are a darker red to give the sock a fun look.

Available in a one size fits most that will fit a wide range of women’s sizes from shoe size 5 to 10.

Made from a very great blend of materials 75% cotton, 20% polyester and 5% spandex giving you a durable warm comfortable and stretchy sock.

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buy Corgi Cluster T-Shirt

Corgi Cluster T-Shirt

Sometimes clusters are bad, really bad! Sometimes they are the best! Well this t-shirt has a cluster of the most ideal sort! A cluster of corgis. It looks like a blast of wild madness, of the happy kind! Charlie Brown once said “Happiness is a warm puppy!” Well, this shirt turns that dial up to 11 (well at least 8, let’s not get carried away, a cluster of happiness)!

Corgi lovers, dog lovers, happiness lovers, lovers of wild fun, all of these people would be very happy with this smile inducing shirt! If life is a game of truth or dare, we dare any one not to smile when they see the adorable graphic on this t-shirt. Share the joy that only a corgi can create!

There’s something royal about these dogs, despite the chaos! There’s something jazzy smooth that brings to mind the melodious fun of modern Bebop! There’s something that only a picture can say, and this one does with cutting edge “print direct to garment” technology, creating a crisp original; eye popping clean lines on sweatshop free, 100% ethically sourced cotton!

Please note, the cut of this t-shirt is styled to be slim fitting, so if you want a bit more room, order a size larger. Get yours to fit you perfectly, from Small to 3XL! Corgi lovers all!

A cluster of greatness – yours for the taking!

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buy Hipster Corgi Laptop Sleeve

Hipster Corgi Laptop Sleeve

Welsh Corgi Laptop Sleeve

Your favorite bag does not have a special compartment for a laptop and now you are worried about scratching it.

Stop worrying as there now is a cute corgi laptop sleeve that will protect your laptop from harm and will look great on it’s own or in a bigger bag.

On this laptop sleeve there you find a hipster dog and this is a Welsh corgi wearing a hipster hat and glasses and using a laptop that instead of an Apple has a paw print logo.

This cute corgi laptop sleeve comes in different sizes so that it can house 10 – 15 inch laptops. And this sleeve is made from neoprene with a top zipper that will protect your computer from harm and maybe even a drop of water.

Come and take a closer look at this Welsh Corgi Laptop Sleeve.

buy Welsh Corgi Magnet

Welsh Corgi Magnet

Dog Fridge Magnet of a Corgi

Do you always write up note and lose them all the time?

If so this cute Welsh corgi magnet will be perfect to help you hold up your notes on the fridge to keep them safe from you losing them.

This brown and white beautiful hand painted welsh corgi magnet is in the shape of the Pembroke welsh corgis head with it cute pointed ears, and has a big smile with is tongue hanging out.

The welsh corgi magnet won’t take up much space measuring 2 x 2 inches in size.

You will feel like royalty with one of these special Welsh Corgi Magnet.

buy Corgi Picture Frame

Corgi Picture Frame

Corgi Picture Frame

Dog lovers will want to have a picture of their dog in a frame, but how about having a picture frame of your best friend with a picture inside as well.

This is a picture frame that features a Welsh Corgi dog holding the frame, find all four paws sticking out of the frame along with the head peeking out of the top of the frame.

The corgi picture frame fits a 2.5 x 3.5 inch picture, the frame itself measures a total of 4 x 7 inches and would look really great on a desk or shelf with your favorite dog in the picture.

Brighten up any room with the Corgi Picture Frame.