buy Hipster Corgi Laptop Sleeve

Hipster Corgi Laptop Sleeve

Welsh Corgi Laptop Sleeve

Your favorite bag does not have a special compartment for a laptop and now you are worried about scratching it.

Stop worrying as there now is a cute corgi laptop sleeve that will protect your laptop from harm and will look great on it’s own or in a bigger bag.

On this laptop sleeve there you find a hipster dog and this is a Welsh corgi wearing a hipster hat and glasses and using a laptop that instead of an Apple has a paw print logo.

This cute corgi laptop sleeve comes in different sizes so that it can house 10 – 15 inch laptops. And this sleeve is made from neoprene with a top zipper that will protect your computer from harm and maybe even a drop of water.

Come and take a closer look at thisĀ Welsh Corgi Laptop Sleeve.

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